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Below is a list of the contacts and/or departments with Brock International:

  • Future Students: Student Recruitment
  • Current Students: International Services
  • ESL Services
  • Current Students: International Mobility
  • Global Scholars Office

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Get to Know Us!

Future Students: Student Recruitment

We’re here to make sure Brock is the right choice for you! We can help provide a pathway to your success with answers to your questions about:

  • Degree program options
  • Admission requirements
  • Applications
  • Residence, and
  • Anything in between!

Current Students: International Services

Our goal is to ensure that you have the best Brock experience through additional supports and services! We can help you continue your pathway to success with answers to your questions about:

  • Immigration & travel
  • Health insurance
  • Academic skills
  • Student life, and
  • Career & settlement

Immigration & settlement:
Health Insurance:
Academic skills & transition:
Student life & engagement:

ESL Services

We offer a variety of English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs with the goal of providing students with the tools they need to be successful! Have a question about our ESL programs? No problem! We can help provide information on:

  • Types of ESL Programs
  • Housing & Accommodations for ESL students
  • Planning your move to Canada as an ESL student
  • Activities & ways to get involved

International Mobility

Want to have an international experience you will remember forever? Experience the world through Brock! Add an international edge to your degree through an exchange or international program and broaden your horizons. We can answer questions about:

  • Different international mobility programs
    • Student exchange programs
    • International internships
    • International summer programs
    • Work and volunteer abroad
  • Financial Support for mobility programs
  • Countries & partner institutions

Global Scholars Office

We specialize in helping international scholars collaborate with Brock scholars on academic interests, research activities, and/or on teaching! We can answer questions about:

  • Different global scholar programs
    • Visiting International Professor (VIP)
    • Visiting International Scholar (VIS)
    • University Mentorship (UM)
  • Funding opportunities
  • Resources for visiting academics