International Education Week


Join us November 21-25 2022!

International Education Week is a week-long event held in the 3rd week of November that highlights the importance of a globally-oriented learning experience.

Our Fall semester is held in conjunction with CBIE’s annual International Education Week (IEW), which is celebrated on the third week of November in more than 100 countries around the world.


It helps strengthen the University’s global reach by bringing together faculty, staff, and students to explore Brock’s connection to the world through collaboration from global perspectives.

International Education Week also builds on the institution’s commitment to inclusivity and equity through understanding and respecting of the diverse identities that call Brock home.

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For Brock students:

The week brings together a community from more than 100 countries by engaging in on campus and virtual events that explore the University’s diverse identity and helps students build on their core competencies through a global lens. The week also highlights the importance of pursuing academic studies in other countries to enhance the learning experience in the Canadian classroom and create a future of global citizens.

For Brock’s faculty and staff:

The week is reminder about the importance of actively engaging in research in other countries to bring learning and new perspectives back to Canada to share within the local community. It also highlights the need for partnerships with highly reputable academic institutions, and global organizations that facilitate opportunities for student and faculty engagement. The week also facilitates discussions about the benefits of international education from accessibility and inclusivity perspectives and connects with the University’s global scholar community for engagement, discussion, and progressive actions.

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Get Involved, Expand your Knowledge, Connect with the World!

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