Outbound Exchange Program

Why should I go on exchange?

Immerse yourself in another country! As a Brock student, you have the opportunity to study, travel and make lifelong friends around the world. Learn more about yourself, become more independent and give your Brock degree an international edge. Share your Canadian culture abroad and in return experience the culture, lifestyle, and people of another country.

Take advantage of these opportunities to earn credit toward your degree while gaining new cultural and personal perspective. Participating on an exchange is a fun and life-changing way to broaden your horizons academically, geographically and culturally.

Upcoming information sessions

October 3, 10AM in Sankey Chamber (MC-A)

October 24, 2PM in TH 256

November 7, 5PM in TH 259

Register through Experience BU – Just click the link of the session you wish to attend!

Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure you submit your application properly.

Exchange Program Requirements

  • A minimum 70 per cent overall average
  • Must be a Brock undergraduate student currently enrolled in classes
  • Must have completed a minimum of 5.0 Brock credits prior to the anticipated start date of the exchange

All students who meet the application requirements will be interviewed by the exchange committee.

Having an exchange experience on your CV/resume will be attractive to employers; discovering a different culture, traveling, making new friends and learning a foreign language will foster your maturity, confidence, and self-reliance.

Contrary to popular belief, another language is not always required because many of our partner institutions now teach in English.

Academic reference

Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure you submit your application properly.

You must obtain one academic reference.

The reference must be from a Brock Professor who has taught you during your time at Brock. References cannot be received from teaching assistants, coaches, employers or academic advisors. Your professor may send the reference directly to us, or give it to you in a sealed envelope. References in sealed envelopes may be dropped off to Brock International Services in IC210.

Please give the Academic Reference Guide to your Professor.

The process of deciding which exchange destination is best for you can be the most exhilarating start to your international experience. With so many unique options available, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Brock University has many partner institutions all over the world, making it easy to find the best one. Follow these helpful tips when deciding on your exchange destination:

  • Which partner university will complement your Brock program of study?
  • Which university has courses that are relevant to your studies at Brock?
  • Do you have many electives left, allowing you more flexibility in your choices?
  • What type of city setting do you prefer: big or small?
  • Would you like to learn a new language?
  • Does the partner university offer courses in a language you know?

View a list of our partner institutions

Contrary to popular belief, an exchange does not have to be much more expensive than staying at Brock. It costs more to participate in the exchange because you will likely participate in activities that you wouldn’t if you stayed at Brock, such as travelling, applying for study permits, etc. However, an exchange is an affordable way to study abroad because you pay your tuition to Brock.

Financial assistance does exist for students participating on an exchange:

  • Student Mobility Award: Brock provides each exchange participant with a $500/term or $1,000/academic year Student Mobility Award.

If you qualify for OSAP, you can apply for the term/year you spend abroad. The loan programs recognize that you remain a full-time registered student at Brock, which allows you to be eligible for financial support.

Learn more about financial assistance for studying abroad

Applications for the Brock Student Exchange Program are now open. If you are interested in participating for one academic term or for the full academic year, now is the time to apply.

Are you ready to apply?

Applications are being accepted for Winter 2020 exchanges!
Flexibility is key – limited placements spots are available for Winter 2020