University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) at Brock

Get all the important information about UHIP: international students’ primary healthcare in Canada!

UHIP offers affordable insurance for international students to cover the cost of primary hospital and medical services. UHIP works together with the “StudentVIP” plan provided by BUSU (Brock University Students Union) and the GSA (Graduate Students Association), resulting in more comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Important Dates

February 28: UHIP refund application deadline for partial UHIP refund, except students with OHIP or pre-approved health insurance

March 1: Full refund granted if request for waivers/exemptions are received by this date. Only partial refund will be granted after this date

September 1: the start of the new policy year (Sept 1 – Aug 31)

UHIP Enrollment

New and returning degree-earning registered international students with a valid study permit or temporary resident visa, are automatically enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) for the 12-month period running from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 of the current academic year.

Exchange, Study Abroad, ESL and any part-time student who was previously enrolled as a full-time student, will be automatically enrolled in UHIP for the duration of the period of which they are attending the university.

If students have a spouse or dependent children living with them while they study or work in Ontario, the dependent must also be enrolled in UHIP. For more information on dependent eligibility please visit the UHIP website.

Dependents are not automatically enrolled in UHIP. Students are required to enrol their dependent family member(s) within 30 days of their arrival in Canada to avoid a late fee of $500.

To enroll a dependent, students must send the following to*:

  • A completed application form (for instructions on how to fill it out, click here)
  • A photocopy of passport indicating the date of entry into the country for each dependent

Note: Students must be enrolled in UHIP in order to enroll their eligible dependents, and they must enroll their dependents every year.

*please avoid attaching official documents to an email directly, as you leave yourself vulnerable to email hackers! It is safer to send links to the documents from your Brock Office 365 OneDrive and then to set the permissions so that only those within your organization can see it.

New Incoming Students

Once registered for courses, newly admitted students are automatically enrolled for UHIP coverage. To ensure coverage is available for new students arriving to Canada, students are provided an additional 20 days coverage at no extra cost before the start of the coverage period.

For example:

Starting TermCoverage Start DateCoverage Period
FallAugust 10September 1 - August 31
WinterDecember 10January 1 - August 31
Spring/SummerApril 10May 1 - August 31

If newly admitted international students plan to arrive in Canada more than 20 days before the beginning of their term start date, they are required to purchase private insurance.

Returning Students

International students who are registered at Brock are automatically enrolled for the twelve-month coverage period, starting September 1 and ending August 31.

Exchange Students

Exchange students are enrolled in UHIP at the start of their first academic term for the duration of their exchange program at Brock. Coverage is provided 20 days before the beginning of the term to accommodate early arrivals. It is critical that exchange program students are aware of their coverage end dates to ensure that coverage is maintained for the duration of their time in Ontario.

UHIP is mandatory when studying in Ontario unless students are provided with an exemption. Exemptions are rare. For more information on opting out and exemptions visit the UHIP website.

If a student is eligible for an exemption, they must provide proof of alternate coverage to no more than 45 days after the start of term.

Using UHIP

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is modelled after the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) provided by the Ontario government. UHIP provides international students and their dependents coverage up to $1,000,000(CAD) per policy year (September 1 to August 31) for eligible medically necessary health services and medical treatments while studying in Ontario.

  • If international students are travelling in Canada, but outside of Ontario, UHIP will only cover emergencies.
  • If international students are travelling outside of Canada, they receive minimal coverage; it is strongly suggested student’s review their Student VIP Travel Coverage details prior to travelling outside of Canada.

For more information on what is covered, please see UHIP Coverage Details.

Manulife Cowan Insurance is the insurance provider that will cover eligible expenses under UHIP.

Close to the start of term, Cowan Insurance will send international students a Welcome to UHIP email to their Brock student email account (ex.

  • This email will provide students with a link to register for their UHIP coverage card. The link can also be accessed here.
  • To register for their UHIP card, students will need their Cowan certificate number, which can be found in the welcome email.

It is extremely important that students print a copy of their UHIP card and have it with them at all times. A UHIP card is required when accessing health care.

Students all receive an email from Cowen Insurance, welcoming them to UHIP and providing them a link to register for access to the online portal.

To register, students will need their university email address, first name, last name, date of birth, and certificate number, as provided in the welcome to UHIP email received by Cowen Insurance. Click here to register!

Registration to the online portal will provide the following services:

  • Submit claims online
  • View coverage details
  • View claims history
  • Update banking information for direct deposit reimbursement of claims
  • View UHIP eCard
  • Update personal information
  • View Explanation of Benefit Statement online
  • Locate a provider that bills UHIP directly

Remember: It is important to carry a UHIP coverage card to all medical appointments, as it will be required by the healthcare provider.

To avoid out of pocket expenses, it is recommended to visit a healthcare provider through the Preferred Provider Network.

  • A preferred health services provider (i.e., a provider that accepts UHIP) will record students’ information and bill Cowan, the insurance provider, directly towards medical consultation fees.

Brock Student Health Services is a preferred health provider and offers on-campus appointments for current registered Brock students.

Not sure if you should go to a walk-in clinic or a hospital? Check out this helpful page that outlines your healthcare options!

To be eligible for UHIP, student’s need to be actively registered at Brock. It is the students responsibility to inform about any of the following changes to eligibility. Otherwise, the insurer has the right to decline your claims:

  • Medical or Parental leave of absence
  • Withdrawing from studies at Brock
  • Leaving Canada for an uncertain period of time
  • Returning to Brock from a Leave of Absence or any other temporary cessation of study

Please note the following:

  • Students are eligible for UHIP coverage for a maximum of six part-time terms
  • Students are eligible for UHIP coverage for one, four-month medical leave of absence during any twelve-month period
  • Students are eligible for a maximum parental leave of twelve months

UHIP Charges and refunds

All UHIP fees are automatically charged and applied to a student’s Brock account. These charges will appear on their Student Finance History. For Exchange, ESL and Study Abroad students, UHIP fees will be based on the duration for which they are enrolled at Brock.

All prices listed below are in CAD.

Program Start DateSingle Student Addition of 1 Dependent Addition of 2 or more dependents
September 2023$756$1512$2268
January 2024$504$1008$1512
May 2024$252$504$756

In the event that international students receive care from a provider outside of the preferred network (a provider that accepts UHIP), they will be required to pay directly and make a claim for reimbursement to Cowan.

  • Some health care providers may charge beyond the UHIP reimbursement rates. It is important to know that students will only be reimbursed for the UHIP rate.
  • All claims for reimbursement are made through the Cowan online member portal.

Students can submit claims by answering a few questions and uploading an invoice or by using the pdf claim form

Students may be eligible for a refund if one of the following applies:

  • They withdraw from their program
  • They complete their program
  • They leave Canada for an uncertain period
  • They become eligible for OHIP coverage
  • They get a UHIP exemption

Students cannot get a refund for:

  • Scheduled breaks between terms if this is the only period they are applying for a refund.
  • After March 1 of each academic year (except if they have OHIP or they are approved for an exemption).

To request a refund, email

NOTE: Refund amounts are calculated from the first of the following month in which Cowan receives the refund request.

  • Refund requests due to administrative error or approved exemptions from UHIP will be entitled to a refund of the full premium paid.
  • No refund amount is paid in respect of months in which claims have been paid or for any months prior to the last month for which any claim was paid. These months would be considered covered months.
  • This is applicable to ALL refund requests.

Extending Coverage

The annual UHIP coverage term is September 1 – August 31. UHIP coverage for graduating international students may be extended:

  • Only one time
  • Until the end of the month in which the student will be attending convocation, up to a maximum of 6 months (see examples below)

If eligible for a UHIP extension, it is important that the student contact at the end of their last term to extend coverage and submit payment for UHIP applied to their student account in advance. Extensions must be purchased prior to the end of existing coverage.

Extension Examples:

  1. Student completes courses in December and is attending convocation in June -> Brock can provide an extension until June 30th
  2. Student completes courses in April and is attending convocation in June-> Brock can provide an extension until August 31st
  3. Student completes courses in April and is attending convocation in October-> Brock can provide an extension until October 31st
  4. Student completes courses in August and is attending convocation in October -> Brock can provide an extension until December 31st

The UHIP fee is $63.00.00 CAD/month and will be applied to the student’s finance account. Depending on their extension periods, students may receive a new coverage card.

Visiting Scholars and Faculty can apply for a 2-month extension post their intended stay, should the extension be required due to delay in Travel purposes.

If a student has received a job offer that is full-time and longer than 6 months, they may be eligible to apply for OHIP for themself and their family members. Service Ontario should be directly contacted for OHIP related inquiries.

Manulife CoverMe Travel Insurance provides coverage for UHIP Alumni and members no longer participating under the UHIP Program who are residing in Canada. This program is separate from UHIP Plan. Members can obtain a quote for coverage that will own and pay for.

  • To get a quote or apply: Call 1-8777-COVER ME (1-877-268-3763) or visit

Health & Dental Plans

The Brock University Students Union (BUSU) and Graduate Students Association (GSA) offer students taking credit courses a comprehensive Health, Vision, and Dental plan through Student VIP. ESL students can purchase this coverage for an additional charge.

  • To access your Student VIP Plan details,
    • Undergraduate students: Click here -> choose “Brock University Students’ Union” in drop-down menu
    • Graduate students: Click here

NOTE: The Student VIP benefits plan works in combination with UHIP to ensure students have coverage where UHIP does not.

Questions & Support

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