University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

When you come to study or work at a university in Ontario, you must have health insurance to pay for basic health care services and medical treatments.

UHIP is mandatory for all eligible international students. To be eligible, an international student must be registered in a full-time degree program. When an international student enrols in a credit course in Fall or Winter terms, the UHIP premium is automatically charged to their student account. (In Spring and Summer terms, the UHIP fee is added manually). UHIP is also mandatory for eligible dependent family members (i.e., a spouse, common-law partner, or child/children) residing in Ontario.

International students will receive a message from Sun Life to their Brock email with a link to their new UHIP “card” as a PDF. If you have not seen that email, please check your “Junk Mail” folder.

If you cannot find your email from Sun Life, you can register on the Sun Life website at and create your new UHIP account or log into your existing account from the previous year. This account will allow you to print your UHIP coverage card and will also allow you to access your coverage card on your smart phone, find a health care provider who accepts UHIP, print a Claim Form, check the progress on a claim, and apply for Direct Deposit for payment of a claim.

To create a new UHIP account:

At the ‘Start Screen’, you will choose the option “Register – benefits plan”. Then you will need to provide the following information:

Your Date of Birth
SunLife Postal Code – M5J 0B6
Current Address – Canada
Brock Contract/Policy Number – 050150
Your Certificate/Member ID (BU00 followed by your 7-digit student ID # e.g.,BU001234567)

There are also several tutorials on line on the Sun Life website for assistance with registering, printing your UHIP coverage card, and accessing the mobile app.

If you cannot access your account, please call Sun Life Financial directly for assistance at 1-877-786-5433.

If you have any questions about these instructions, contact us at

Please note that dependents are NOT automatically enrolled in UHIP. To enrol eligible dependent family members, email Dependents MUST be enrolled within 30 days of becoming eligible for UHIP. After that time, a late fee will apply.

Find clinics, hospitals and labs that accept UHIP

Canadian citizens who have been living outside Canada

If you are a Canadian citizen who has been living outside Canada and are here to study, you are eligible to apply for Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). It will take 3 months to activate so you will need UHIP coverage for that period. Please email from your Brock email account for details and instructions.