International Student Testimonials

First hand accounts from international students on why they chose Brock to further their studies, and prepare for upcoming careers.


Kriti from India

BBA Co-op

“My co-op work term help me gain experience with one of Canada’s top employers, which gave me the confidence and skills to go out and succeed in the industry.”

Adithya from India


“Even in an online platform, the labs assigned to us allowed for an in-depth understanding of the topic at hand alongside a reliable and safe on-campus option to conduct experiments.”

Ana from Portugal

Economics & Business

“I felt at home knowing so many things about Brock before making my decision to come. It gave me time to plan a lot in advance.” 

Ana from Trinidad & Tobago


“I fell in love with the practical nature of Brock’s Kinesiology program. Compared to other schools in Ontario. Brock also has superior scholarships for international students.”

Antony from Kenya

Media and Communications

Niagara feels like one of the most diverse, student friendly cities in the world. Meeting fellow students from different parts of the globe will enhance my educational experience and allow me to thrive in an increasingly multi-cultural world.”

hamed from iran

Public Health

“Not only will you get closer to your goals, but you will grow as a person through the meaningful relationships you will form here.”

Ishita from India


“Brock’s scenic location, affordability, diversity, and excellent opportunities are what caught my eye. Smaller class sizes, seminar-style learning and the integrated campus space made Brock a clear choice.”

Jiaqi from China


“They are a lot of service learning projects in my program where I can gain hands on experience in the marketing area.”

Kofi from Ghana

Business Administration

“I’ve been able to put everything I’ve learned in class into practice by working with real-life firms and businesses.”

Marcelo from Brazil


“The welcoming atmosphere and community spirit, in addition to the high standards of education make the Brock University student experience the best in Canada.”

Myanla from Kenya

Political Science

I chose to study at Brock because of its high diversity in culture and ethnic backgrounds, giving an opportunity to experience new perspectives.” 

Prabh from Kingdom of Bahrain

Biomedical Sciences

“Coming to Brock was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Brock is the only University that offers an undergraduate student the opportunity to enroll in a research program and work side-by-side with a faculty professor.”

Santiago from Colombia

GAME Programming

Brock offers programs no other University or College has, with focused courses that have a practical application behind every theoretical approach.”

SEYI from Nigeria

Masters of Sustainability

“Brock is the only university in Canada located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre’s modern facilities and trans-disciplinary approach to sustainability education make Brock the ideal location for the environmental sustainability program.”

Shanen from India

Business Administration

“Brock offered me a scholarship based on academic achievement and has one of the strongest co-op programs as part of a business degree. Brock was also the university that I received the fastest response from, and their website was easy to understand and navigate through.”

Vicky from China


“My family and friends who have graduated with a BAcc and MAcc recommended Brock’s program. The positive reputation among alumni is a true reflection of Brock University’s Goodman School of Business.”

Wei from China


“Brock’s Goodman School of Business has a strong reputation, and the flexibility for me to pursue my MBA degree and CPA designation at the same time.”

Bob from Malaysia

Business Administration

“Brock has very good co-op program, which will enable me to gain work experience in Canada. On top of that, the tuition fee is affordable.”