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Our University’s campus is located in Niagara, a safe, fun, and vibrant region with beautiful natural surroundings. 

Come to Brock and you’ll join students from across Canada and more than 100 countries around the world, bringing a wide range of perspectives, lifestyles and experiences to campus. 

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International Secondary School Students

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Brock has 70 undergraduate and 50 graduate programs to choose from.

ESL programs

Improve your academic English while gaining cultural experiences with Brock’s English language courses.


Tuition may be assessed through your financial account and includes Ancillary fees, Administrative fees, Residence fees, and more.

Awards & Scholarships

Brock University has committed more than $4,000,000 to our awards programs for 2021-22.

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Discover the top 5 reasons why students choose Brock University.


International students sharing first-hand accounts of their experience at Brock.

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There are several important dates you need to know.

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Are you considering changing universities? Your previous post-secondary education can be assessed for transfer credit toward your new degree at Brock.

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