Skills for Success Video Modules

What are the top academic skills I will need to prepare for university in Canada? What are the cultural expectations in Canada? Our video series, Skills for Success: Canadian University Preparation, will not only address these questions but also provide you with the opportunity to practice certain essential skills that you will need to be successful.

Module 1

Within this series, you will learn about Academic Integrity, Time Management, Note-taking, Collaborating with Peers, and Paraphrasing and Summarizing, all while gaining insight about the Canadian university experience. Each of these topics have been created specifically for an international population and designed to bridge any cultural gaps to ensure success in a Canadian environment. You will have the opportunity to practice each skill and receive feedback from an Academic Skills Specialist at Brock University!

Academic integrity is taken very seriously in Canada. When the rules of referencing are ignored, and a student is charged with plagiarism, serious disciplinary outcomes can result. Though acknowledging sources can be difficult for domestic students, it often is a struggle for international students because it is not universal. This video is designed to identify what plagiarism is and bridge the cultural gap in terms of properly acknowledging sources.  

Time may seem universal, as it is your reality. However, various cultures actually view time very differently. This video is designed to identify how time is viewed in Canadian culture and introduce different time management strategies, with the goal of increasing efficiency and productivity.  

All students, both domestic and international, benefit from note-taking skills. However, international populations might struggle with this skill because the way Canadians organize their information is not universal. This video is designed to bridge the cultural gap and introduce note-taking strategies for information that is presented in a linear fashion.  

Collaborating with Peers across cultures is challenging; people from around the world have different expectations from a conversation and assumptions about what is considered appropriate. This video is designed to bridge the cultural gap and introduce tips and strategies for collaborating with peers in Canada, both online and in person, and in group work settings 

Paraphrasing and Summarizing are common writing skills that all students must have in academia. However, it is especially important for international students to be aware of them because writing conventions are not universal. This video is designed to bridge the cultural gap and introduces tips and strategies to paraphrase and summarize in Canadian settings.