5 Session and 8 Session Registered Activities

Registration for the Fall 5-session classes is open.

Late Fall 5-sessions schedule (below), runs from Nov 6-Dec 8.

11:10pTRX Circuit (The Zone)Keiser Functional Trainer Circuit (The Zone)
12:10pTropical Yoga (Pool Deck)Cardio Drum Fitness (FS)
1:10pWomen’s Hour: Keiser Functional Trainer Circuit (The Zone)

Outdoor classes (OC) are located in the Courtyard, beside The Zone (unless specified otherwise)

Fitness Studio (FS) are located in the fitness studio (access through the squash court hallway)

The Zone, enter the lower-level, up the stairs and meet near the water fountain

Class Descriptions:

Grow Your Glutes: Wake up those glutes with this glute centered training with exercises that progress with you.

TRX Circuit: This class challenges your core and other muscles in a fun way.  Learn to use the TRX and other fun equipment.   

Fitness Kick Boxing: This is a HIT style workout, featuring kickboxing techniques and hand pads. (Use our hand pads or bring your own.)

Fitness Kick Boxing & Yoga: Get in your cardio workout, learn kickboxing techniques then cool down and reset with a yoga flow will will leave you feeling refreshed.  (Use our hand pads or bring your own.)

Breaking down the BIG lifts: Learn the basics of the barbell and how to advance your technique to get you hitting those goals. 

Glow Zumba: All the Zumba fun, with black lights and glow sticks. (Wear light colours to glow.)

Zumba & Weights: Join the dance party fusion; it is sure to put the fun back in fitness! This class will get you moving with Zumba and help develop strength with weights.

Yoga Fusion: This class fuses traditional Yoga Flow with Barre, Yoga Sculpt and Pilates posed to form a fun and creative Yoga experience. 

Hatha Flow: Improve flexibility, balance, and mental focus by gradually moving deeper into postures for longer stretches.

Candlelight Yin:  This candlelight slower-paced yoga emphasizes long, deep, non-weight bearing stretches to improve flexibility.

Ashtanga Yoga: is a series of poses completed swiftly in combination with deep controlled breathing.

Hatha in the Woods: Embrace the sounds of the woods while you improve your balance and mental focus by moving into deeper poses and longer stretches.  Meet at Alumni Field.

Rise and Shine Yoga: This class in the perfect start to your day! Featuring Sun Salutations and heart opening poses that will promote an overall body awareness experience.

Slow Flow Yoga: Focus on your breath and find stillness in this slow-paces tranquil Yoga session.

Cardio Drum Fitness: Experience a drum party using drumsticks and the stability balls. Add in resistance training between songs with some band work.

Small Group Sculpt: Not sure where to start when strength training?  Learn the foundational movement patterns; perfect your form and increase your gains with this small group training class.  A personal trainer will guide you through a progressive loading strength programs.  Max of 6 participants.

Tropical Yoga: Warm up and wind down with Yoga Flow by the pool.  Slow down in a warm tropical environment, focusing on posture and breathwork.  (swim suits not required)

Keiser Functional Trainer Circuit: Let us take the planning out of your workout! Learn different exercises when using the Keiser system and how to progress your workouts with proper technique.  Max of 6 participants.

Outdoor Salsa Dancing: Get your body moving with this fun Salsa dance class (no experience necessary).  Partner not required.

Yoga Restore & Relax: Breathe, stretch, relax! Experience relaxation techniques such as facial and foot massage to leave your feeling glowing.