Transfer Students

Transfer students are important contributors to the Brock University community, and we value the experience and maturity transfer students bring to the classroom environment.

We offer programs to assist you in making a smooth transition to Brock, and to ensure that you have positive experiences socially, personally, and academically.

A transfer student is an individual who has studied at another accredited university or college prior to studying at Brock University. A transfer applicant may apply part way through studies at their current post-secondary institution, or they may have already graduated.


PLEASE NOTE: Course prerequisites must be met at the Grade 12 university-preparatory level (or equivalent) for all domestic and international applicants. In some cases, prerequisites may be considered from post-secondary studies. Additional documentation may be requested to determine prerequisite equivalency.

Admission Criteria

Scholarships and Awards

On-the-Spot Admissions

General Transfer Credit Requirements

All students who have completed post-secondary education at an approved public post-secondary institution will be considered for transfer credit on a case by case basis. You must report all previous academic activity on your application and will be required to provide transcripts for all academic studies. Additional documentation may be requested for the purpose of determining course-to-course equivalencies and the awarding of transfer credit.

The awarding of transfer credit is based primarily upon i) The compatibility of the previous program/course to the Brock program; ii) Course learning outcomes; and iii) Grades achieved in courses.

Any review of transfer credit must be completed within one year of the date of admission. If you change your major/program, your transfer credit will not be reassessed. You must speak with an advisor as to how your existing transfer credits will fit into your new major/program.

If you take a Brock course which we already awarded you transfer credit for from another institution, that Brock course will then replace the transferred credit. The transfer credit you received for that specific course will no longer count toward your Brock degree.

In some cases, transfer credits awarded may not fit into your Undergraduate program. Contact your program Academic Advisor to find out how your transfer credits may fit into your program plan.

You may not opt out of transfer credit. 

Entry CredentialMinimum Admission AverageTransfer Credits Awarded *
1-Year Certificate or 1 Year of a 2-Year DiplomaBAssessed case by case
2-Year Diploma or 2 years of a 3-Year DiplomaB-Up to 5.0 credits
3-Year DiplomaB-Up to 7.5 credits
Degree Level StudiesC-Assessed case by case; evaluated on a credit-for-credit basis.

*College programs associated with a Brock articulation agreement may receive more credit. For details please visit our college pathways page. 4-Year Honours degrees are 20.0 credits. 3-Year Pass degrees are 15.0 credits.

Specific Transfer Credit Policies

Students admitted to a certificate program, following the completion of a degree or diploma program from a university or college may receive an overall total of up to 1.0 transfer credit towards the certificate program.

Learn more more about certificate programs

All credits earned in a Brock certificate program are transferrable to a degree program.

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Students seeking a second or subsequent degree will be granted transfer credit to a maximum of 10.0 credits for a 20.0 credit degree and a maximum of 7.0 credits for a 15.0 credit degree.

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In order to meet degree and co-op requirements, transfer credit is limited to 5.0 credits or the equivalent of one academic year. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada to complete the Co-op Political Science Public Administration concentration.

Transfer students are limited to no more than 4.0 transfer credits (one academic year equals 5.0 credits). All transfer students will enter at year 1 of the 6-year program regardless of the number of transfer credits they receive. Fast-tracking of the program is not permitted. 

Transfer credit may be awarded for business courses deemed equivalent by Brock and taken within the last 5 years.

In order to meet degree requirements, transfer credit is limited to 2.0 credits.

The GAME programs work on a cohort basis. Students will only be permitted to transfer from other majors into upper years of the program in exceptional cases. Transfer credits may not be awarded.

All students must be prepared to start the program from year one and continue on track for the full four years. Minimal transfer credit may be available on a case-by-case basis but should not be expected.

Students may be eligible for transfer credit where incoming courses evaluated for transfer credit present at a minimum 70%.

University and College Transfer applicants are limited to no more than 4.0 transfer credits.

All students must be prepared to start the program from year one and continue on track for the full four years. Minimal transfer credit may be available on a case-by-case basis, but should not be expected.

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Pathways and Agreements

Documents Required for Preliminary Assessment:  

  • Applicants who have already completed post-secondary studies will be required to provide all final grades for all studies completed to date, and as published by their respective institution(s). Applicants are also encouraged to submit online results verification information, if applicable/available. 
  • Applicants who are currently enrolled in post-secondary studies will be required to provide all final grades available to date, and proof of enrolment in their current academic term. 

Additional Documents: 

  • Some programs require the submission of supplementary documents. Please see our Important Admission Deadlines for more information.
  • Additional documents may be requested following a preliminary assessment. Please ensure that you check you Brock portal regularly for all application and document updates. Examples of additional documents include: 
    • Full secondary school transcript 
    • Detailed course syllabi/course outlines 
    • Copies of awarded credentials (certificates/diplomas/degrees) 
    • School profile and grading scale information 
    • Proof of English proficiency 

Final, official documents directly from the issuing institution will be required to retain an offer. In cases where final, official documents demonstrate that admission requirements are no longer met, an offer may be changed or revoked. 


How to view your Transfer Credits

Check your “Statement of Advanced Standing” via your portal at to determine if you have been granted transfer credits by Brock.

Meet with an Advisor

  • They will help you understand how your transfer credits can fit into your program plan
  • Assist you with planning your timetable
  • Ensure you’re reaching your academic goals

Fresh Start Policy

  • Brock assesses your application based on your most recent academic credential.
  • If inadmissible, we automatically review secondary school credentials for consideration under Fresh Start.
  • To be eligible for Fresh Start, an applicant must have graduated from secondary school within the past two years. 
  • This option is not available for admission to competitive programs or subsequent degrees.