How the Course is Organized

How the Course is Organized

Lectures and small group seminars will be scheduled every other week. In 2011/12, the lecture takes place alternating Thursday evenings at 7 p.m.

Lecture themes:

  • Knowledge of the local
  • Self in society
  • Evaluating community
  • Evaluating service
  • The social economy
  • Citizenship, local democracy
  • International service
  • Intentional communities
  • Virtual communities
  • Social action and future communities

Between each lecture, you will sign up for an out-of-classroom learning opportunity (OOCLO) of approximately three hours duration.

Course requirements include:

  • readings and discussion in a supportive environment
  • reflections on OOCLOs
  • online discussion forum
  • open-book exams
  • class exhibit and community celebration