5 Money-Saving Tips for Eating Healthy 

The days of a university diet consisting of only Kraft Dinner and Mr. Noodles are over! Money might but tight but there are ways you can save on your groceries to be able to afford the food you want and your body needs. Here are a few tips and tricks to save you some money and teach you how to grocery shop right  

 1. Download applications like Flipp  

  • This app supplies flyers for all local grocers in your area where you can browse all flyers that would apply to price matching at the stores you shop at. You can “save the offers” and they will appear at the bottom of your grocery list 
  • To get further savings back you can download apps like “Caddle“, “Checkout 51” Where you upload receipts and then cash out for a cheque once a certain amount is collected.

2. Build a grocery list  

  • Either create your own or build it inside the Flipp app 
  • Type in the items on your list into the Flipp app and find the flyers for each item  
  • Stick to your list and get only the essentials  

3. Visit a store that allows you to price match  

  • Many stores allow this (ask cashier if you’re unsure) 
  • Have proof these items are cheaper at other locations 
  • Place items in order on the conveyer as they are ordered in your app  

4. Visit stores that have rewards points 

  • Get points that count towards groceries for your next grocery shop  

5. Organize the items  

  • Separate items price matching vs. not price matching 
  • In a grocery cart, use the upper and lower part to separate the items  

Things to Note when price matching:  

  • If getting close to weekly flyer switch over date, ensure you are using a price match from a flyer that will be current when at the store 
  • When price matching weighted items such as produce, the majority of stores will want the “Price Per Kilogram” which is usually in a smaller font then the price per pound 
  • Meat needs to be price matched at the meat counter, NOT at the cashier 
  • A Loblaw banner store who offers price matching such as Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, etc. will/should always price match another Loblaw banner store. These include but are not limited to; Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Zehrs, Shoppers, Loblaws, etc. 

Grocery shopping can be made fun with a little effort! Take control owhat you want to put in your cart and enjoy your meals weekly while making the healthier choice.  

Happy shopping 

Your Friendly Neighborhood Badger