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Meet our current International Student Ambassadors

Looking for the inside track on studying at Brock University? Want to know what life is like for students outside the classroom? From across the globe, each of our Ambassadors has chosen Brock University to further their studies, and prepare for upcoming careers.

Learn more about them below and why they chose to EXPERIENCE Brock.

Aiden from Vietnam

International Student Ambassador Mentor

Home Country:
Program/ Year of Study:
Business Administration, Second Year
Year Started at Brock:
Extracurricular Activities:
President of Vietnamese Students Association ( BVSA )
Member of Brock Marketing Association ( BMA )
Volunteer at Brock Open House for Fall & Winter
Volunteer for the JDCC 2020 Competition.

My sister came to Canada to study about 10 years ago, and always shared stories with me about Canada and how she loves the educations system and the career opportunitiesCanada is a great country for international students and provides the opportunity to stay and work after graduate.

My favourite high school teacher graduated from Brock and he would always share stories about the positive experience he had. Brock also offers an excellent Business program, and the opportunity to participate in the JDCC Business Competition, along with small class sizes, and co-op to gain work experience.

Brock also offers more scholarships such as the Brock Scholars Award, reasonable tuition, and affordable accommodations in St. Catharines for a student to live.

My most memorable experience here at Brock so far was the 8 months I spent in Brock’s IELP Program. I had the opportunity to improve my English, get to know Brock, learn about Canadian culture, and meet new people from around the world.

I plan on applying the knowledge that I learn and leverage the relationships that I develop at Brock to build a successful career in Public Relations and Marketing. 

Prepare for the difficulties: One of the most essential things is mentally preparing yourself before coming. Making a mental note of what you hope to gain and experience out of this trip, so you have a sense of direction and purpose. If you know what you’re looking for, and what you’re trying to achieve, you’re going to have a lot more fun during your time here.

Embrace the culture: Culture shock is one of the biggest challenges for international students. I would suggest you take the time to educate yourself and learn about Canadian culture.

Get involved: Keep an eye on Brock International and the Brock Student Union (BUSU), as they have many events and activities you can participate in. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always visit Brock International and meet with an advisor (or any of their staff). They are always happy to help!

Arshdeep from India

Home Country:
Program/ Year of Study:
Computer Science Co-op, Third Year

The co-op program at Brock is one of the most important reasons I chose Brock. Moreover, I always wanted to live in a small peaceful city like St. Catharines.

Brock University’s annual Homecoming Grape Stomp would be my most memorable experience. The live music and free hotdogs at the event were also the best! 

I plan to work in Canada and use this experience to help in the development of the IT sector in my country. 

Embrace the co-op opportunity in order to gain practical work experience and allow the discovery of new personal strengths and skills. Additionally, get involved and make the most of the exciting extracurriculars at Brock. 


Chimerem from Nigeria

Home Country:
Program/Year of Study:
Master of Science in Kinesiology, Second Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Friendship Partner for Brock University’s FOCUS Club 

I chose to study at Brock University because of its vast variety of undergraduate and graduate programsas well as the experiential education opportunities that allow students to apply theoretical learning to practical environments in preparation for the working world. 

The ‘Mr. & Miss. Roots Pageant 2016’ event hosted by Brock Roots ACS club was very memorable, as it allowed me to experience the beauty of many African and Caribbean cultures. 

I plan on pursuing a career in Physiotherapy after I graduate. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many resources and services offered by Brock which can be very helpful for navigating the university experience as an international student. 

Faryal from Pakistan

Home Country:
Program/Year of Study:
Media and Communications, Second Year 

Brock has a lot to offer from a diverse environment to a number of scholarships to a variety of programsBrock’s Media and Communications program is one-of-a-kind and ranks highly both in Canada and around the world. In addition, Brock’s appreciation for Canadian history really intrigued me. 

My most memorable experience at Brock was when I got the chance to host the Pakistani Culture Fest online. I collaborated with Brock’s Pakistani Student Association which helped me in broadening my circle and learning from their experiences. I also really enjoyed enlightening other Brock students about Pakistan and its culture. 

I aspire to one day work as a Head of Digital Assets and Content for the Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB), as I have a huge passion for cricket and a strong understanding of its fans. Cricket and multimedia have always been something I have been fond of since a very young age and I cannot imagine a better scenario than making a living out of both my passion and talent.   

Make use of every resource Brock offers. Attend the webinars, participate in competitions as the prizes are always extraordinary and do not miss out on their Smart Start online program. Apply for every scholarship and bursary and Brock will make sure that your transition is as smooth as possible.

Hamed from Iran

Home Country:
Program/Year of Study:
Public Health Co-op, Third Year
Extracurricular Activities:
President’s Advisory Committee on Human Rights, Equity and Decolonization Member
IDeA National Competition Contestant, 2nd place finalist
Employment while at Brock:
Peer Assistant for Brock’s Human Rights and Equity 

I chose Brock University firstly because of my unique career-based program. My Bachelor of Public Health program is the first undergraduatelevel Public Health program in Ontario and it has so far provided me with the education that I expected and needed to receive in my path to becoming a Public Health professional. 

My great work environment at Brock University is one of the things that I will always cherish. I recommend any future Brock student to try to work within the University and on campus to fully experience everything that Brock has to offer. 

I am planning to apply to an Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program after graduation and pursuing my career as a Public Health Nurse. 

Try to create your support system early on.  

Learn about Canadian laws and policies that protects you and your rights as an international student. 

There are always different supports here for you at Brock. You just have to ask! 

Laveena from United Arab Emirates

Home Country:
United Arab Emirates
Program/Year of Study:
Business Administration, Fourth Year 


As a transfer student, finding a university where my credits were transferable was a priority. At Brock, most of my credits were transferred and I received immense support from faculty and staff from the beginning, which made my journey much easier and less overwhelming. Lastly, since the day I first saw photographs of the school, I fell in love with the campus. It offers everything I want to experience in a university. 

The reading week trip! That was my firsttime exploring Canada and I was glad to be part of such an amazing group of students from Brock. I got to learn so much about Canadian culture and history, meet new people and make lifelong memories.  

After completing my undergraduate degree, I will start working to gain some experience before pursuing post-graduate studies. 

Truly embrace the Brock experience by staying in residences in your first year, joining clubs of your interests, attending events online and/or on campus, and contributing to in-class participation. 

Mishrka from Mauritius

Home Country:
Program/Year of Study:
Tourism and Environment, First Year 

Brock offers a wide variety of programs that suited my aspirations. Brock also has a beautiful campus that is safe, fun and vibrant with beautiful natural surroundings, making it suitable for the growth of students both academically and socially. Furthermore, Brock’s career-driven degrees offer co-op work terms, internships and experiential opportunities that will prepare me for the work market. Finally, I was highly impressed by the professionalism and good nature of Brock University’s staff. All these factors motivated me to make Brock my second home. 

As a first-year student, my most memorable moment thus far has been connecting with my Academic Advisor to help plan my timetable. 

Since Niagara is highly reputed for its tourism, attractions and hotels, I intend to search for a job in a local hotel after I graduate, where I will work towards my aspiration of becoming a Hotel Manager. My ultimate goal is to obtain my Ph.D. in order to become a Professor and, one day, teach at Brock University. 

As cliché as it sounds, one of the greatest pieces of advice is to never give up. You can do it, and if you are passionate enough, you will do it. There will be various hurdles that will make you feel like you should give up, but no matter how hard it gets, keep going because the result is beautiful. 

Sharifa from Bangladesh

Home Country:
Program/Year of Study:
Accounting, Fourth Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Goodman Ambassador at the Goodman School of Business
University Liaison at Brock University Accounting Conference (BUAC)
President at Brock Bangladeshi Students’ Association

Brock is a prestigious, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) accredited school, which offers a fast-track for students pursuing their CPA certification. During my admission process, the staff was also extremely friendly and helpful. Their kindness made me more adamant about my decision to join Brock, as I always wanted to be in a positive environment that fosters growth. 

Participating in the Home for Holidays event with Brock staff, as it was the first time I celebrated Christmas. We went through all the classic traditions, ate some really good food and ended the day with an episode of Charlie Brown. It was absolutely worth every bit of my time! 

I plan on completing my bachelor’s in the accounting program and then going for a CPA degree. Once I get my CPA, I plan on working in an accountancy firm as an Auditor and eventually move to consultancy and/or advisory. 

Be out there! It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out. Take your time at Brock as an opportunity to be involved, develop skills and make the best memories. Don’t be afraid to take the first step in getting out of your comfort zone – that’s how we grow andtrust me, it’s only the initial step that’s scary. I hope when you look back at your time here, you realize how much you grew as a person and it makes you nothing but happy. 

Sumin from South Korea

Home Country:
South Korea
Program/Year of Study:
Accounting Co-op, First Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Director of Student Engagement at the Goodman Business Students’ Association
Goodman Business Students’ Association Finance Co-ordinator
Brock University Students’ Union BUSAC Year 1 Representative

Brock University is a welcoming community for everyone, especially considering Brock’s values on diversity and inclusion. Additionally, the University deeply cares about every student’s physical and mental health, which leads us to expand our professional knowledge in a nurturing academic environment. 

Since Brock would allow me to expand my horizons and encourage me think outside of the box, I would love to work as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Canada considering my passion towards positively impacting global economies. 

Before studying abroad in Canada, clear your mind of all your doubts and worries to prevent overwhelming yourself. Canada is a perfect country for international students to feel comfortable, focus on their studies and experience diverse cultures from all over the globe.  

Getting involved in a variety of extracurricular activities is also a great opportunity for easing your journey as an international student in Canada. I was involved in more than 15 extracurriculars during my four years of high school in Canada and I met so many unique individuals, expanded my English language skills and learned about Canadian culture. 

Finally, don’t be shy and ask your friends and classmates to go out for a nice dinner! Hanging out with your Canadian friends can help you to cure your feeling of homesickness. Never reject invitations for big gatherings just because you are shy and think it would be awkward, as those occasions really help you bond and build deeper connections with people around you! I wish the best for all the international students planning to come to Canada. You got this! 

Ximena from Mexico

Home Country:
Program/Year of Study:
Psychology, Second Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Brock Leadership Summit Volunteer 

I choose Brock because its a mid-size university where you are not just a number, but rather a significant part of a large community. Moreover, you can easily connect with nature considering the proximity to the Bruce Trail, Niagara Falls and other lovely places nearby. 

Joining workshops through ExperienceBU helped me learn thatdespite being different people from various parts of the world, we all often worry about the same things and share passions that serve towards a better world. For instance, I joined a workshop called The Body Project from where I learned from and met incredibleempowered women. From these female leaders, I learned about the Mental Health division at Brock’s Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre, and I was able to volunteer with them for the rest of the year 

I would like to become a psychotherapist and/or a scientist. With my passion for helping others, I hope to provide people with the tools to live in plenitude by truly understanding their needs, behaviours and personalities. 

Get engaged in events, groups and throughout the community. Although this previous year was online, I had the opportunity to meet new people who have become my friends as I gain experiences that go beyond my discipline of study. Through this, I have gained a greater insight into the world and what moves students around the university. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have questions or concerns, as there is plenty of support available in Brock’s global community. I have learned that almost everyone is eager to help and will go beyond their way to do so. As my father would say, “One minute of courage can save you an eternity of doubts.”  Make the most out of in-person and online classes. Although online school can sometimes be difficult, it can provide you with incredible flexibility in your schedule and preferences, so take advantage of that. When we have the opportunity, also enjoy the magic of being in person on campus!