Health Insurance (UHIP) & Wellness

Learn about your health insurance at Brock and where to go for wellness support!

Health Insurance (UHIP)

When you come to study or work at a university in Ontario, you must have health insurance to pay for basic health care services and medical treatments.

Please check your Brock email inbox. You may already have received a copy of your UHIP coverage card.

Contact the appropriate office to have your questions answered:


UHIP covers eligible medically necessary health services and medical treatments.

Click here to learn more about what is covered.

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Health and Dental Plan

BUSU/GSA Health & Dental (Student VIP plan) has drug coverage, extended health coverage, vision coverage, dental coverage, etc.

Still have questions?
For undergraduate students, contact the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU)

For graduate students, contact the Graduate Students Assocation (GSA)

Important updates for international students regarding COVID-19:

  • Please be reassured that UHIP covers COVID-19 related medically-necessary services.
  • All students enrolled for the 2021/2022 academic year have UHIP coverage valid till August 31, 2022. If you are currently outside of Canada, after you arrive, a refund may be available upon submission of proof of the date of entry.
  • If you are planning to travel to Canada, please review and complete the steps on our travel requirements webpage.
  • In case of a medical emergency occurring out-of-Canada, please notify your travel insurance that you have UHIP coverage.
  • You need to show a paper copy of your UHIP card every time you visit a health care provider.


UHIP is mandatory for all eligible international students and eligible dependent family members (i.e., a spouse, common-law partner, or child/children) residing in Ontario. Only a few cases can be exempt, please review the exemption policies here. Private insurance is not qualified for UHIP exemption.

To be eligible as an international student: 

  • A full-time student with a valid study permit or temporary resident visa. You must be registered in a program (UG/Grad/ESL) at Brock and working toward completion. 
  • A part-time student who was previously enrolled as a full-time student. You must have a valid study permit or temporary resident visa. You must be registered in a program(UG/Grad/ESL) at Brock and working toward completion. You may be enrolled as a part-time student for a maximum of six semesters. 
  • A exchange student under Brock agreements with affiliated institutions. 

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is modelled after the health insurance provided by the Ontario government. UHIP covers up to $1,000,000(Canadian dollars) per policy year (September 1 to August 31) for eligible medically necessary health services and medical treatments.

There are two different types of health plans for Brock students in Undergraduate or Graduate programs: 

  • Primary – UHIP: Covers eligible medically necessary health services and medical treatments.
  • Supplementary BUSU/GSA Health & Dental (Student VIP plans): Has drug coverage, extended health coverage, vision coverage, dental coverage, etc.

These plans offer different types of coverage but they work together to provide full and comprehensive coverage for students. Contact the appropriate office below to learn more about the primary or supplementary health plans. 

Rohit Bareja
Brock International Services
Phone: (905) 688-5550 x5587

Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU)
Joanne Matko
Phone: 905-688-5550 x4194

Graduate Students Association (GSA)
Jennifer Meuser
Phone: 905-688-5550 x4094

To visit any health clinics or hospitals you should bring with you:

If you need an ambulance, the Police Department or the Fire Department, call: 9-1-1 immediately. In a non-emergency situation and you need health advice, please call: Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000) This service allows you to speak directly (and anonymously) to a Registered Nurse, 24 hours per day.

UHIP Enrollment

  • When an international student enrolls in a credit course in Fall or Winter terms for the first time or continuously, the UHIP enrollment is completed based on the registration information. In Spring and Summer terms, the UHIP enrollment is completed based on a student intake list from the program. 
  • When you come back to Brock from a Leave of Absence or any other temporary cessation of study, you need to contact to reinstate your UHIP coverage. 

UHIP premium rates –  September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022 

When your program starts inSingle StudentAddition of 1 Dependant Addition of 2 or more dependants
September 2021$756.00$1512.00$2268.00
January 2022$504.00$1008.00$1512.00
May 2022$252.00$504.00$756.00

Note: These prices are in Canadian dollars and include tax. UHIP fees can be paid in the same method as all other payments to  BrockUHIP premiums can change year-to-year. Please visit UHIP website for updated information.

To be eligible for UHIP, you need to be a registered Brock international student and actively study; you’re responsible for informing about any of the following changes to maintain your eligibility. Otherwise, the insurer has the right to decline your claims:

  • If you’re taking a Medical or Parental leave of absence
  • If you’re dropping/withdrawing
  • If you’re leaving Canada for an uncertain period
  • When you come back to Brock from a Leave of Absence or any other temporary cessation of study

Note #1: You are eligible for UHIP coverage during a maximum of six part-time terms.
Note #2: You are eligible for UHIP coverage during one four-month medical leave of absence during any twelve-month period.
Note #3: You are eligible for a maximum parental leave of twelve months.

Using your UHIP Card

  • International students will receive a message from SLF Coverage Card <> to their Brock email with a link to their new UHIP “card” as a PDF. If you have not seen that email, please check your “Junk Mail” folder. 
  • You can register on the Sun Life website at and create your new UHIP account or log into your existing account from the previous year. This account will allow you to print your UHIP coverage card and will also allow you to access your coverage card on your smart phone, find a health care provider who accepts UHIP, print a Claim Form, check the progress on a claim, and apply for Direct Deposit for payment of a claim.

To link your UHIP card to the account:  

Contract/Policy Number – 050150
Member ID (BU00 followed by your 7-digit student ID # e.g.,BU001234567) 

Generally, when you visit a Preferred Provider they will complete the form on your behalf and send it directly to the insurer for payment. It’s recommended to use a Preferred Provider to avoid out-of-pocket expenses. 

Preferred Providers – Clinics/Hospitals/Labs In St. Catharines

Brock University Health Services

  • Harrison Hall (check the operation hours here)
    Phone: 905 688 5550 x3243 
  • Glenridge Walk-in
    5-209 Glenridge Avenue, St. Catharines ON L2T 3J6
    Phone: 289-438-2818 

ER of Niagara Health System
1200 Fourth Avenue, St. Catharines ON L2S 0A9
Phone: 905-378-4647 

Life Labs 

  • 203-245 Pelham Rd. ,St. Catharines ON L2S 1X8
    Phone: 1-877-849-3637
  • 101-1 Belton Blvd,St. Catharines ON L2T 3Y4
    Phone: 1-877-849-3637 

UHIP Claims and refunds

If you are visiting a provider that is not in the Preferred Provider Network or required to pay for health services at the time of the visit (or if you receive a bill at a later date) you will need to send the following to SunLife to be reimbursed for any eligible costs:

  1. a completed claim form.
  2. Have the doctor, hospital or lab complete section 4 & 5 of the claim form.
  3. Attach the original receipt (while keeping a photocopy for your own records).
  4. Mail the completed form and all original receipts to:
    Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
    Claims Department
    PO BOX 2015 STN Waterloo
    Waterloo, ON N2J 0B1
  5. Instead of sending mails to SunLife, claims via email are now accepted as well (starting from September 2020). Please use your Brock email address, send scanned copies or photographs of the claim form and accompanying invoices/receipts to Be sure to include the policy #50150 and your UHIP member ID in the subject line.
  6. Register at and apply for Direct Deposit for payment of your claim.

You may be able to get a refund if one of the following applies to you & you request for a refund by contacting before March 1st: 

  • You withdraw from your program 
  • You complete your program 
  • You leave Canada for an uncertain period 
  • You become eligible for OHIP coverage 
  • You get a UHIP exemption 

You cannot get a refund for: 

  • Scheduled breaks between terms, if this is the only period you’re applying for a refund. 
  • After March 1 of each academic year (except if you have OHIP or you are approved for an exemption). 

UHIP Extension

UHIP extension eligibility is set up in policies that the UHIP committee sent to Ontario Universities. Based on the policies,   

  • students can obtain an extension only once;  
  • the extension is meant for students to attend the first available convocation; 
  • based on the time you complete your final exam/assignment/thesis defence, your eligibility for a UHIP extension is: 
When do you complete your final academic duties? December April August Other
You are eligible for UHIP until: June of the following year October of the same year February of the following year 6 months since the end of completion all academic duties

**Students are enrolled in UHIP by academic year. Even if students complete all courses in December or January, their coverage still goes to the end of August of the following year. If they don’t want to use the coverage after they complete their final academic duties, they must apply to terminate the UHIP coverage before March 1st; if these students don’t request for termination and refund, they will be considered using the UHIP extension by default until August of the following year. 

If you are eligible for UHIP extension, please contact uhip@brocku.cabymid-August and pay for the UHIP fees to your student account in advance. UHIP fee schedule can be found here. 

If you have received a job offer that is full-time and longer than 6 months, you may be eligible to apply for OHIP for yourself and your family members. Should you have any questions regarding OHIP, please contact Service Ontario directly.  

If you are not eligible for OHIP, you may consider purchasing private medical coverage for the gap. 

UHIP Coverage for Family and Returning Canadians

To be eligible as a dependent: 

  • A legal, common-law spouse who is living with the eligible student. Your common-law relationship must have existed for at least 12 months. 
  • A dependent child as defined by UHIP.


  • UHIP coverage is compulsory for dependents. Your dependents must be enrolled in the plan within 30 days after they become eligible for coverage (i.e. the date of their arrival in Canada, the date of your marriage in Canada or the date of expiry of comparable coverage under another pre-approved plan), to avoid having a $500.00 penalty fee and premiums retroactive to the date they became eligible charged to your student account.  
      • Dependents (spouse/children) of international students are not enrolled or renewed automatically.  To add/renew coverage for your dependents, you must send a completed application form along with a photocopy of passport for each dependant to

To be eligible as a returning Canadian citizen: 

  • If you are a Canadian citizen who has been living outside Canada and are here to study, you are eligible to apply for Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). It will take 3 months to activate so you will need UHIP coverage for that period. Please email from your Brock email account for details and instructions. 
  • Returning Canadians or other students that do not yet have valid Canadian provincial/territorial health insurance (such as: Alberta Health, OHIP, etc.) are not enrolled automatically.  To seek short-term UHIP enrollment and/or to learn about your eligibility for the provincial plan, please email at the start of your program (include: student number and your circumstances). 

Find clinics, hospitals and labs that accept UHIP

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