Law Plus FAQs

No. Law Plus is designed for students who are interested in pursuing any career in the legal field.

Yes. The marks from your current year are used to determine your average for entrance into the program.

No. You should choose a program that is of interest to you. It is important, however, to ensure that you are taking the required courses for entrance into law school.

The four levels of Law Plus build on each other. Each level becomes more focused and allows for more direct contact with law professionals and public and private organizations in the region.

There are no formal assignments. However, short volunteer and job-shadowing reports must be filled out after the experience. Upper-year Law Plus students may also have the opportunity to complete individualized projects to build upon their understanding of law related issues.

There are no formal assessments during Law Plus. Supervisors of your volunteer placement will complete an evaluation when you are finished.

Law Plus students do an average of five to seven hours of programming per week including job shadowing, volunteering and skill development workshops. (less during heavy academic workload times).

Yes. Participation in all Law Plus programming is required and will provide the opportunity for students to gain the most out of their four year experience.

The law application process requires a demonstrated awareness of the rigours of a legal career and discusses issues that legal professionals face. Law Plus helps by providing:

  • Improved understanding of the requirements and demands of law school training;
  • Exposure to numerous law-related professional careers, in addition to the practice of law;
  • Experience in volunteer situations to develop the personal interaction skills required of law professionals;
  • Career planning to explore options in the legal field;
  • Better preparation for law school from both the admissions and the academic perspectives.

In law school, you will need to exercise skills in teamwork and leadership and employ a broad understanding of the legal field. Law Plus prepares you with workshops, such as: effective communication, team building and leadership skills, computer training, presentation skills and time and stress management workshops.

Level I and II fees are $975 each year.
Level III and IV fees are $600 each year.

Please note: Fees are subject to change without notice

April 15 of the current calendar year or until the program is full.

Each question is limited to 250 words. Your answers should be informative but succinct.

The number of applicants grows each year and always exceeds the spaces available in the program.

Once you have submitted your online application, a form will be emailed directly to your reference to complete and return to the Law Plus Consultant via email before the application deadline.

You will need to give us permission on the Law Plus application to view your transcripts from your application to Brock.

Your transcript needs to be received by the Law Plus program by the application deadline to be considered for entry into the program.

Yes. You do not need to receive your letter of acceptance to Brock before you apply to the Law Plus program. We encourage applicants to complete the application process as early as possible.

All required application documents must be submitted by the application deadline.

This includes:

  • application form
  • letter of reference
  • transcript of grades
  • autobiographical sketch
  • statement of intent

Late applications will not be accepted.

Applications are reviewed by the Law Plus committee and are graded on;

  • Marks
  • Statement of Interest questions
  • Professionalism of application
  • Letter of reference
  • Autobiographical Sketch