Meet our current International Student Ambassadors

Looking for the inside track on studying at Brock University? Want to know what life is like for students outside the classroom? From across the globe, each of our Ambassadors has chosen Brock University to further their studies, and prepare for upcoming careers.

Learn more about them below and why they chose to EXPERIENCE Brock.

Aiden from Vietnam

Hai Phong, Vietnam
Program/ Year of Study
Bachelor of Business Administration, First Year
Year Started at Brock
Extracurricular Activities:
Volunteer at Brock Open House Fall and Winter Preview
Goodman JDCC 2020

My sister came to Canada to study about 10 years ago, and always shared stories with me about Canada and how she loves the educations system and the career opportunities. Canada is a great country for international students and provides the opportunity to stay and work after graduate.

My favourite high school teacher graduated from Brock and he would always share stories about the positive experience he had. Brock also offers an excellent Business program, and the opportunity to participate in the JDCC Business Competition, along with small class sizes, and co-op to gain work experience. Brock also offers more scholarships such as the Brock Scholars Award, reasonable tuition, and affordable accommodations in St. Catharines for a student to live. 

My most memorable experience here at Brock so far was the 8 months I spent in Brock’s IELP Program. I had the opportunity to improve my English, get to know Brock, learn about Canadian culture, and meet new people from around the world. 

I plan on applying the knowledge that I learn and leverage the relationships that I develop at Brock to build a successful career in Public Relations and Marketing. 

One of the most essential things is mentally preparing yourself before coming.  Making a mental note of what you hope to gain and experience out of this trip, so you have a sense of direction and purpose. If you know what you’re looking for, and what you’re trying to achieve, you’re going to have a lot more fun during your time here. 

Ana from Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Program / Year of study:
Bachelor of Kinesiology, Third Year
Year started at Brock:
Extracurricular activities:
Athletic Trainer for Brock’s Cross Country and Track and Field Teams
Member of the Big Questions club
Member of Brock’s Anatomy club
Member of Brock’s chapter of Golden Key International Honour Society
Volunteer teaching assistant
Employment while at Brock:
Student Assistant in Student Accounts and Financial Aid

Having gone to a Canadian school my entire life, it seemed like the most logical choice to study in Canada, especially with family and friends already living here. Compared to other schools in Ontario, Brock has superior scholarships for international students. Once I started looking, I fell in love with the program because of the practical nature of Brock’s Kinesiology program. Once I visited the campus I was sold on Brock; the campus was very inviting and featured a beautiful natural landscape as the perfect backdrop to complete my studies.

So far, my most memorable Brock experience has been the Steel Blade Classic game. It was both the first hockey game I had ever been to and the first big school sporting event I’ve seen. For that one night, it did not matter who you were; all the Brock students were one and everyone was full of spirit. There’s something magical about chanting for your team while being surrounded by a sea of red.

I plan on using my Brock degree as a starting point for my career in Physiotherapy.

  • Make sure to take advantage of all Brock has to offer; you will constantly be hearing about volunteer, work or fun opportunities- make use of them!
  • Be friendly, everyone is trying to make friends!
  • Talk to your professors- Trust me they want you to! Most times they give you helpful hints or advice that your peers won’t have.
  • Campus has plenty of great study spaces… find them and make use of them!
  • Go to the international events. They are a great way to make friends from all over the world.
  • Find good study friends- they make studying for midterms that much more interesting!

Antony from Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya
Program/Year of Study
Bachelor of Arts – Media and Communication Studies, First Year
Year Started
Extracurricular Activities
I plan on joining clubs that interest me and perhaps clubs that involve doing new things, so that I can both do activities that I already enjoy while also gaining new experiences.

Niagara feels like one of the most diverse, studentfriendly cities in the world. Meeting fellow students from different parts of the globe will only enhance my educational experience and help me thrive in an increasingly multi-cultural world. Brock also has a wellrated Media and Communications program and ranks high amongst Canadian and global universities.  

I am planning on becoming a Film Director. I will use my Brock degree to tell stories about the groups of people left out by the mainstream media and Hollywood. I want to champion the right of minorities and underrepresented groups in our society, using film to broadcast my cause.  

Come with an open mind, eager to learn and met new people as there is so much to learn outside the classroom. Making new friends with people who understand what your going through will help with the culture shock and being away from home.  

Ammaar from Sri Lanka

Matale, Sri Lanka
Program / Year of study:
Bachelor of Arts – Economics, Second Year
Year started at Brock:
Extracurricular activities:
President of the Sri Lankan Student Association
Member of the International student Association
Member of the South Asian Association
Badminton intramural

Brock University is one of Canada’s top post secondary institutions. Being a transfer student, Brock accepted most of my transfer credits. Brock serves its community as a cultural, academic and recreational center, bringing excellent facilities to students from around the globe. There is a variety of clubs, intramural athletic options and various extra-curricular activities to stimulate any interest

My favourite memory at Brock thus far was when I collaborated with the Brock Pakistani Association and the Brock Bengali Association to host one of the University’s largest cultural events, which won Best Event of the Year at the Brock University Students’ Union clubs banquet in 2018.

I would like to pursue a job in the economics field and I would love to do my MBA at Brock once I graduate.

Make use of all the Brock Resources. Get involved in the Brock Community, join student clubs and go to all the events organized by Brock International Services. It’s a great way to connect with people from diverse cultures.

Ishita from India

New Delhi, India
Program / Year of Study
Bachelor of Psychology Honours Co-op, Second Year
Year started at Brock:
Extracurricular Activities: 
Member of the Psych Society at Brock
Volunteer for Relay of Life
Volunteer for Daffodil Awareness Month
Volunteer for Strides to Wellness

Brock’s scenic location, affordability, diversity and excellent scholarship opportunities was a big reason it caught my eye. Brock also has a top ranked Psychology program and offers the fifth largest co-op programs in Canada. Combined with their smaller class sizes, seminar-style learning structure, and their integrated campus space made Brock a clear choice.  


During my first semester, I got to meet people from all over the world. I became very close with a group of exchange friends from Australia, France, Slovakia, and the U.K. One of the best things about my life at Brock is the friendships that I have made.  

Brock is just a starting point in my career. I plan to complete a master’s degree and eventually become a clinical psychologist. 


  1. Socialize: Brock has a huge community of international students from all over the world. You can make it your home away from home. You are not alone! 
  2. Get involved: Attend the fun and exciting events hosted by Brock, join a club, or volunteer! Make the most of your time at Brock by using ExperienceBU. 
  3. Work Smart: Attend your lectures, talk to your TAs. You’ll be surprised by how well you do by just being consistent. 


Jabulani from Costa Rica

Heredia, Costa Rica
Program/Year of Study:
Bachelor in Sports Management, First Year
Year started at Brock:

I have aspirations of one day becoming a sports agent, and I know the Sport Management program at Brock will help turn that dreams into a reality. I also had a desire to study outside of the United States at a school that was more affordable for my family.

Since my journey has only begun, I can share that my most memorable experience was in my junior year of high school when I came for a campus visit.  I remember visiting the school gymnasium, eating at the Guernsey food court, and taking pictures with Karen Dancy, an International Recruitment Officer.

I would like to work for a Sports Management team, like Clutch Sports as an Agent.  I also would like to continue onto graduate school to further my studies in Sports Management. 

Visit the campus and check out the residence. This experience will give you a true feel of campus and give you a chance to meet your regional rep and learn about the International Services offered on campus. Develop a relationship with your regional rep, as they really can help you navigate the application process. Lastly, apply early. If you know Brock is the place for you, then go right ahead and apply. Don’t wait for the application deadline! 

Marcelo from Brazil

Indaiatuba, Brazil
Program / Year of study:
Bachelor of Science – Biotechnology, Fourth Year
Extracurricular activities:
Captain of the Brock Badgers Volleyball Team
Employment while at Brock:
General Brock – Brock University Student Union (BUSU) department

First, because of how welcoming and empathetic I heard Canadians are, always promoting diversity. Moreover, due to the high standard of education offered here, as well as an excellent life style (i.e. health system, safety, and touristic opportunities), good wages and also because of the languages spoken here.

I had a friend here who told me about the great environment and community spirit we feel as being part of Brock. Also, I was given a unique opportunity to be part of a developing project – the relaunch of Brock Men`s Volleyball Team.

The Home Opener Game of Brock’s Volleyball team in 2016/17, where the tickets were sold out before the game even started. It was completely unexpected for a new team. Singing the Canadian National Anthem and looking at all those people supporting us gave me goosebumps, reminding him of the long path I had to go through until finally being given green light to come here.

Apply to Pharmacy school or apply for a Master’s Degree in his field.

Be ready to feel more than welcomed. You will actually feel embraced by this community. Be ready to have a closer relationship to your professors than you usually have elsewhere. Be ready to join great events and visit beautiful places. Be ready to grow as a person, study hard to achieve your goals and certainly, be ready to have the best years in your life.

Santiago from Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia
Program / Year of study:
Bachelor of Game Programming, Third Year
Extracurricular activities:
Brock University Student Leadership Network
Brock University Centre for Digital Humanities

Seven years ago, I was an exchange student in New Brunswick for around 6 months. I had a great experience getting to know Canadian people firsthand, and was charmed by this country. When I decided what I wanted to study, it was a no-brainer for me to pick Canada, as it stands amongst the top countries in Game Development, as well as ranking in the top places to live and study. I picked Canada because I felt that this would be a great starting point for the rest of his life.

Brock offers programs no other University or College has, with focused courses that are sure to have a practical application behind every theoretical approach. They also have great opportunities in all fields to increase your experience and broaden your curriculum for future employment. But above all, since the first moment I heard of Brock, I felt that it is a university with heart, and alongside all academic endeavours are a plethora of opportunities to share your experience with new friends.

My first orientation day. I got to meet the people with whom I’d share this learning experience during the coming four years. I was overwhelmed that ,y program has students from varied cultures and countries of the world. I realized that his learning experience would go far beyond what my program would give me, and was certain that I’d meet unique people along the way.

Seek employment opportunities in Canada, or in my home country. I would like to work on strengthening Interactive media development in video games, fulfilling his dreams of making video games and telling unexpected stories from my life.

Do not hesitate to seize the opportunities presented to you by Brock University. Simply keeping an eye on Experience BU will keep you busy with activities that match your interest and strengthen your degree to be more attractive for future employers.

Seyi from Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria
Program / Year of study:
Master’s of Sustainability, Second Year
Extracurricular activities:
Member of the the water resilience lab
Glass for
the Graduate Student Council

Brock University has a reputation for cutting-edge research that is directly in line with my field of study. It’s the only university in Canada located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre’s modern facilities and trans-disciplinary approach to sustainability education make Brock the ideal location for the environmental sustainability program.

In addition, Brock has high education standards, encourages student diversity and has amazing scholarships for international students. 

I have had a few memorable experiences at Brock. First was the time I met my classmates and faculty members during Orientation week. It was nice to meet everyone and hear about their experiences. Then, my experience as a Teaching Assistant in the Geography & Tourism department was a huge learning experience for me.  

I look forward to using what I have learned at Brock to provide consultancy services, helping organizations and Government institutions solve environmental related problems. 

You are making a big move but Brock is a great community, so there is no need to be concerned. There are lots of resources to help international students not only survive, but to thrive as well. Get involved as much as you can, ask lots of questions and just have an open mind. 

Vicky from China

Wuhan, Hubei, China
Program/Year of Study
Bachelor of Accounting, Fourth Year
Year Started:
Extracurricular Activities:
CPC Board of Ambassador Representative Team
Brock Chinese Student & Scholar Association (BUCSSA)
Goodman Accounting Students Association (ASA) 

My family and friends who have graduated with a BAcc and MAcc recommended Brock’s program. I believe the good reputation among Alumni is a true reflection of Brock University and the Goodman School of Business.

Brock also offers various scholarships for international students. The various scholarships help me to reduce a considerable amount of financial pressure.  

My most memorable experience at Brock was my first week on campus, known as Welcome Week or Orientation Week. Even on my first day, I remember making so many new friends from various backgrounds in residence, which provided insight into the local culture. The events during Welcome Week and Residence’s activities also enabled me to meet new people with ease.

I plan on furthering my education in the MAcc program. Goodman provides a well-renowned program with an 8-month study portion along with 4-month co-op opportunity.

I encourage all future international students to live on campus during their first year, as that’s where I was able to make new friends that helped me overcome a wide range of cultural barriers, and boost my spoken English in a very short period of time.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador for the 2021/22 academic year?

Selected students will have their tuition fees cut from the international rate to the domestic rate — a reduction (or value) up to $28,000 CAD for Fall and Winter terms.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants cannot hold Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or refugee status in Canada
  • Must be registered in full-time undergraduate or graduate studies for the 2020/21 academic year
    • Not open to ESL, Bridging, Certificate or ISP programs
  • Student can apply at time of admission or any year starting in Year 1 of Undergraduate or Graduate studies.
  • Students who intend to enroll in a co-op work term in the Fall/Winter academic terms are not eligible
  • Must be in good academic standing and pay international tuition fees to qualify as an international student at Brock University.

For any questions regarding the application, please contact

check back Winter 2021 for application details