Click here for Winter 2021 Intramural information

Winter 2021 Intramural information can be found here! For more information on officials positions offered in previous years please scroll down. Unfortunately for the 2020-2021 school year we will not be hiring any intramural officials.


If you play and understand any of the competitive sports offered through Brock Recreation, why not become an official? You will learn the skill of officiating through clinics and evaluations. You’ll gain essential skills including active listening, teamwork, confidence and assertiveness. All officials will be rated based on previous experience, certification and other criteria. You can increase your rating during the season by working to improve your skills.

SportIn-class and practicalTimeLocation*
Flag footballThursday, September 12, 20194pmAlumni turf field
Slow-pitchThursday, September 12, 20194pmAlumni turf field
Outdoor SoccerThursday, September 12, 20194pmAlumni turf field
Field HockeyThursday, September 12, 20194pmAlumni turf field
4’s VolleyballThursday, September 19, 20196pmIan Beddis Gym court 4
BasketballThursday, September 19, 20196pmIan Beddis Gym court 4
Innertube water poloThursday, September 19, 20196pmIntramural Office (WC215)
Ball hockeyThursday, September 19, 20197pmGym 2
European handballThursday, September 19, 20197pmGym 2
EXTREME IntramuralsThursday, September 19, 20197pmGym 2
Ice hockeyWednesday, September 25, 20196pmIntramural Office (WC215)
BasketballThursday, November 7, 20197pmGym 2
Coed TchoukballThursday, November 7, 20197pmGym 2
Indoor soccerThursday, November 7, 20197pmGym 2
Coed Ice HockeyThursday January 23, 20207pmIntramural Office (WC215)
DodgeballThursday, January 30, 20207pmGym 2
6s VolleyballThursday, January 30, 20207pmGym 2
Soccer-baseballThursday, January 30, 20207pmGym 2
Indoor SoccerThursday, January 30, 20207pmGym 2
Aqua IntramuralsThursday, January 30, 20207pmGym 2

*Meeting locations are subject to change.

Pay rates

$14.00-$16.15/hour. Payment occurs bi-weekly.

Rating criteria for officials

(determined by Coordinator of Officials)

  1. Knowledge of the sport, including “Brock” modifications
  2. Reliability
  3. Positioning
  4. Certification
  5. Attendance at clinics
  6. Experience

Officials are hired throughout the school year to work in the intramural program. For a full job description and other intramural jobs, see the Student Employment page or email