8 Session Registered Activities

Registration for the Winter 8-session classes opens Dec, 1.  Sessions run Jan 23-March 24. (search by using the name of the class or ID number)

No classes Feb 20-24

Try them for free: Jan 16-20

9:10aWomen’s Hour Grow your Glutes (The Zone) #11537Circuit Training (The Zone) #11538Grow your Glutes (The Zone) #11536
9:10aYoga Sculpt #11523
10:10aPop Music Gentle Yoga #11517
11:00aMMA for Self Defense #11516
12:10pFitness Kick Boxing #11534Yoga for Warriors #11522Fitness Kickboxing #11533Drum Fitness #11531
3:10pRAD -Self Defense for Women #11541
4:10pBreaking down the BIG Lifts #11539
5:10pZumba & Weights #11530Ashtanga Yoga #11524Zumba #11529
6:10pPower Yoga #11519Glow Zumba 11528Meditation & Mobility #11525Hatha Flow #11520
7:10pVinyasa Yoga #11521Candlelight Yin Yoga #11518

Fitness classes are located in the fitness studio (access through the squash court hallway)

Circuit and Glutes programs are small group training (max 4 people) located in The Zone

Grow Your Glutes: Wake up those glutes with this glute centered training with exercises that progress with you.

Circuit: This class challenges your core and other muscles in a fun way.  Learn to use the TRX and other fun equipment.   

Fitness Kick Boxing: This is a HIT style workout, featuring kickboxing techniques and hand pads. (Use our hand pads or bring your own.)

MMA for Self Defense: This class is led by a pro MMA and Kickboxing athlete and coach.   Gain confidence and develop skills to protect yourself in any situation.  

RAD (Self Defense for those who identify as woman): Learn realistic tactics, in a safe and supportive environmentFocus on risk awareness, recognition, reduction, and avoidance while learning hands on self-defense techniques.  

Breaking down the BIG lifts: Learn the basics of the barbell and how to advance your technique to get you hitting those goals. 

Zumba: This dance party class is sure to put the fun back into fitness and get you moving.

Glow Zumba: All the Zumba fun, with black lights and glow sticks. (Wear light colours to glow.)

Zumba & Weights: Join the dance party fusion; it is sure to put the fun back in fitness! This class will get you moving with Zumba and help develop strength with weights.

Yoga Sculpt: This yoga flow is choreographed to music; focusing on strength, and cardio.

Yoga for Warriors: Trauma-sensitive yoga to facilitate a deeper release of stress using breath, slower movement and guided imagery. 

Hatha Flow: Improve flexibility, balance, and mental focus by gradually moving deeper into postures for longer stretches.

Candlelight Yin:  This candlelight slower-paced yoga emphasizes long, deep, non-weight bearing stretches to improve flexibility.

Pop Music Gentle Yoga: Slow down and relax with your favourite pop songs.  Find your focus and breath while enjoying gentle total body stretching.

Power Yoga: will challenge your stamina, flexibility and posture.

Vinyasa Yoga: Move seamlessly from one pose to another connecting your breath to the poses with this yoga flow.

Ashtanga Yoga: is a series of poses completed swiftly in combination with deep controlled breathing.

Meditation & Mobility: Relax, stretch and improve mobility while focusing your mind.

Drum Fitness: Experience a drum party using drumsticks and the stability balls. Add in resistance training between songs with some band work.