Academics Without Borders

Academics without Borders (AWB) is a virtual organization based out of Montreal. AWB supports developing countries through improving their universities higher education and access to resources. By sending highly trained volunteers from all over the world directly to their member institutions, AWB is able to skillfully train the leaders within the targeted developing university through a train-the-trainer model. The objective being that the trained educators will train fellow citizens in a way that will allow for development of the community and economy of the country overall.

Through AWB, volunteers work on projects that foster the skills and expertise needed in a variety of sectors, including health care, education, agriculture, infrastructure and business. The volunteers help develop research skills in order to be fully aware of fostering prevention methods and to also find solutions that are needed to improve local problems. As Brock University being one of their newest members, we join a network of 65 universities and 20 member universities across Canada to participate as an agent of change.

The goal of onboarding so many valuable universities as members to volunteer in the developing universities is to not only foster innovation and expertise toward improving their academia and ground skills, but this opportunity also provides an invitation for researchers within our institution to originate project proposals, determine project activities and objectives, and contribute to these supported projects while providing financial or in-kind contributions. AWB offers many proposal projects and intend to facilitate opportunities provided by AWB for the University’s faculty and graduate students.

Brock International Services is proud to foster the partnership with Academics Without Borders. We believe that the partnership will bring far more engagement in abroad opportunities for faculty and graduate students and look forward to volunteering our best efforts as a university for the betterment of those still developing.

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