5 Ways to Spend Your Exam Study Break

Between final exams and assignments, the end of a school year is often a very busy and stressful time. It’s important to check in with yourself, assessing what you need to maintain your personal wellness throughout long and tiring study sessions. Rather than having to google tips, we’ve compiled 5 ideas for how to spend your study break to help with your health and wellness. 

Go for a hike 

  • Getting outside and connecting with nature is a great way to break away from your studies and get some sun!  
  • Check out our previous blog about some great hiking trails in Niagara here.  

Try aonline fitness class 

  • Brock Recreation offers fitness ondemand classes on our website that you can take advantage of whenever it fits your schedule.  
  • You can complete a full class or just do part of one based on your time and energy. 
  • Check out the classes available here. 

Go for a walk (or run) 

  • A quick walk around the block or jog around your neighborhood is a great break from studying to get your body moving and enjoy some fresh air. 
  • Bring your pet or ask your housemate to join you for some company! 
  • If you want to get into running, take a read through our previous blog on 10 ways to become a successful runner. 

Healthy meals and snacks  

  • Meal planning and preparation is important to schedule into your routine to ensure that you do not waste time at meals thinking about what to make  
  • This also helps with ensuring you’re eating healthy meals and snacks to fuel your studying. 
  • Check out our previous post about 5 money-saving tips for eating healthy to get you started. 

Take a nap 

  • Naps have many benefits that can help optimize your studying 
  • The length of your nap will determine the different benefits to you. Take a look at Brock Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre’s Instagram posts regarding naps to see what works best for your needs 

Best of luck on your exams! 

Your friendly neighborhood Badger