Global Scholars Office

We welcome scholars from academic institutions in other nations to visit Brock to collaborate with our scholars on academic interests, research activities, and/or teach in their area of expertise. We also provide Brock faculty and students with opportunities around the world to support the growing internationalization of Brock’s community.


Visiting International Professor (VIP) program

Brock’s Visiting International Professor (VIP) program brings visiting faculty from academic institutions in other nations to visit Brock for an extended period, teaching a course (or courses) in their area of expertise and collaborating with Brock faculty, staff and students in a range of academic activities.

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Visiting International Scholar (VIS) program

Brock’s Visiting International Scholar (VIP) program invites scholars and researchers from abroad who are interested in an international research and scholarship opportunity to visit Brock for an extended period, collaborating with Brock faculty and students in a range of academic activities.

University Mentorship (UM) Program

We welcome faculty, staff, students, and other scholars from academic institutions around the world to visit Brock, to interact and collaborate with Brock community in a range of academic and administrative professional development activities.


Resources for Visiting Academics

Check out the resources below for more information for prospective Visiting International Professor (VIP) or Visiting International Scholars (VIS) participants.

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Resources for the Brock Community

In order to cultivate a campus culture that embodies both global diversity and inter-connectivity, the Global Scholars Office offers faculty and students with resources to assist in international mobility and opportunities for research funding around the world.

Funding Opportunities

Research at Brock

Brock research has a heart for community and a head for innovation. We are heavily invested in the economic, social and cultural health of our community and beyond. Scores of partnerships between the community and all faculties within the University make research a two-way process: we learn from one another as we discover and innovate together.