International Education Week

International Education Week (IEW) is an annual event held in over 100 countries worldwide that highlights the importance of a globally-oriented learning experience.

2023 International Education Week at Brock runs from Nov. 20 to 24.

IEW at Brock is a series of events geared towards understanding global perspectives. It is a reminder that we are all international students, regardless of where we study, work, or live.

Brock’s commitment to celebrating International Education Week helps us to:

  • Strengthen our global reach.
  • Explore Brock’s connection to the world.
  • Understand global perspectives.
  • Build on our commitment to inclusivity and equity.
  • Understand and respect the diverse identities of our community.

Why participate in IEW?


IEW events are meant to help you to build on your core competencies through a global lens. The week highlights students’ experiences as global citizens, showcases exchange and study abroad programs, and provides an opportunity to broaden your global perspective without having to leave campus. We are all international students in an increasingly global community.

Staff & Faculty

IEW serves as a reminder of the vital role research in other countries plays in enriching Brock and its communities with fresh knowledge and diverse perspectives. It highlights critical partnerships with highly reputable academic institutions and global organizations to foster student and faculty engagement. You will have the opportunity to participate in discussions about the advantages of global education through a lens of accessibility and inclusivity, and to connect with the University’s global scholar community to engage in conversations that lead to progressive actions.

International Education Week 2023 – Events

A full listing of events related to this year’s IEW celebrations will be available on ExperienceBU.

Questions about IEW 2023?

If you have any questions about International Education Week, please contact Brock International at