8 Simple Rules to a Healthier Lifestyle

Being healthy doesn’t only mean working out and eating healthy, it is focusing on holistic health. These tips are easy and cheap solutions to gain motivation, being happier and healthier each day. By following these 8 simple rules, it will help with reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and increasing productivity.  

1. Meal prep/meal plan

At the beginning of the week, make a meal plan and stick to it. If you are someone who doesn’t like to cook or find you are too busy, take one day to prep your meals for the week. These easy to grab and go meals are a healthier and cheaper option 

2. Plan your day

Take a moment to plan out your day either the night before or the morning of. This will increase your motivation and productivity. It also allows you to incorporate things you want to do into your day before time slips away.  

3. Put your phone away 1 hour before bed

Set your alarm and place your phone somewhere you won’t be urged to look at it. Take this time to allow your body to wind down and give your brain a break. Tiktok can wait!  

4. Drink water 

Drinking water has so many health benefits. Drinking water keeps you hydrated throughout the day and improves mood.  

5. Exercise or move daily 

Exercising has many great benefits to your health! Online fitness programs have become the new fad and are easily accessible! Check out Brock Recreation’s Expressfit on Demand for some workouts to follow along! If exercising isn’t for you, get up and move. Go for a walk, do some yoga, or take brain breaks and stretch! 

6. Get a full 8 hours of sleep 

Go to bed at a decent time and set your schedule to allow for a full 8 hours. You will be less tired and more productive.  

7. Do one thing you love to do each day 

Think about those things you love to do but never have time for. When planning your day, add in one of those things you love to do. This allows you to focus on self-worth and spend time doing things for you! 

8. Have a goal in mind

Picking up your lifestyle and changing it completely can be difficult for obvious reasons! Set a goal and take baby steps. Have a goal, stick to it, and build these goals. Once you achieve one, set the next and the next and the next! 

Now, more than ever, we notice ourselves moving from the bedroom to the living room completing the same tasks each day. Whether this is schoolwork or working from home, we conform to the same things every day. A healthy lifestyle can easily be forgotten or set aside as we embrace the new normal but following these 8 simple rules will bring you to a healthier lifestyle.  

Do it for you! Do it for your health!  

Your friendly neighbourhood Badger