International Field Courses

Brock University offers various international field courses that you can be part of. Field courses are offered by faculty and they qualify for academic credit towards your Brock degree. With financial scholarships available, it’s never been easier to discover the world.

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Global Education: International Field Experience

Description: This course, and the particular field experience in Guatemala, will examine a number of issues that are simultaneously local and global. We will learn from Maya indigenous communities about their struggles to reclaim their culture after 500 years of colonialism and 36 years of genocidal civil war which took the lives of some 200,000 Maya and destroyed entire indigenous regions of the country.  We will look at school settings in Maya communities as well as other forms of cultural transmission/recuperation, i.e., families, community groups, music, and language acquisition.

Academic Credit: EDUC 4P36/EDUC 5P98

Dates: Spring 2024 with 10-12 day travel.

Cost: In-country costs (approximately $2300); cost of airfare will be determined closer to the departure date.​​​

Who can apply: 3rd & 4th year undergrad & Master’s students from any faculty.

Deadline to apply: Recruiting done in March/April 2023.

Contact: Dr. Michael O’Sullivan​ –

Exploring Viking & Medieval History

Description: The Age of the Sea Kings. The history and heritage of the Viking, Late Norse, and Medieval eras in the Isle of Man, from Viking monuments to medieval castles, churches, fortifications, and assembly sites; significance of the period in the unique culture of the Island, its heritage industry, and government.

Academic Credit: MARS/HIST 3F51 – The Viking and Medieval Isle of Man

Dates: May 2024

Cost: Field course cost tbd + Flights to and from the Isle of Man​​

Who can apply: Open to all Brock students, but must have at least 1.0 credit in HIST or MARS

Deadline to apply: January 2024

Contact: Professor Andrew McDonald ​-

Notes: Begins in May on campus during the Spring session. Departure for Isle of Man in mid-May for study travel. Walking over uneven/natural terrain is required to access some sites. Students are responsible for travel, accommodation and other expenses.​

Art Studies Abroad in Spain

Description: Exploration of unique cultural events and regional settings in Bilbao, Spain and surrounding areas. Artist exhibitions, talks, participatory workshops/seminars and activities with various institutions. Immersive experience develops knowledge of arts, cultural programming, tourism, media and communications, with a focus on community interaction for social and economic benefit.

Academic Credit: VISA 3M05

Travel Dates: June 1 – June 10, 2024

Cost: Approximate Field Course Cost $2500. (Flight, food, and personal spending money not included.​​)​​​

Who can apply: Undergraduate students – one year complete. 

Deadline to apply: March 30, 2024

Contact: Professor Amy Friend –

Notes: Begins in June online during the Spring session. Departure for Spain in early June for study travel. It is a pedestrian heavy trip with significant walking involved. Funding is available for eligible students.

Upcoming Information Session: March 6th, 2024

Archaeological Practicum Pantelleria

Description:Pantelleria island, ancient Cossyra, holds the key to understanding how Punic and Roman populations interrelated during and after the Punic Wars. The Brock University Archaeological Project at Pantelleria is excavating a Punic-Roman temple on the edge of a volcanic, spring lake. The 2024 field season will involve learning how to dig stratigraphically, analyze artifacts, and examine the landscape. Students can earn 1.0 credit for enrolling in CLAS 3F75 with permission of the instructor.

Academic Credit: CLAS 3F75

Dates: May 26 to June 23, 2024

Cost: TBD​​

Funding: Brock International Mobility Funding

Who can apply: Undergrad & Grad students with permission from the instructor

Deadline to apply: TBD

Contact: Professor Carrie Murray –

London Field Course

Description: Spend eight days walking the streets of London, stopping at iconic locations and buildings to learn more about their significance to London and the world. Walk through the Hyde Park gardens, visit King’s Cross Station, wave hello to the royal family at Buckingham Palace, climb up the Tower Bridge, and watch time pass along the River Thames. After taking this field course, you will see London in a completely new light.

Academic Credit: GEOG/TOUR 3P54

Dates: June 17 – 26, 2024

Cost: The in-country program costs will be approximately $2,000 CAD; Flights to London approximately $1,600​​

Funding: The Faculty of Social Sciences Travel Award will cover up to 75% of costs for airfare, ground transportation, and accommodations up to $2,168. (excludes tuition).

Who can apply: All Brock students with two GEOG credits, two TOUR (TMGT/TREN) credits, or permission of the instructor.

Deadline to apply: November 26, 2023

Contact: Dr. Phillip Mackintosh –