Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Check this webpage for information about 2021 Spring/Summer and 2021-22 Fall/Winter registration information as it becomes available.

Log onto and click “Register” on the self-serve menu. Simply type in the course code you are looking to enroll in and select the option that works best for your schedule. Selecting “Add” will automatically enroll you in the course. More information can be found here.

You can find your Academic Advisor’s information here.

Information on how to book an appointment with an Advisor can be found here.

A lecture is the main class where you will go over topics and lessons with the Professor.

Labs/Seminars/Tutorials are smaller groups of students (about 25) from the lecture who meet once a week. This is typically for one hour with a Teaching Assistant (TA) to discuss the lessons, do presentations, participate in science/math labs, etc. 

Yes, you can make changes up until the second week of classes through

Electives are general interest courses that you have the freedom of choosing. Be sure to check out the timetable to see what subjects are available to you.

Undergraduate students: 3.0 or more credits over the Fall/Winter semester to be considered full-time.*

*If you start your program in Winter semester, you will need to be registered in at least 1.5 credits for the first Winter term to be full-time; if you start your program in Spring semester, you will need to be registered in at least 3.0 credits over the first Spring/Summer semester to be full-time.

Graduate students: full-time/part-time status is not defined by credits, instead, graduate students’ status is defined according to the academic regulations.

Check this page for updates when the course book lists are released.

Some textbooks are available online, whereas some can be shipped to you.


The application process to live in residence is already opened. Applications and the $600-application fee must be received no later than June 1, 2021. If you have questions about eligibility or the admissions process please visit the Applying to Residence page.

You should email Residence to cancel the application as soon as you decide your travels.

If Residence offers you a residence assignment and you withdraw, there is a declining refund.

Class Format

Brock is planning a significant return to campus for the 2021 Fall Term, including offering as many courses on campus as possible within public health guidelines. This would include labs and other courses with experiential components, but also other types of courses, such as graduate seminars and smaller classes. Please continue to monitor this page for more information.