International Student Ambassadors

Looking for the inside track on studying at Brock University? Want to know what life is like for students outside the classroom? From across the globe, each of our Ambassadors has chosen Brock University to further their studies, and prepare for upcoming careers.

Learn more about them below and why they chose to EXPERIENCE Brock.

Ana from Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Program / Year of study:
Bachelor of Kinesiology, Second Year
Year started at Brock:
Extracurricular activities:
Athletic Trainer for Brock’s Cross Country and Track and Field Teams
Member of the Big Questions club
Member of Brock’s Anatomy club
Member of Brock’s chapter of Golden Key International Honour Society
Volunteer teaching assistant
Employment while at Brock:
Student Assistant in Student Accounts and Financial Aid

Having gone to a Canadian school her entire life, it seemed like the most logical choice to study in Canada, especially as she had family and friends already living here. Compared to other schools in Ontario, Brock has superior scholarships for international students, which is what got her looking at Brock. Once she started looking, she fell in love with the program because of the practical nature of Brock’s Kinesiology program. Once she visited the campus she was sold on Brock; the campus was very inviting and featured a beautiful natural landscape as the perfect backdrop to complete her studies.

So far, her most memorable Brock experience has been the Steel Blade Classic game. It was both the first hockey game she had ever been to and the first big school sporting event she’s ever been to. For that one night, it did not matter who you were; all the Brock students were one and everyone was full of spirit. There’s something magical about chanting for your team while being surrounded by a sea of red.

Ana plans on using her Brock degree as a starting point for her career in Physiotherapy. She would like to pursue a Master’s degree after she is finished at Brock.

  • Make sure to take advantage of all Brock has to offer; you will constantly be hearing about volunteer, work or fun opportunities- make use of them!
  • Be friendly, everyone is trying to make friends!
  • Talk to your professors- Trust me they want you to! Most times they give you helpful hints or advice that your peers won’t have.
  • Campus has plenty of great study spaces… find them and make use of them!
  • Go to the international events. They are a great way to make friends from all over the world.
  • Find good study friends- they make studying for midterms that much more interesting!

Marcelo from Brazil

Indaiatuba, Brazil
Program / Year of study:
Bachelor of Science – Biotechnology, Third Year
Extracurricular activities:
Captain of the Brock Badgers Volleyball Team
Employment while at Brock:
General Brock – Brock University Student Union (BUSU) department

First, because of how welcoming and empathetic he heard Canadians are, always promoting diversity. Moreover, due to the high standard of education offered here, as well as an excellent life style (i.e. health system, safety, and touristic opportunities), good wages and also because of the languages spoken here.

Marcelo had a friend here who told me about the great environment and community spirit we feel as being part of Brock. Also, he was given a unique opportunity to be part of a developing project – the relaunch of Brock Men`s Volleyball Team.

The Home Opener Game of Brock’s Volleyball team in 2016/17, where the tickets were sold out before the game even started. It was completely unexpected for a new team. Singing the Canadian National Anthem and looking at all those people supporting them gave him goosebumps, reminding him of the long path he had to go through until finally being given green light to come here.

Apply to Pharmacy school or apply for a Master’s Degree in his field.

Be ready to feel more than welcomed. You will actually feel embraced by this community. Be ready to have a closer relationship to your professors than you usually have elsewhere. Be ready to join great events and visit beautiful places. Be ready to grow as a person, study hard to achieve your goals and certainly, be ready to have the best years in your life.

Myanla from Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya
Program / Year of study:
Political Science Co-op / First Year
Year started at Brock:
Extracurricular activities:
Brock Vinyl Society
Big Sister Mentorship program

Brock offers co-op as part of the degree, enabling her to gain relevant work experience, and providing her with a platform to implement what she has learnt, rather than going back home without any experience or guidance. Myanla also chose to study at Brock because of its high diversity in culture and ethnic backgrounds which gives her an opportunity to experience new perspectives.

So far the only thing she’s really experienced is orientation week, but even that was extremely memorable. The different activities and events forced her out of her comfort zone and introduced her to the friends she has now. But the most memorable so far is definitely the concert.

With her degree she would also like to explore the possibility of joining organizations such as the United Nations, or the African Union, or even join smaller organizations that allow her to use her knowledge in government relations to make the connection between Law, Democracy and Peace initiatives, such as partnering with civilian peace-keepers in countries such as Myanmar.

Get involved in as much of the orientation activities as possible because it really helps you meet new people that you can hang out with the rest of the term and get rid of anxiety and homesickness.

Peter from Germany

Freiburg, Germany
Program / Year of study:
Psychology / Second Year
Year started at Brock:
Extracurricular activities:
Men’s Volleyball Team

Brock offers a great Psychology program and convinced him with its amazing location and its special community spirit. Peter came to Brock because it is one of the best places in the world to combine academics and athletics. Moreover, it’s a valuable experience to live a different lifestyle in a different country, learn a new language and get to know many different people. he wanted to take a look beyond his normal life in Germany and widen his view of the world. Canada was the perfect country for Peter because it has many similarities to Germany, but also many, many differences, so that he could adapt to the new experience without being overwhelmed.

Peter’s life at Brock has been full of memorable experiences. From his first home game for the Badgers, to all the first times he met his friends and team mates, but one that is surprisingly stuck in his head is the feeling after he handed in his last final exam at the end of last year.

Becoming more involved in the Marketing and Advertising industry.

Try to arrive a couple days before school starts and find the International Centre. We’re all the same and we all went through the same process, so there’s a ton of people that can and want to help you!

Prabhjot from Kingdom of Bahrain

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Program / Year of study:
Biomedical Sciences / Fourth Year
Year started at Brock:
Extracurricular activities:
Advanced medical first responder at St. John Ambulance
President of Brock Pre-Med Society
Friendly Visitor at Brain Injury Community Re-entry
Volunteer with Special Needs Activity Program (SNAP)
Employment while at Brock:
Tutor and peer mentor with A-Z learning services at Brock

Prabhjot considers coming to Brock as one of the best decisions she has made so far, and this could not have been possible if it weren’t for the support she received by her mentor who graduated from Brock. She was also privileged to receive a scholarship based on her academic achievement and that made her choose Brock over other Universities. Moreover, Brock is the only University that offers an undergraduate student to enroll in research program and work side by side with a professor in their research project. In addition, since she has grown up in a small Middle Eastern Island she thought that coming to a smaller city, like St. Catharines, would be best to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Prabhjot’s most memorable Brock experience was as a volunteer teaching assistant at an Anatomy Lab. She had the opportunity to assist 2nd year students to understand and appreciate human anatomy and physiology. She was given the privilege to teach students on live specimens at the McMaster Cadaver lab that was affiliated with this course. She enjoys teaching and imparting her knowledge in the community and this experience consolidated her passion in medicine.

Take the opportunity to apply to medical school and pursue her passion in the field of medicine

  1. Try to get involved in the community through various volunteer positions
  2. Don’t be afraid to seek help. So far, I have had amazing professors who were always ready to assist me in understanding a difficult concept!
  3. Be aware and take advantage of resources provided at Brock. These resources range from workshops to conferences conducted at Brock.
  4. Be open to feedback you receive, whether that’s from your peers or professors, understand and embrace that you are here to learn. We are all here to grow as a person as well as professionals, and we grow through self-improvement.
  5. Know when to stop or slow down! I know that university is a whole new level of competition but make sure that you take care of yourself too. Please make sure that in this amazing journey at Brock, take some time off just for yourself and avoid burnouts.

Santiago from Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia
Program / Year of study:
Game Programming, Second Year
Extracurricular activities:
Brock University Student Leadership Network
Brock University Centre for Digital Humanities

Six years ago Santiago was an exchange student in New Brunswick for around 6 months, he had a great experience getting to know Canadian people firsthand, and was charmed by this country. When he decided what he wanted to study, it was a no-brainer for him to pick Canada, as it stands amongst the top countries in Game Development, as well as ranking in the top places to live and study. he picked Canada because he felt that this would be a great starting point for the rest of his life.

Brock offers programs no other University or College has, with focused courses that are sure to have a practical application behind every theoretical approach. They also have great opportunities in all fields to increase your experience and broaden your curriculum for future employment. But above all, since the first moment he heard of Brock, he felt that it is a university with heart, and alongside all academic endeavours are a plethora of opportunities to share your experience with new friends.

Santiago’s orientation day. It was his first approach to the classrooms and classes he would be taking. he got to meet the people with whom he’d share this learning experience during the coming four years. He was overwhelmed that his program has students from varied cultures and countries of the world. He realized that his learning experience would go far beyond what his program would give me, and was certain that he’d know unique people along the way.

Seek employment opportunities in Canada, or in his home country. He would like to work on strengthening Interactive media development in video games, fulfilling his dreams of making video games and telling unexpected stories for his life.

Do not hesitate to seize the opportunities presented to you by Brock University. Simply keeping an eye on Experience BU will keep you busy with activities that match your interest and strengthen your degree to be more attractive for future employers.

Shanen from India

Mumbai, India
Program / Year of study:
Business Administration, Fourth Year
Extracurricular activities:
Brock Marketing Association
Brock Power to Change
Goodman DECA
Brock Conversation Partner program

Brock offered hera great scholarship based on his academic achievement in high school. It is also one of the few universities that offers co-op as part of a Business program. Brock staff were also extremely friendly, willing to help and were quick to respond to all herquestions about the university and life at Brock.

Shanen’s co-op work experience at Johnson & Johnson Inc has been hermost memorable experience thus far. Through the connection between her Co-op office and the company, she was given the opportunity to apply for the Supply Chain Analyst position and was successful in getting the job. She then became a Demand Planner for four months at the same company and continued to develop her skillset. She was given tremendous responsibility in both her roles and she developed so many skills that she am sure will help her as she looks for a full-time career after graduation.

Find a job in the Business field and stay in Canada at least for the next 3-5 years, hopefully settling down here eventually.

Get integrated in the Brock community – join student clubs and go out to different events held on campus. You get what you put in, and if you take the initiative to build relationships and connections, you will enjoy your time at Brock to the fullest!

Wei from China

Tianjin, China
Program / Year of study:
MBA, second year
Year started at Brock:
Extracurricular activities:
Wei volunteered in Niagara Folk Arts as an intake worker to help newcomers.

Brock MBA offers me an opportunity to pursue MBA degree and CPA designation at the same time. The length and tuition of the program and living experience in St. Catharines are reasonable. Brock has its reputation for business programs that she is interested in most. Having a co-op option is also one of reasons why she chose Brock. Not to mention, Canada is a multicultural country and welcomes people from all over the world. She wanted to have international experience and a new perspective on life and study. Choosing Canada is the best decision that she ever made.

Wei participated in several events held by Brock Focus such as English conversation circle, Thanksgiving dinner etc. she met a lot of international & domestic students there and learned Canadian culture & history at the same time.

Wei plans to work in Canada in accounting area for a few years after graduation.

Wei recommends that Brock international students step outside the comfort zone to experience as much as possible. It may be hard to some students in the first place but it is a good way to reward yourself for traveling all the way to Canada.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador for the 2020/21 academic year?
You could have your tuition fees reduced to the domestic rate — a discount of about $18,000 CDN.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants cannot hold Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or refugee status in Canada
  • Must be registered in full-time undergraduate or graduate studies for the 2019/20 academic year
    • Not open to Graduate ISP students
  • Student can apply at time of admission or any year starting in Year 1 of Undergraduate or Graduate studies.

Check back early 2020 for application details.