Visiting International Scholar (VIS) program

Brock’s Visiting International Scholar (VIS) program invites scholars and researchers from abroad, who are interested in an international research and scholarship opportunity, to visit Brock to collaborate with faculty and students in a range of academic activities.

The VIS program is designed for faculty from abroad who are interested in an international research and scholarship opportunity at Brock University.

Participants are generally responsible for covering their own expenses for travel, accommodations, and any ancillary requirements (visa fees, health insurance coverage, etc.). In most cases, participants have been awarded funding by their home governments or institutions for international travel and accommodation.

Generally, such opportunities arise out of interactions between Brock faculty and their international colleagues, leading to an invitation to undertake collaborative research at Brock.

International academics in the following categories are good VIS candidates:

  • Sabbaticants
  • Academics interested in collaborative scholarship and research with Brock colleagues
  • Researchers interested in disseminating original research to an international audience
  • Academic faculty interested in gaining international experience
  • Faculty seeking collaborative research opportunities with Canadian colleagues
  • Researchers with an active interest in Canada or North America

Visiting International Scholars generally undertake collaborative research with a faculty colleague at Brock University. Other activities may include academic job shadowing and guest lecturing. A Brock faculty colleague from within the hosting department works with the VIS to facilitate the participant’s research and scholarship activities while at Brock; for example:

  • To serve as a contact person for the participant
  • To serve as an interface with the rest of the Brock community
  • To facilitate opportunities for the VIS to interact with other researchers and scholars

Brock International will issue a formal letter of invitation to selected participants, which may be used for visa purposes; provide assistance in finding local accommodations; provide on-arrival orientation; and arrange for a University ID card and email account, library borrowing privileges and Internet access.

Brock International will publicize the arrival of participants and offer every opportunity for interaction with the broader Brock community, including formal social events, such as the We Welcome the World Reception for new VIP, VIS and UM participants each term.

Brock International also offers shared office space in the International Centre, and at times within the academic host department, although this cannot be guaranteed. In addition to the James A. Gibson Library, there are a number of public spaces on campus for study and wireless Internet access.

Participants will receive no financial remuneration or formal academic credit for their stay at Brock, although Brock International can provide an official letter indicating the nature and extent of their research activities undertaken once their stay at Brock has ended.

The VIS program runs year-round. However, faculty are often occupied with teaching during the regular academic year (Term I: Sept. 1 – Dec. 31; Term II: Jan. 1 – April 30). Fewer courses are offered in the Spring (April-June) and Summer (July- August) semesters, and many faculty are involved in research activities at that time. July and August are typically summer vacation months for many Canadians.

The VIS program is offered at the main campus of Brock University and by all participating academic units.

To apply to the VIS program:

  1. Consult the Brock University website to identify a likely co-researcher, focusing upon departmental and Faculty home pages. If you have already established a collaborative relationship with a Brock faculty member through your ongoing scholarly or research activities, your chances for involvement in the VIS program are much better.
  2. Contact the offices of Global Scholars Office, not the academic unit you are interested in, when submitting the online application form.
  3. If a match is made, and subject to departmental chair and Dean approval, Brock International will contact you regarding next steps, including registration form, fee payment, formal invitation letter, etc.)

It is important to note that Brock University can only accommodate a limited number of participants in the Visiting International Scholar program and cannot guarantee acceptance.