International partnerships

Brock University has formal academic links with more than 150 institutions in over 50 different countries.

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Current International Partnerships

Brock University has formal academic linkages with more than 150 institutions over 50 different countries.

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Establishing New International Partnerships

Academic partnerships are long-term, mutually enriching relationships between two or more academic institutions, departments, schools or Faculties. Occasionally, non-academic institutions may be involved in such partnerships if they can play a valid role in teaching or research. Partnerships often originate through informal faculty or staff contacts, but eventually evolve into formal agreements covering a variety of co-operative endeavours.

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Visiting delegations

Brock University welcomes international groups, such as established and prospective partner institutions, government organizations, consulates/embassies, educational tour organizers, other co-ordinators of international delegations, and visitors to our campus.