5 Ways to Leave Behind Cooking Complacency

Ever feel like life gets too busy and the next thing you know you’ve eaten pizza and pasta for the past month? You may feel like you are stuck in the same routine where cooking and meal prep has become no exception to that. Sometimes preparing and eating a meal feels more like a chore than an enjoyable experience.  

Its time to spice it up a little (no pun intended) and find ways to make cooking a more enjoyable experience on a friendly budget. Rather than setting up for a meal service that may be too expensive on a student budget, here are 5 ways to leave behind meal complacency and say hello to fun exciting meals.  

Plan your meals!  

  • Choose at least one fun meal a week.  
  • Plan your meals around your schedule so you know you can fit them in each day. 
  • Meal prep your lunches so you only have to make your dinners. 

Have a theme to your meals 

  • Travel around the world and choose recipes from different countries. 
  • Have breakfast for dinner. 
  • Plan your meals around the seasons (bbq in the summer). 

Make a meal from scratch 

  • Buy the ingredients to make a meal from scratch. 
  • Look up a recipe before going to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients you will need to do this.  
  • Choose some fancy ingredients you would like to try and find a recipe that incorporates them. Youll be impressed with your own cooking skills after this one.  

 Try something new 

  • This could be recreating your favourite meal from a restaurant or something you’ve seen on Tiktok 
  • Pinterest is like an online cookbook, check out some amazing recipes there for more inspiration.  

Cooking together 

  • Invite members of your household to make a meal together. Put on some music and dance in the kitchen as your delicious goodness is baking in the oven. 
  • Make cooking an event by giving everyone a step of the recipe to complete.  
  • Living alone? Call up a friend or family member on video chat and make the meal together online. 

For now, while we can’t socialize over food and drinks with friends, we can make cooking the event you look forward to throughout the week. Challenge yourself to try something new and find your inner chef! I bet you have more cooking skills than you thought you did.  

Good Luck!  

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Badger