Student Exchange Program Acceptance Guide

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Brock Student Exchange Program for the 2019-2020 year!

This guide will take you through the process of preparing for a successful Exchange.

All participating students must attend the Pre-departure training workshops. These workshops will help prepare you for your Student Exchange Program, and the sessions will answer many of your questions. Failure to attend all Pre-departure training workshops will result in the cancellation of your participation in the Exchange program.

Once you have been accepted to participate in the Brock Student Exchange Program you will need to complete an Exchange application for the host school, program at which you have been placed. When you receive information about the Exchange application, please read the directions carefully. Some applications require students to supply supplemental documentation, such as reference letters, photos, statements of purpose, etc. ALL host applications will require you to order an official Brock University transcript. You must complete the host application by the deadline set by the host.


Your host school will require you to suvmit an official transcript. You purchase an official copy of your transcript from the Office of Registrar and can order this directly from your Student Self-Serve portal. Please note that it can take up to five business days to receive your transcript. You can arrange to pick up the transcript at Brock Central OR you can request them to send it directly to Brock International Services (GLB 210). If the transcript is sent directly to your office, we will scan the document and send it to the partner school, via email on your behalf.

Before leaving for your Exchange, you must have your courses assessed by the academic advisors at Brock. Each course must be approved individually. When you meet with your academic advisor, please bring as much information as you can find about the particular course you wish to take. This will allow your advisor to properly assess the course and determine how it will transfer for credit towards your Brock degree.

If you decide to register for a course at your host institution that has not been approved by an advisor at Brock, the Office of the Repistrar will not grant credit towards your Brock degree for completing that course.

Details regarding the course approval process will be given to you at the Pre-departure training workshop.

Students participating in the Exchange Program are subject to university policies and procedures, and are expected to meet the Finance department’s fee deadlines. The finance department does not mail out statements, so it is uip to you to monitor your Brock student account.

You will be charged for a 100% of a course load while participating in the Student Exchange Program(2.5 credits for one term; 5.0 credits for the academic year). There are no exceptions, unless you are registered with the Student Development Centre and your “100% course load” is calculated differently, as per university policies.

Students participating on the ISEP Exchange Agreement, and only this agreement, will pay Brock for traditional single on-campus accommodation, and reg. meal plan fees, in addition to tuition fees.

All other students pay tuition to Brock and must pay for accommodation and meals in the host country

Other costs that you should consider as you plan for your Exchange include: airfare/transportation, health insurance, study permits, ancillary fees, textbooks, and other personal expenses.

Students who participate in the Exchange Program for the full academic year are exempt from paying the U-Pass fee.

While you are away, you will be responsible for many things on both your home and host campus. It will be up to you to remain organized and be aware of expectations.

When you arrive at the host university, be sure to attend the new student Orientation, to properly prepare and learn about expectations on your new campus. The International Office will tell how to access facilities and services. They will help you to understand academic expectations as well as many other things that will be important for your success. Keep in mind that things will be very different at your host university, and if you need assistance, you must self-identify and ask for help. To ensure your success, remember to attend all lectures and complete all your course work.

As a student who has been selected to be a Brock Ambassador and participate in the Student Exchange Program, you will have an opportunity to share your Badger spirit with students at the host University – be sure to pack your best Brock swag!

Even though you will be on another campus, don’t forget to check your Brock student email account! You are still a Badger while overseas!

You’re now only beginning to plan for your Exchange, but it’s important to know that the “Re-entry” process can be challenging when you return to Canada & your program at Brock. Participating in the Re-entry workshop is just as important to your success, as your Pre-departure training. Our office will email you upon your return to Brock and we will invite you to attend this workshop.

This session will assist you in adjusting to life back home, provide you with suggestions on how to stay connected with the Student Exchange Program and other international opportunities, and provide you with tools which will help you to get the greatest benefit from participating in the Exchange Program.

Get ready to #BrocktheWorld

Studying overseas as part of your Brock degree is an opportunity not to be missed. By living outside of Canada, you will fully experience different lifestyles, cultures, people, and spectacular scenery.

Good luck in exploring your world and your potential!