10 Things To Do This Reading Week 

Reading week is fast approaching, which also indicates that we are halfway through the winter semester. In the midst of finishing up papers and submitting assignments, we would be packing our bathing suits and hitting the beaches down south. Or rather, we would be packing a different type of gear and hitting the slopes or heading home to see family and friends. Amid a much-needed break, the papers would still be written, and the assignments finished, but this reading week might look different for most!

Here are some ways you can spend your reading week to improve mental health and prepare for the rest of the term.

  1. Screen free day – Spend an entire day without your computer, phone, tv or tablet. We have been spending more time than ever in front of screens. Give your eyes a break and plan a day full of non-screen activities.
  2. Test out a new recipe or order in from a local restaurant
  3. Get some outdoor exercise and go on a hike or go skating
  4. Complete a puzzle or play board games.
  5. Have an online social with friends
  6. Make a scavenger hunt with your roommates or family that you can do at home
  7. Meditate every day
  8. Check in to Experience BU to take part in workshops and activities.
  9. Read a book
  10. Crafting is in! Try out a DIY from TikTok or Pinterest

Use this time to take care of YOU and your health. Follow along with this list of ideas and complete whichever ones speak to you at your own pace.

Wishing you all an enjoyable Reading Week! Get some studying in but be sure to take time to relax and have fun too.

Your friendly neighbourhood Badger