Meet our current International Student Ambassadors

Looking for the inside track on studying at Brock University? Want to know what life is like for students outside the classroom? From across the globe, each of our Ambassadors has chosen Brock University to further their studies, and prepare for upcoming careers.

Learn more about them below and why they chose to EXPERIENCE Brock.


Communities I Identify With:
Indian, Gujarati, South Asian
Program/ Year of Study:
Third-year Biomedical Sciences (Hons.)
Extracurricular Activities:
Varsity Fencing, Brock Bioinformatics Club, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences student’s association. Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences Council

I wanted to find a institution that would push towards being the best version of myself, while also supporting me on my journey. Brock was the perfect fit for a place

Studying all night for my organic chemistry midterms with my friends in a Plaza Classroom, in my second year.

I intend to explore the field of informatics research and apply to medical school down the road.

Be involved, keep exploring and being curious, and know that it will turn out for the better at the end. Trust me and take my word for it.


Communities I Identify With:
I identify as Burmese from Myanmar (Burma).
Program/ Year of Study:
Nursing, Third Year

I chose Brock because of the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the community. The Brock staff has been very helpful and patient from the beginning of my application process to the present day. I was also attracted to the accredited nursing program that offers clinical experience starting in first year.

When I was in my first year, I attended a cookie-decorating event where I painted snowman cookies with icing and met other international students. I’ve maintained close friendships with these individuals to this day.



I plan to work as an Emergency Registered Nurse in triage and trauma. I’m also interested in exploring careers outside of the bedside such as cosmetic and outpatient settings.

Be kind and compassionate to everyone you meet.



Communities I Identify With:
I identify as a Bangladeshi.
Program/Year of Study:
Computer Science with a Minor in Business and Management, Fourth Year
Extracurricular Activities:
President of Brock Winter Club, Treasurer of Brock South Asian Women’s Society, Treasurer of Brock Bangladeshi Students’ Association, Smart Start Team Assistant, Lead Brock Ambassador at Student Recruitment, ITS Help Desk Assistant at Brock, Deputy Returning Officer at BUSU, Tutor at Learning Services.

Brock’s welcoming community along with numerous experiential opportunities offered both inside and outside of the classroom.

Numerous cultural and socializing events organized by student clubs at Brock allowed me to have an amazing university experience.

I plan to gain a Master of Data Science along with some work experience in a similar field.

Get involved by joining student clubs and on-campus student jobs! Also, attend numerous events which would allow you to make friends and memories!


Communities I Identify With:
I identify as Latin American, specifically nicaraguan from the United States.
Program/ Year of Study:
Medical Sciences, First Year
Extracurricular Activities:
I plan on joining the Brock Latinx and hispanic students association along with others that I look forward to finding at and around campus.

I chose Brock because I know it has the tools for me to succeed, its supportive international community, and the beautiful campus and the environment that surrounds it.

With my Brock degree, I plan on going into the Medical field with a focus on palliative care.

Create a support network around yourself as soon as possible, involve yourself in campus events, meet new people and do not hesitate to seek a helping hand whenever you need it.


Communities I Identify With:
I identify with the Latin American community.
Program/Year of Study:
Third-Year Kinesiology
Extracurricular Activities:
I am involved in athletic activities like the Brock gym, intramural basketball, and intramural volleyball. I would like to stay involved with the same athletic activities this year, as well as possibly joining something new.

I chose to attend Brock because I loved the social and physical environment when I visited. The campus is beautiful and the people are very friendly. I have built so many friendships, and feel integrated in the Brock community. I definitely made the right choice.

This is a difficult question since I have so many. In terms of memory within the campus, I would say meeting in person the people I got close with during the 2020-2021 Covid year (online). It felt so unreal to see those people in person and get to know them better, in different circumstances.

One memorable experience outside of campus, but still in the community, would be the first night I went sledding with a group of friends when I first got back to Canada. It was difficult leaving home (Brazil) again. Having so much fun that day, reminded me that I made the right choice and that I had so many more amazing memories ahead of me in this new journey.

I want to pursue a career in physical therapy and rehabilitation. I also want to do personal training at some point. Realistically, I would like to work with anything in the area of physical activity, rehabilitation, and/ or sport.

The first steps are the hardest. It will all be so worth it when you look back at all the friendships you have built and everything you have learnt.


Communities I Identify With:
I identify with the South-East Asian community as I am ethnically Pakistani. I also identify with the middle eastern community because I grew up in Kuwait.
Program/Year of Study:
Psychology with a Minor in Management, Fourth Year
Extracurricular Activities:
The Psychology Society, President of AIESEC in Brock, Volunteer at Canadian Blood Services and member of South Asian Women’s Society.


As someone pursuing a degree in the field of Psychology, it was important to me to choose a University that had brilliant mental health support. Brock stood out to me because it prioritizes the health and well-being of students by facilitating workshops, mentorships and providing free non-stop support. As someone that needs special accommodations for learning, knowing that Brock has Student Accommodation Services made Brock an easy choice for where I chose to pursue my undergraduate degree.

My most memorable experience was Badgerfest 2022, I was participating in the clubs fair and it was so exciting getting to recruit new students for AIESEC in Brock and I loved seeing all the new and curious faces while shortly getting to know everyone. My favorite part was getting freebies from different companies booth at the Clubs Fair. When you’re a student you’ll take all the free stuff you can get and it seemed so childish and silly but going around collecting and meeting everyone was kind of healing for my inner child.

I hope to work in Marketing or Public relations for now. After a couple of years of working, I would like to continue my education in Psychology and work in relevant field making a difference in people’s lives.

Be proactive! If you are nervous about this new environment, just remember that everyone is just trying to figure it out as well. Join clubs you are interested in, it’s a great way to make friends that have similar interests. Talk to the person sitting next to you in your seminars, make friends in your classes because it will help you. Brock has so many different events throughout the year from the different clubs and BUSU, attending them will help you settle in at Brock. Lastly, don’t be afraid to look for support at Brock if you ever think you need it.


Communities I Identify With:
I am one who connects with everyone at Brock; in my classes, in school events, in residence and also in my community.

I am Nigerian, I identify with African students, and I am also a member of BUFC, So I also identify with students who have common interests with French.
Program/Year of Study:
Fourth-Year Public Health, Honours
Extracurricular Activities:
I have recently been involved in leadership development as I was part of the team representing Brock University in the Co-curricular Collegiate Leadership Competition where we practiced leadership skills through challenges and case studies. In the Canadian scrimmage we came 3rd overall in terms of process and results, and in the main competition we finished among the top 5 process schools in North America.

I volunteered in the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS) 2023 event held in Niagara Falls convention Centre this past summer.

I am excited to be more involved in the BUFC this year as part of the executive team, in organizing our events and meetings for students who have a connection to the French language!

I chose to attend Brock University because of the wide-range of top-ranked programs, with experiential opportunities embedded into each program and the co-op programs to provide valuable work experience to succeed in the job market.

Though I am not in the co-op stream of Public health, I have had considerable and valuable experiences in health research in many aspects of Public Health in the coursework I’ve done with my peers and professors.

Secondly, I also chose Brock due to the close-knit community of Brock University with the Niagara region as they partner with businesses in the region in creating co-op work terms, volunteering hours and also part-time work opportunities for Brock Students.

My most memorable experience was my involvement in the Niagara 2022 summer games that happened in the Niagara Region in August 2022, Brock was one of the partners in the Niagara Region who hosted the young athletes and coaches that came from all the provinces and territories in Canada to participate in the game. For context, I saw that Brock was going to host the event in 2021 before arriving in Canada and I was excited to be involved in some way.

I was involved as an events service volunteer for the games, and I was also working at BUSU during the summer games!! My favorite part was interacting with the spectators and athletes. Brock and the Niagara region was buzzing in a different way with the showcasing of different provinces of Canada with the cities and towns of Niagara Region.

This gave me more opportunities to learn more about the Canadian culture, the provinces and territories, and it also allowed me to explore other parts of the region that I hadn’t seen then like the Oakes park in Niagara Falls.

I plan to work in the field of infection control and work safety in social institutions, especially those in healthcare settings such as hospitals and lab centers in my country. I also plan on promoting vaccination for infants against deadly diseases like river blindness in many regions in Africa, and also improving the community system of administering healthcare and medications in areas not well-equipped to do so due to economic and political factors.

My advice to incoming students is that along with being active in your studies/classes, get involved in your new community!! You never know what new passions or interests you might have a knack for if you don’t try them out. You also get to know the sweet spots of the region, the rich history of Brock and parts of the region if you explore your new environment, participate in events by attending, volunteering, and you also get to meet new people and make new friends at Brock and in Niagara based on common interests.


Communities I Identify With:
Program/Year of Study:
Master of Applied Disability Studies, Second Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Volunteered for Fall Preview Day, Open House, Drag Bingo Show, Participatory Action Research Network. I have enjoyed attending ping pong club, movie nights and game nights. This year I would like to continue engaging in all these activities. I would love to indulge further into event planning, coordinating and content creation as well.

I found the perfect course that match my career goals. Brock University is one of the very few University that provides Verified Course Sequence approved by Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. The tight-knit community and the beautiful campus in the heart of Niagara makes Brock University even more special.

The day I volunteered for Fall Preview Day. That was the first extracurricular activity that I participated. As a newbie in an International University, I was nervous. But by the end of the day I felt so happy and felt that I am part of the Brock Community.

The course that I am doing satisfy the course work requirements for the Certification that I am aspiring to achieve. After graduation I am looking forward to write the qualifying exam and be a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

Make connections and reach out if in need of help. It is going to be a little difficult at first but it’s worth the struggle.


Communities I Identify With:
I am half Iranian and half English
Program/Year of Study:
Recreational Therapy, First Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Art, Netball, Singing, cooking, creative writing, literature, and getting to know new people

From its website and reputation I noticed Brock has a thriving international community and I love the country of Canada- my specific chosen course of Recreational Therapy really interested me too and the way it prepares you to work in the community

It’s my first year, so I am looking forward to starting.

Work as a Recreational Therapist, possibly working in the field of mental health

I have been an international student before; I started in the UK then did 4 years in Central Asia at an International School. I realised that learning about new cultures is one of the most rewarding experiences, so it’s great to get involved in activities and get to know people. I also worked for a year in a retreat, staffed by young people from all over the world, and have wonderful memories from connecting with people across the world, I’m happy to spend time with any other new international students like myself- I look forward to meeting you!