Innertube water polo rules

Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.

  1. Maximum of 6 persons in the water (minimum 2 players of either gender.) Must have 5 players to play. If you cannot field 6 players, you may use a) 5 players.
  2. The ball cannot be passed over 1/2 the length of the pool by the goalie.
  3. All players must be in an innertube while playing. Innertube must be horizontal.
  4. Person must be in his/her innertube to have possession of the ball or else the ball is turned over the other team. Note: if the goalie blocks a ball while not in his/her tube, the result is a 2 minute penalty.
  5. Rough play (including flipping another player’s tube) will not be tolerated! (May lead to a suspension.)
  6. Proper attire should be worn in the pool at all times. Clean unworn clothes may be worn.
  7. In the case of dual possession, the person who initially had the ball will retain possession.
  8. A face-off will take place at the start of each game. All players begin at ends of pool. After each goal, the goalie gets the ball. Both teams must be on their respective sides.
  9. Unlimited substitutions are allowed. Substitutions are made beside each teams goal, the player coming off must be at the side of the pool before the player coming in gets into the inner tube (cannot get out and push tube ahead of you).
  10. Games will consist of two 12 minute halves with a 2 minute rest in between. Playoff games will be two 12 minute halves. (If overtime occurs in playoffs, a full 3 minute period will occur. If the result remains tied at the end of this, a sudden death period will occur.)
  11. No hanging onto buoy lines. DO NOT JUMP OFF THE DECK INTO THE TUBES !! (as this damages the tubes.)
  12. No roughness of a player while out of possession of a ball.
  13. Games will be played the width of the pool.
  14. The person attempting to score may not be within 3 m of the goal. The first black line is considered 3 m. If a shot is attempted within 3 m and goes in, it is considered no goal, and is the goalie’s ball.
  15. Goalies are the only person allowed to block a goal attempt within 3 m of the goal. Defenders are not allowed to stop a shot within this zone. If defender blocks a goal attempt, loss of possession will result.
  16. Ball must be presented, not guarded (held against the body); cannot be carried in the tube.
  17. No hanging onto sides of pool. Goalies are not to hang onto the sides of the pool.
  18. Penalties for rough play and use of foul language are 1 minute.
  19. Team has 15 seconds to bring ball over 1/2 after goalie puts ball in play.

Default score is 4-0.