University Mentorship (UM) Program

The University Mentorship (UM) program is designed for faculty, staff, students, and other scholars who are interested in professional development or internship opportunities with peers and mentors, not in further degree-related academic study.

Features of the UM Program

A volunteer faculty or staff mentor from within the Brock community works with the UM participant.The mentor’s duty is to facilitate the participant’s academic and/or professional activities while at Brock; for example:

  • To serve as an adviser and key contact person for the participant
  • To provide guidance and/or engage in collaborative or directed research
  • To serve as an interface with the rest of the Brock community
  • To create opportunities for interaction with academics and professionals in the participant’s area of interest, and to engage the participant in meaningful professional activity
  • To provide unobtrusive opportunities for the participant to observe and interact with classes and seminars (academic) or other administrative meetings

Participants are responsible for covering their own expenses for travel, accommodations, and any ancillary requirements (visa fees, health insurance coverage, etc.).

In most cases, participants have been awarded funding by their home governments or institutions for international travel, accommodation, and living costs.


  • A formal letter of invitation to selected participants, which may be used for visa purposes;
  • Assistance in finding local accommodations
  • On-arrival orientation, including linking participants with other colleagues
  • A University email account, full Internet and computer access, and library borrowing privileges

Access to a workspace on campus is also a possibility, though not guaranteed


  • Research activities with Brock faculty member, such as a lab internship
  • Academic or administrative job shadowing
  • Observation of teaching and learning techniques and classroom activities
  • Collaborative curriculum development


At the end of a UM’s stay, Brock International can provide an official letter indicating the nature and extent of the research activities undertaken at Brock.

NOTE: Participants will not receive formal degrees, diplomas, or other formal academic credit for their stay at Brock.

The UM is designed for faculty, staff, students, and other scholars who are interested in professional development or internship opportunities with peers and mentors, not in further degree-related academic study.

The UM program runs throughout the year, although July and August are typically summer vacation months for many Canadians.

The UM program is offered at the main campus of Brock University and by all participating academic and administrative units.

The application fee* for UM programs is implemented to cover the cost of services and secure participants’ position.


  • $200 (CAD) per visit
  • $63 (CAD) per month for University Health Insurance Plan coverage*


  • Pre-departure assistance
  • Accommodation information
  • On-arrival orientation (Brock ID card, library access, campus tour, etc.)
  • Pre-arranged email account
  • Use of workspace or office space assignment (private or shared)
  • Formal letter of activity and welcome gift


  • Credit card payment online (instructions to be provided)

*All participants in the programs are required to be enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan for the entire period of their visit and responsible for the cost. Work permit holders who are eligible for the OHIP coverage are eligible to be exempt from this requirement.

How to Apply

Step 1

Determine your exact area of interest by consulting the Brock University website and academic calendars.

Step 2

Get a letter of support from a supervisor or senior administrator at your home institution to better support your application.

Step 3

Complete the Online Application Form below.

Upon Completion:

  • Faculty or staff members active in your area of interest will be contacted to determine a mentor.
    • If a willing mentor is located, the Global Scholars Office will be in contact with you for next steps.

NOTE: Be sure to contact the Global Scholars Office with any inquiries, not the academic unit you are interested in.


Acceptance is NOT guaranteed

  • Brock can only accommodate a limited number of participants in the University Mentorship program, and that faculty or staff members volunteer to be mentors.