Academic & Language Support Workshops

Do you need help adjusting to Canadian teaching, and learning styles? Confused by seminar structures, when to talk to a professor, or the past perfect progressive? Sign-up for our series of workshops or drop in and meet with one of our support specialists for additional guidance.

The workshops will normally take place Monday through Friday. Registration in advance is required. These workshops will run throughout the year (September to August) and will be updated regularly on this page as they are developed. They are offered at no cost for international students.

We require a minimum of 5 students registered in order to run a workshop, and a maximum of 20 students. We maintain an ongoing waitlist and will reach out to you if a spot becomes available in a workshop which you have been placed on the waitlist for. It is crucial that you check your Brock e-mail regularly for updates from us.

These workshops focus on two different areas:

  • Language support: workshops in this area will cover a variety of topics related to the improvement of academic reading, writing, speaking, listening and English grammar
  • Academic skills support: workshops in this area will cover a variety of topics related to the development of academic skills necessary in order to succeed in the Canadian university context

Below is a list of upcoming workshops:

Academic Skills Support Workshops

Come and learn the basics of the American Psychological Association (APA) Style to format your papers, and write correct citations and references.

This workshop will introduce you to advanced guidelines of the APA style. We will cover in-text references and the reference list in depth.

In this workshop, we will go over the most commonly used applications/software for success in university. You will get tips and tricks that will save you time during your writing, research, citation, and more.

You will get great insight into the process of planning and delivering an effective in-class presentation. You will also learn some strategies to increase confidence in presenting in a second language

This workshop will introduce strategies to help you succeed as an international student. Some of the strategies you will learn are effective reading, note-taking, and attention to detail.

Want to learn about the different factors that affect your life as an international student? Learn how to balance your social and work interests with your academic responsibilities.

This workshop will provide some common principles and practical advice for planning and preparing your assignments in advance!

Come and get insight into the process of preparation, design, and delivery of poster presentation

Come and learn techniques that will help you prepare for exams. You will also learn about the resources available to make sure you get the most out of your exam study.

After developing effective research strategies from Research Skills I, we will work on using the information you find, learn data management strategies, and understand how Turnitin works.

Do you need help researching a topic and don’t know where to start? This workshop will introduce you to academic research using Brock University’s resources.

Are you curious about taking an online course? Would you like to know how best to prepare, stay on track, and do well? This workshop will provide students with the knowledge and skills to exceed expectations while taking an online course.

Learn some practical approaches to managing your time as an international student! You will learn how to plan and prioritize more effectively while managing interruptions and distractions.

Language Support Workshops

Do you have a hard time speaking up in class? Would you like to improve your oral productivity by learning advanced terms to wow your classmates? Come to this workshop to learn the ins and outs of academic speaking.

Is your writing basic? Do you find yourself repeating the same words multiple times? This workshop enhances your vocabulary in written contexts by providing you with tools and examples to stun your readers.

Do you feel intimidated when speaking to your professor at office hours, or asking your academic advisor for help? This workshop will give you the confidence to approach any faculty member appropriately with ease.

Are you often silent during partner work in class? Do you shy away from group work because you’re unsure on how to express yourself? This workshop gives you the knowledge to carry yourself academically around your peers.

When should direct quotes be used in writing? Are they always the best option? Come to this workshop to learn more about supporting your ideas in writing using this convention.

Is it possible to take the ideas of other writers and put it into your own words to strengthen your arguments? This workshop teaches you exactly how and when to paraphrase.

What is the process of condensing important literature into main ideas? When is summarizing necessary, and what is the layout? Attend this workshop to perfect your summarizing abilities.

Do you struggle to form a strong argument? Do you get nervous when you hear the word ‘thesis’? Take the stress out of thesis writing with this hands-on workshop. Learn how to easily create a powerful thesis as well as develop strong arguments to back your writing.

Having a hard time beginning your essays? Are your introductions lacking charisma? Learn how to engage any reader with this practical workshop on perfecting the introduction of your essay.

What steps do you need to follow before beginning your body paragraph? How can you work your evidence into your paragraph to help convince your reader your argument is correct? Join us to learn the secrets of the body paragraph.

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