Prospective partners

Brock University has formal academic links with more than 150 institutions in over 50 different countries.

Brock University enters into partnerships with universities around the world for the purpose of:

  • Student exchanges
  • Study abroad programs for students
  • Faculty and staff mobility and exchange
  • Research collaboration
  • International development work projects
  • Exchange of pedagogy
  • Internships
  • Library and documentation exchange
  • Joint participation in seminars and conferences
  • Other forms of collaboration

If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact Ms. Leigh-Ellen Keating, Director, Brock International.

Partnerships often originate through informal contact between faculty or staff with common interests from two or more institutions. For short-term projects or academic interactions of limited scope or duration, no formal linkage agreements are necessary. Informal arrangements may evolve into formal partnerships if there is sufficient interest, support, and potential for long-term interaction and broader institutional participation. All formal international academic links at Brock are co-ordinated through Brock International.