Academic Skills Support

Learn the most essential skills you will need for what will be the most important part of your time at university: your academic success!

Services Available

We know that it can be overwhelming to study in another country, especially if there are differences in academic expectations! Therefore, our main goal is to provide international students with the academic tools they need to be successful in Canada and at Brock! Check out all our free services below:

1-on-1 Appointments

Looking for academic skills support as an international student? We offer personalized 1-on-1 support in the following areas:

  • Planning your Term
  • Writing (paragraph structure, grammar, citation/references, etc.)
  • Speaking/Presenting/Listening
  • Reading Strategies
  • Understanding university expectations

NOTE: This is only available to international students.

If you struggle with any of the skills listed above and at one point or another identified as an international student, you may still be able to access our services. Please contact for more information!

No, we do not. However, Learning Services does offer tutoring services!

Just note: Tutoring is $25/hour for Brock students.

Students who identify as BIPOC, First-Generation, LGBTQ2SAI+, Mature, Transfer, and/or having a disability may be eligible for one or more free hours of tutoring. Please contact for more information.

International Student Pathway to Success

As an international student, you have access to our Brightspace site – International Student Pathway to Success. This site is a hub of resources and information with all the essential information you will need to be successful before, during, and after your studies at Brock!

The site has the following academic resources:

  • Academic Tip Sheets & Resources
  • Academic Integrity Survey – test your knowledge on how much you know!
  • Workshop Video Hub – pre-recorded workshop videos

In addition, the site has resources beyond academics, with topics in: Immigration & Travel, Health Insurance & Wellness, Life in Canada & Culture, Student Life, Career & Employment, and Post-Graduation. 

If you cannot access the site, be sure to join the site here and click the link again!

No, this site is not a class! This site is only there as a resource to help you as you study.

You will not get any credit for completing parts of this site nor will you be graded on anything.

Academic Support Across Campus

As a Brock student, you have access to various academic supports across campus! Please check out the different services below and make use of all that available to you:

Learning Services* offers skills workshops and resources, drop-in academic support, and tutoring—for students by students—with additional opportunities for students who may have faced challenges getting to university.

  • Academic & Life Skills Workshops
  • Resources and/or Tip Sheets
  • Drop-In Sessions (e.g., support in math, science, research, studying, etc.)
  • Tutoring ($)
  • Additional Academic Integrity Resources

From Intention to Action (FITA)* is a counselling program run by Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre.

FITA is a structured intervention that is geared towards assisting students to improve their mental health, cope with academic stress, develop better learning strategies, and maintain a healthy life balance.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies offers dedicated writing support* to assist graduate students at all levels of study. They offer:

  • One-on-one sessions
  • A Drop-In Writing Café
  • Graduate Writing Workshops