Get support as you study at Brock. Ensure that you are on the right track to be successful before, during, and after you graduate!

Studying in another country can be both challenging and rewarding! We understand that as international students, you may need help to navigate all the requirements and expectations, or that you may want additional support as you study to grow in your skills. We at Brock International Services are here to support you and guide you!

What Services Do We Offer?

Not sure how to get started when it comes to transitioning to Canada?

Check out our Pathway to Success! It is a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for your first term at Brock University and in Canada.

We also have lots of resources and guides to help you as you prepare for your academic journey:

Check out our Immigration Counseling website for help with:

  • Study Permits,
  • Temporary Resident Visas, ​
  • Co-op Work Permits,
  • Post-Graduate Work Permits

For UHIP guidance, our Health Insurance (UHIP) & Wellness page can provide lots of useful information!

Lastly, you can book an appointment with us and/or check out all of our immigration Events & Drop-in Sessions!

As you study, you might find that you need extra support in certain academic skills to succeed in your courses. This does not mean that you will fail your courses, but rather it just means that you might need a bit more guidance on what is expected at a Canadian university! These skills might include:

  • Brock-specific academic expectations (e.g., online platforms, seminars, etc.)
  • Time management/planning your term
  • Academic Integrity (plagiarism, citing/referencing, etc.)
  • Note-taking skills
  • Reading & Writing (paragraph structure, grammar, citation/referencing, etc.)
  • Speaking/Presenting/Listening skills

If you want extra support in any of these skills, you can book an appointment (free of charge) or email us at!

Not sure how to get involved with student life or want to know how to engage with the community? Check out all of the different topics that you can learn about from our Student Life Specialist:

  • Learn more about our events
  • Become more involved on campus
  • Volunteer opportunities in the local community
  • Adjusting to student life in Canada

Feel free to email for more guidance on these topics, and keep an eye out for all the different events you can attend!

We know that a huge part of going to university can be to find a job and/or settle in Canada after your studies!

Therefore, we have various resources on our Work & Stay in Canada page so that you have all the answers you need to navigate this next stage in your life!

Explore our services

International Student Guide

Your start guide to being an international student in Canada and at Brock!

Immigration Counselling

Information on Study Permits, Visas, Work Permits, & more!

Introductory Webinars

Webinars to introduce you to expectations & helpful information before you start your studies!

International Student Travel Requirements

Learn about required travel documents & any other travel requirements prior to your departure!

Health Insurance (UHIP) & Wellness

Get all the information on the University Health Insurance Plan and helpful information on Wellness at Brock!

Student Life: Campus Events & Programs

Learn about campus events and specific programs for international students to greater enhance the Brock experience!

Academic Skills

Extra support in academic skills that you need to succeed at a Canadian university!

Career & Settlement

Check out all the resources to help international students with finding careers and/or with settling in Canada after graduation!