Did you know that 80% of jobs are not advertised?

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Your career is shaped by your experiences and will evolve as you do, both during your time at Goodman and throughout your professional life after graduation. As a Goodman student you have exclusive access to our team of professionals who are experienced at helping you understand your skills, connect your experiences to jobs, map your career goals and build your professional network.

In a competitive job market you will need a combination of relevant experience, applicable skills, an understanding of employer expectations and a network of advocates.

Where do you start?

  • Meet with a Career Consultant – explore options, career paths and opportunities
  • Attend workshops and events
  • Get involved and track experiences on your Experience Plus transcript
  • Access the CareerZone job board and online resource centre!

In-person and virtual services are available to book through CareerZone. Book an appointment to meet with a Talent Development Specialist or visit CareerZone in Market Hall to gain assistance from a Career Assistant. To book online or access our student resources, visit careerzone.brocku.ca

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