Student Testimonials

Brock International is ready for an ever-changing world, providing both in-person and online learning! Current international students share first-hand experiences taking online courses and the interactive support offered by Brock International Services. 

I started my semester this spring and although it has only been 3 weeks, I can say that the services provided have helped me in so many ways. From Academic Coaches to Orientation, questions about my visa or language support, they have all made me feel like I am at home. All the workshops, webinars, one-on-one meetings, have helped me not only in making things clear but to make friends too. In this pandemic, they have made sure to provide everyone with the necessary help they need and have gone out of their way to do that. 

Tavleen from India
X Program 

I love these workshops very much! I learned a lot of knowledge through them, such as how to do research, how to use APA style, how to adapt to online exams and so on. Additionally, when I have any questions, I can ask teachers immediately in the chat, they are willing to help me. As for an international student, it is also an important way for me to practice my English! These workshops let me be confident with the upcoming online classes. 

Hanqin from China
X Program 

 Jen and Kelsey have been offering amazing, customized and professional support in the form of one-on-one meetings or group workshops. I asked for tons of help from them and it was always fun, happy and fruitful to work with them. I realize that I could not have been organized, competitive and familiar with Canadian life and academy without their continuous and patient guidance. 

Betty from China
x Program 

I practised with Kelsey on a weekly basis in an environment that allowed me to learn, make mistakes and just be myself. There was no judgement and in fact, she reminded me almost always how lots of people in Canada speak differently. I have learnt and keep on learning so much from the staff at Brock International which ceaselessly offers their time, expertise and attention to all international students. 

Rachael from Uganda

Brock’s International Services has helped me a lot during my undergrad. In the past, I have attended writing workshops and immigration consulting seminars. I have also had group and individual sessions with Brock International Services. They were very helpful, patient, well-informed, and truly amazing! I am grateful for their support throughout my university experience! 

Karina from India
BBA (co-op) 

I still remember the first time when I came to Kelsey and Jen’s office. I was struggling with some assigned readings from one of my courses, and it made me anxious about whether I could catch up on that course at all. I was amazed by their support both academically and emotionally. I’m so thankful for their continuous help and efforts in making the meetings helpful and enjoyable no matter how busy they are. A big shout-out to these two supportive, knowledgeable, easy-going, and excellent mentors!  

Demin from China
Medical Sciences 

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