Meet our current International Student Ambassadors

Looking for the inside track on studying at Brock University? Want to know what life is like for students outside the classroom? From across the globe, each of our Ambassadors has chosen Brock University to further their studies, and prepare for upcoming careers.

Learn more about them below and why they chose to EXPERIENCE Brock.


Communities I Identify With:
I identify as African; specifically from the South-Western part of Nigeria and ethnically identify as Yoruba.
Program/ Year of Study:
Psychology with Minor in Business Co-op, Third Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Vice-President of Leaders at Brock
Member of Brock University’s Student Union Board of Directors (BUSU)
Residence Don.

Brock’s welcoming mid-sized diverse community, their reputation in student engagement and high rankings in mental health support led me here. I also loved their Co-op program, as well as the option of taking a minor with psychology as my major, which most universities don’t offer. 

My most memorable experience was having my first ever snowball fight with my housemates while living in residence. It was such a nice bonding experience to have all four of our nationalities; Nigerian, German, Canadian and French connect in such a fun way.

I hope to work in the marketing and human resources sector to apply my knowledge of psychology and business as well as explore organizational psychology. I also plan on getting my Master of Psychology degree to create ways to make mental health resources as accessible and affordable as possible for people in my community. 

Remember to be brave and step out of your comfort zone! As an international student, this is something to always remember as you settle into a new environment and culture. This includes being the first to say hi to help you make friends/acquaintances, going to the professor/TA when you need help or checking out various events even when they don’t seem ‘interesting’ to you. And don’t forget to explore different places in the St. Catharines/Niagara Region; there’s so much to see! 


Communities I Identify With:
I identify as a Kikuyu individual from Kenya. 
Program/ Year of Study:
Business Communication Studies, First Year

The great learning experience it offers to its students. This includes excellent facilities, high quality teaching and the international exposure that students receive due to diverse enrollment

I am a new student looking forward to creating memories! 

I would like to use the skill and experience gained to support my family business and make an impact on the business environment in Kenya. The degree will also enable me to inspire young girls from humble backgrounds in Africa.



Communities I Identify With:
I am from India.
Program/Year of Study:
Computer Science, Fourth Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Brock Peer Mentor
Tutor at A-Z Learning Services
Member of Indian Student Association (ISA)
Member of Brock Eco Society.

Brock has one of the best co-op programs as well as the many opportunities it has for new students.

The ILAC 2022 meeting was definitely the most memorable Brock experience for me. I got the chance to represent Brock in front of representatives from all over the world. 

I want to work in the IT industry after my graduation. 

My best tip for new international students would be to make as many connections as possible. Networking is a very important. 


Communities I Identify With:
I am affiliated with the South Asian Community. More specifically, I am from Pakistan. 
Program/ Year of Study:
Accounting, Fourth Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Member of Brock’s Pakistani Students’ Association.

I chose Brock because of its campus life and everything it has to offer. Brock is known for its great student experience.

When I came to campus for the first time and Badgerfest was happening. It was such a great experience to meet a diverse group of people having some lovely conversations with each other and enjoying their campus life to the fullest. 

I am planning to apply for Masters in Accounting at Brock after I finish my undergrad degree. 

Get to know people, get involved at Brock, you have all that you need at Brock.



Communities I Identify With:
I identify as a Kurdish person from Iran.  
Program/Year of Study:
Public Health Co-op, Fourth Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Peer Health Lead at Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre (SWAC)
Member of Coordinating Committee at Brock President’s Advisory Committee on Human Rights, Equity and Decolonization (PACHRED).

I chose Brock University firstly because of my unique career-based program. My Bachelor of Public Health program is the first undergraduate–level Public Health program in Ontario and it has so far provided me with the education that I expected and needed to receive in my path to becoming a Public Health professional. 

My great work environment at Brock University is one of the things that I will always cherish. I recommend any future Brock student to try to work within the University and on campus to fully experience everything that Brock has to offer. 

I am planning to apply to an Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program after graduation and pursuing my career as a Public Health Nurse. 

Create your support system early on.

Learn about Canadian laws and policies that protect you and your rights. 


Communities I Identify With:
I identify myself as a Hindu individual from India. 
Program/Year of Study:
Public Health Co-op, Fourth Year

Brock has one of the best Coop Education. After successfully completing 2 coop work terms along with the support of Brock coop staff and gaining extra-ordinary experience in Public Health as a student, I can proudly say that Brock was the best choice I made. 

Being a Peer Health Educator was my most memorable experience at Brock. I had an opportunity to support students in various ways which also helped me to grow professionally and personally. It helped me to learn about the many student resources that Brock offers and to gain important skills required to move forward in the Public Health sector. I am glad to be able to continue being part of Brock SWAC in the academic year 2022-23.

With my Brock degree, I desire to explore and gain experience in the following diverse areas of Public Health: Epidemiology and Global Health, Public Health Inspections and Health Policy making and analysis. 

Learn to be organized whether it be academic, work or life: planning ahead of time and getting yourself organized with schoolwork, finances etc. will provide you with a sense of direction to move forward and prevent yourself from being overwhelmed or lost sometimes. It might take some time and effort to get organized but eventually, it will save you a lot of time and energy that you could utilize for other activities.


Communities I Identify With:
I identify as a Latin American individual from Ecuador.  
Program/Year of Study:
Biotechnology, First Year 

I chose Brock due to the different opportunities and experiences that it provides to international students. 

I wish to be able to get a job in which I can help people and make a difference in someone’s life. 

Choose a place where you can see your future self happy. 

Find a place that allows you to reach your goals.


Communities I Identify With:
I identify as Colombian / Latino. 
Program/Year of Study:
Master’s of Sustainability, Second Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Member of Graduate Student Association Communication and Advancement (GSA).
Member of Conversation Partner Program

I chose Brock University because it is located in one of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and it is well known for its Sustainbility program.

In the GSA Annual Starlight Gala I had the opportunity to connect with other graduate students and expand my network in the area.

I am planning to start a career in consumer research and sustainability, I would like to be part of a marketing firm focused on environment and consumer behaviour.

Be patient, making friends takes time and join as many university groups as you wish, you will not regret it.


Communities I Identify With:
I identify as Trinidadian.  
Program/Year of Study:
Psychology, Second Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Member of Brock’s Niagara Strong.

I chose Brock because of the city of St. Catharines which suits my personality along with Brock’s diverse programs and opportunities. 

My most memorable Brock experience must be helping out at the Makerspace at the 2022 Scientifically Yours initiative. It was rewarding to see the impact Brock has on the Niagara community.

I plan to further my studies in Psychology and become a school counsellor. 

Join a club! When I joined a club, this helped me meet new people outside my degree and make friends who shared similar interests.

Register for workshops on ExperienceBU. The workshops offered on ExperienceBU helped me sharpen my skills before the each new semester.

Ask for help! Brock offers tons of resources for full-time students such mental health care and financial aid.


Communities I Identify With:
I identify as a Hispanic/Latin student and Mexican. 
Program/Year of Study:
Psychology, Third Year
Extracurricular Activities:
Peer Health Educator at Brock Student HUB
Member of Brock Smart Start Team
Brock Peer Mentor.

Brock provides the opportunity to continuously engage in the community with fellow students, faculty, and peers. It highly emphasizes student satisfaction and mental health, giving you a warm welcome and an amazing time. 

Being able to explore Brock’s beautiful surroundings! Being located in a UNESCO biosphere Brock is the perfect place to connect with nature, yourself, and your friends. The feeling of safety, peace, and tranquility of going on hikes through the Bruce Trail and exploring is something I will never forget. 

I hope to become a psychotherapist and researcher where I will connect with other people in my community and hopefully the world. 

Experience BU is a great website to bookmark! You will be able to see the events that are available for you to grow personally and academically.

Never be afraid of reaching out to people.

Make the most out of your experience and keep exploring Brock University and its surroundings, attend events and get out of your comfort zone.