Field Hockey Rules

*** Each team consists of 6 players + goalie. ***

Standard CASA rules will govern play (with the following exceptions):

  1. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players. A 5 minute delay for games before a default is called; will be extended to 10 minutes only if the opposing Captain agrees.
    1. It is recommended that players wear shin pads and mouth gaurds
    2. Goalies must wear shin pads, gloves, helmet with face mask and chest protector. A set of goalie equipment is available for sign out from the cage.
    3. Teams can play with an extra fielder and no goalie.
  3. A player shall not:
    1. Play the ball with the round side of the stick
    2. Raise any part of the stick above her shoulder during play
    3. The defender must defend in a manner that is safe and does not impede the attacker from executing a skill
    4. Play or kick the ball with feet
    5. Hit, hook, holf, or slash an opponents stick
    6. Obstruct the ball by backing in the defender
    7. There is no offside rule
    8. No high balls are allowed: any ball above knee height will be called a foul
  4. A free hit is awarded to the opposing team where the foul occurred for penalties for fouls that occur outside of the circle.
  5. Penalties for fouls that occur in the circle by a defender will be a free hit 3 meters outside of the circle. If the foul was intentional or prevented the scoring of a goal, a penalty stroke shall be awarded.
  6. Penalties for fouls that occur in the circle by an offensive player will be a free hit taken at the top of the circle.
  7. Free hits are taken outside of the circles by a player with everyone else a minimum of 5 meters away.
  8. Penalty strokes:
    1. Are taken 8 yards from the front of the goal.
    2. Player must push, flick or scoop the ball
    3. There should be no distinct hitting noise when the stick makes contact with the ball
    4. Goalies must be touching the goal line with both feet when the stroke is taken. Once the stroke is taken the goalie can move off of the line.
  9. Out of plays
    1. No penalty corners will be awarded.
    2. Long corner will occur when the ball is hit out of play by the defender on the end line
    3. When the ball goes out on the sidelines the ball will be places on the line where it went out and the opposing team will have a free hit
  10. Shots on goal must be knee height or lower
  11. Any team displaying constant rough type of play may be ejected from the league. Fighting is an automatic ejection from league or tournament.
  12. Verbal abuse of an official will result in ejection from the game and a minimum 1-game suspension.
  13. Substitutions for players can be on the fly, but must be at half.
  14. Substitutions for goalies must be done at a stoppage in play and the official must be aware of the substitution.
  15. Playoffs: If it is a tie at the end of regulation the game will go straight to penalty strokes. Three shooters will shoot and if it is still a tie after three shots, it will be sudden death shootout.

** Default score is 2-0 **