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  • 5 Benefits of Participating in Intramural Sport

    For the better part of the last year, we have been able to watch professional athletes compete in their respective leagues, but any recreational sports participants have not been able to take part in their sports league of choice. We’re excited that recreational sports are returning and want to ensure that all Brock students are aware of the intramural programming at Brock and all of its benefits for your student experience.  

    Intramurals are sports leagues and tournaments offered through Brock Recreation for students to participate against other Brock students. Tournaments are typically one day, and leagues run for 5 weeks plus playoffs. Now that you have the details, here are 5 reasons you should consider signing up for this upcoming school year. 

    Ability to continue playing sports you grew up playing 

    So maybe you’re not varsity bound after high school, that doesn’t mean you have to stop playing sports! You’re at a new school and potentially moving to a new city for university. Intramural leagues offer you a chance to continue playing the sports that they grew up playing, whether at a recreational level or in a competitive division.  

    Chance to try out a new sport 

    With so many different sports leagues offered through Brock Intramurals, there is bound to be something of interest to most. From traditional leagues like basketball and soccer to unique leagues like inner tube water polo (a Badger favourite)! 

    Sign up as a team or individual 

    Registration is available for full teams, but you can also sign up solo (lots of students do this and meet friends this way – see point 4 below). If you have a couple of people you’d like to play with but not enough to field a full team, you can register as individuals and request to be on the same team.  

    Chance to meet new people 

    Whether you register as a full team or as an individual, intramurals provide the chance to meet new people either on your team, on opposing teams or even the student staff that help run the leagues. University is the ultimate time to meet new people and build friendships! 

    Employment opportunity 

    All of our intramural leagues that require officials are staffed by Brock students. If you are interested in any of the sports and have the ability to learn the rules and enforce them then why not become one of our officials! We hire at the beginning of every calendar year, so be sure to follow @BrockRecreation on Instagram for hiring dates. 

    For more information on intramurals, the different leagues and registration dates please visit our website,  

    If you are currently living in Niagara, consider signing up for our mini intramural soccer or tennis leagues running in August. Otherwise, we can’t wait to see you in September! 


    Your friendly neighborhood Badger 

  • 5 Ways to Spend Your Exam Study Break

    Between final exams and assignments, the end of a school year is often a very busy and stressful time. It’s important to check in with yourself, assessing what you need to maintain your personal wellness throughout long and tiring study sessions. Rather than having to google tips, we’ve compiled 5 ideas for how to spend your study break to help with your health and wellness. 

    Go for a hike 

    • Getting outside and connecting with nature is a great way to break away from your studies and get some sun!  
    • Check out our previous blog about some great hiking trails in Niagara here.  

    Try aonline fitness class 

    • Brock Recreation offers fitness ondemand classes on our website that you can take advantage of whenever it fits your schedule.  
    • You can complete a full class or just do part of one based on your time and energy. 
    • Check out the classes available here. 

    Go for a walk (or run) 

    • A quick walk around the block or jog around your neighborhood is a great break from studying to get your body moving and enjoy some fresh air. 
    • Bring your pet or ask your housemate to join you for some company! 
    • If you want to get into running, take a read through our previous blog on 10 ways to become a successful runner. 

    Healthy meals and snacks  

    • Meal planning and preparation is important to schedule into your routine to ensure that you do not waste time at meals thinking about what to make  
    • This also helps with ensuring you’re eating healthy meals and snacks to fuel your studying. 
    • Check out our previous post about 5 money-saving tips for eating healthy to get you started. 

    Take a nap 

    • Naps have many benefits that can help optimize your studying 
    • The length of your nap will determine the different benefits to you. Take a look at Brock Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre’s Instagram posts regarding naps to see what works best for your needs 

    Best of luck on your exams! 

    Your friendly neighborhood Badger 

  • 5 Ways to Leave Behind Cooking Complacency

    Ever feel like life gets too busy and the next thing you know you’ve eaten pizza and pasta for the past month? You may feel like you are stuck in the same routine where cooking and meal prep has become no exception to that. Sometimes preparing and eating a meal feels more like a chore than an enjoyable experience.  

    Its time to spice it up a little (no pun intended) and find ways to make cooking a more enjoyable experience on a friendly budget. Rather than setting up for a meal service that may be too expensive on a student budget, here are 5 ways to leave behind meal complacency and say hello to fun exciting meals.  

    Plan your meals!  

    • Choose at least one fun meal a week.  
    • Plan your meals around your schedule so you know you can fit them in each day. 
    • Meal prep your lunches so you only have to make your dinners. 

    Have a theme to your meals 

    • Travel around the world and choose recipes from different countries. 
    • Have breakfast for dinner. 
    • Plan your meals around the seasons (bbq in the summer). 

    Make a meal from scratch 

    • Buy the ingredients to make a meal from scratch. 
    • Look up a recipe before going to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients you will need to do this.  
    • Choose some fancy ingredients you would like to try and find a recipe that incorporates them. Youll be impressed with your own cooking skills after this one.  

     Try something new 

    • This could be recreating your favourite meal from a restaurant or something you’ve seen on Tiktok 
    • Pinterest is like an online cookbook, check out some amazing recipes there for more inspiration.  

    Cooking together 

    • Invite members of your household to make a meal together. Put on some music and dance in the kitchen as your delicious goodness is baking in the oven. 
    • Make cooking an event by giving everyone a step of the recipe to complete.  
    • Living alone? Call up a friend or family member on video chat and make the meal together online. 

    For now, while we can’t socialize over food and drinks with friends, we can make cooking the event you look forward to throughout the week. Challenge yourself to try something new and find your inner chef! I bet you have more cooking skills than you thought you did.  

    Good Luck!  

    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Badger  

  • 10 Ways to Become a Successful Runner

    As many things in life, running can be that one task that you wish you could do but the thought of actually going to do it is deterring. You remember back to the cramps and the taste of iron in your mouth and think that running is not the activity for you.  

    Maybe you have tested the treadmill and got bored of looking at yourself in the mirror, or maybe you tried a neighbourhood run but you were worried that the person in the car driving by was judging your pace.  

    Perhaps you told yourself that today is the day to tie up those laces and enjoy a nice evening jog while soaking in the last few minutes of sunshine. But then you got home and excused yourself of that to enjoy a night on the couch instead.  

    Here are 10 ways that you can change your mindset and become a successful and confident runner. Set aside the cramps, catch your breath, and enjoy pushing your body to its limits outside of the gym. Running is a great activity to clear your mind, push yourself, and be active, so let’s talk about how you can get into it 

    Set your goals 

      • Maybe you want to sign up for a 5k in the summer or building up to a half marathon OR maybe your goal is to run for fun and start a new hobby. Either way, its important to set your goals.  
      • Set your goals for how fast you want to run a certain distance to help you increase your pace over time.  
      • Write down your goals in a journal and hold yourself accountable to this.

    Track your runs

      • Download an app like Nike Run Club to track your run  
      • Use the GPS tracker to mark out the distance of your run and the pace you want to run at. 
      • These apps are also great to inform you how far you’ve gone during your run and to show you what route you have taken 

    Prep a playlist 

      • Find a motivating playlist that has a great beat. 
      • Jam out to those sing along-worthy tunes to distract you from the distance 
      • Find a playlist that helps you set your pace.  

    Invest in good running shoes  

      • Nothing is worse than having blisters and sore feet after a run. Invest in some good quality shoes that will last a while and won’t hurt your feet.  
      • Buy shoes that are meant for running, not casual trainers that are meant for gym sesh. 

    Pace yourself!  

      • Don’t bolt out of the gate off the start! This will result in those awful unwanted cramps and make it difficult to catch your breath.  
      • Pace yourself throughout your run and try to stick to it.  
      • Increase your pace if you can but make it manageable to last the entire distance.  
      • If you have energy at the end, add in a sprint and push yourself!    

    Run somewhere new

      • Change up the scenery and ditch the treadmill.  
      • If you’re a beginner, run somewhere where the elevation doesn’t change.  
      • Add some difficulty by finding a route with some hills.  
      • Changing the scenery by running a new route once in a while will make it more fun!  


      • Don’t forget to breathe. In through your nose, out through your mouth!  
      • It is important to pace yourself not only so you don’t get tired, but so you can manage your breaths.  
      • Focus on your breathing throughout the run. Longer inhales will allow you to save your breath without feeling winded.  

    Rest and Recover  

      • This is just as important as working out and running. Schedule in the days that you are going to rest and recover.  
      • Fuel your body with healthy nutrition.  
      • Rest doesn’t mean not moving! Keep moving your body every day, just some days can be less vigorous.  

    Don’t forget the cool down  

      • You don’t want to come in for a run and plop on the couch. Take 10-30 minutes to cool down.  
      • Stretch your body!  
      • Do not just end your run at a halt. Take a lap, catch your breath and allow your body to slow down your heart rate.  


      • You may have seen those giant bottles around where people are trying to drink a certain amount of water by a certain time of the day. Impressive!  
      • Do not forget to hydrate your body to avoid dehydration.  
      • Water = fuel, fuel = energy! Drink up!  

    Take in this read and motivate yourself to try out a run. Maybe you make it around the blockmaybe you’ll run a distance you never thought was achievable. No matter what, get yourself moving. You will realize just how good it makes you feel.  

    Keep it up, Badgers 

    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Badger 

  • Let’s Talk About It

    Being isolated from your social life and practically doing everything virtually is hard! Many of us thrive on interaction, and this year, hasn’t provided us with many opportunities to interact with others at the capacity we used to. It’s been hard for us all but let’s talk about it.  

    This week is the annual Bell Let’s Talk event, which raises awareness about mental health. The proceeds will fund both mental health supports and research in Canada.   

    It’s important to remember that mental health isn’t a one time “event”, it affects many people every single day. With the pandemic, the need for support has increased more than ever.  

    Take the time out of your day to reach out to others or ask for support if you feel you are struggling. It’s ok to talk about it.  

    Did you know, Brock provides great resources that are accessible, even during the pandemic.  

    • The Student Wellness and Accessibility  Centre (SWAC) website provides a confidential personal counselling, mental health nurses, drop in Peer to Peer support and other resources for students.   
    • My Student Support App (My SSP) is free 24-hour confidential text and talk counselling and also has videos, self-screening, and fitness programming. 
    • Follow @BrockSWAC for resources and workshops available to you!  

    It is easy to forget to focus on your well-being when life gets busy.. Here are a few tips to stay positive and healthy.  

    • Enjoy the small things: take this time to reset and focus on the little details you would often overlook. Watch the sunset, browse at nature, enjoy the smell of homemade cookies baking in the oven. 
    • Set a routine: Build a calendar and write it out!  
    • Study in a different space than you sleep:  Get 8 hours of sleep each night and enjoy it!  It’s tempting to keep your laptop by your bed, so you can wake up and join that synchronous class without getting up – but keep your bed for relaxation! 
    • Eat breakfast  
    • Move every single day: exercise, go for a walk, join an on-line class (Brock Recreation has a whole library of on-demand and live classes and there are classes on your My SSP app), use some soup cans for small weights. 
    • Take a snack break. Research shows that short bouts of exercise is valuable! (is this about snacks or exercise?) 
    • Relax: breathe deeply, take an on-line yoga class, schedule this time in your day! 

    On Thursday, January 28th, use #BellLetsTalk for every applicable text, call, tweet, or TikTok video and Bell will donate 5 cents for mental health initiatives. We’re all here to raise awareness about mental health and take action. This year, more than ever I encourage you to lend the hand a little further and talk about it. Reach out, stay in touch, express how you feel and together we can help.  

    Let’s talk about it,  

    Your friendly neighborhood Badger 

  • 5 Ways Brock Recreation can help you achieve your goals in 2021

    I thought 2021 was going to be MY year and give me the opportunity to do my favourite things. Here I am, eating my cheerios and taking my classes from my bedroom. I do most things here; I eat, I sleep, I learn, I watch TV, but I am yet to workout. The only marathon I have done this year is binge watching Bridgerton.

    Thinking about how much I used to love exercising at Brock, I decided to take a look to see what recreation has to offer. I was excited to see options for staying active and staying connected. Here are my top picks!

    1: ExpressFit Live Classes

    Online Live classes are available via Zoom. To access these classes, copy the Meeting ID and type in the password; BADGER to join. Check out the schedule below!

    • MONDAY @ 11am Kickbox
      • Meeting ID: 823 4834 9872
    • TUESDAY @ 7:30am Hatha Yoga
      • Meeting ID: 853 8204 7693
    • WEDNESDAY @ 3pm Full Body Fit
      • Meeting ID: 883 6949 0665
    • THURSDAY @ 11am Kickbox Bootcamp
      • Meeting ID: 844 5823 8629

    Password for all classes is “BADGER”

    2: ExpressFit On Demand

    Online lectures, virtual group work, endless reading, oh my! Some weeks even with my best intentions, following a schedule can be hard.

    ExpressFit On Demand brings the fitness class experience to your phone, table, or computer. Choose from a variety of workout styles and follow along with Brock’s expert instructors as they guide and motivate you towards improved fitness, one workout at a time. New classes will be added regularly so you can keep it fresh while navigating your own fitness journey.

    Find these Sessions:

    3: Fantasy Sports Leagues

    Although 2020 was a long year without sports, I am happy to see that NHL is back! I make each game an event in my calendar, throw on my leaf’s jersey, and prepare my favourite meals for game time.

    Did you know that Recreation is running Fantasy NHL Hockey and Fantasy NBA Basketball leagues? Drafts are schedule to take place this Friday, January, and will begin on Monday, January 25th. Register here to get invited to the draft.

    4: Pick’Em Leagues

    If you are not one to watch every game, you can join the Pick’EM League to see how many games you can correctly guess each week. I’m not great at predicting the outcome, but it feels good to take home the win sometimes!

    5. Esports and App Game Leagues

    Not only does Recreation provide excitement for my love of sports, but they also support my love of gaming! Seriously, how did they know? Esports and App Game Leagues will begin on January 25th and run until February 12th. Check out what is being offered;

    • Rocket League
    • NHL 20 for Xbox and PS4
    • FIFA 20 for Xbox and PS 4
    • Words with Friends
    • Among Us

    If you missed the first registration and are interested in the virtual leagues, there will be another registration that will open following the Winter Reading Week.

    Registration for all Leagues is found on IMLeagues.

    I hope these resources will provide useful tips to get you moving away from the tv marathons and provide you with positivity vibes that will zen you out while you stay at home. If you would like more information about these programs, message @BrockRecreation on Instagram or email us at

    Stay Inspired,

    Your friendly neighbourhood Badger