Experience the world through Brock. Add an international edge to your degree through an exchange or international program and broaden your horizons.

International Mobility Myths


  1. The vast majority of opportunities abroad are conducted in English, including courses at our partner universities
  2. Learning a new language is one of the benefits of participating in an international experience.
  3. Employers will salute your efforts to adapt to a linguistically challenging environment.


  1. Many international mobility programs are eligible for additional funding support such as scholarships, bursaries and OSAP.
  2. Some international mobility programs, such as Exchange, allow you to continue paying your Brock tuition fees (in CAD).
    1. There are other opportunities where the fees are discounted for Brock students.
  3. The currency conversion in certain countries is favourable compared to the Canadian dollar, which allows you to travel on a budget.
  4. Paid internship/co-op opportunities or on-campus jobs may be available.
  5. You have complete control over your extra expenses such as weekend travel, and meals.


  1. There are international opportunities open to any student, from any academic department, in any year level.
  2. You can participate in short-term (one-two weeks) programs that do not directly conflict with Brock’s Fall/Winter academic terms
  3. Field courses, internships, and academic programs allow you to gain academic credit that can be applied to your Brock degree (as either core credits or electives)
  4. The soft skills and intercultural experiences gained through international opportunities compliment your academic skills, and are strongly supported by employers.


  1. You receive advising, and pre-departure training from Brock’s International Mobility office.
  2. There are opportunities for group travel through Brock, including summer programming, and international field courses.
  3. You can choose from a variety of destinations, and programs to match your comfort level.

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