Creative, Entrepreneurship, or Design Project

Identify problems and prototype/test solutions to create a final artistic, scientific, business or other project.

“The robotics course (COSC 4P78) gave me the chance to do something we don’t usually get to do in computer science: work with actual hardware.  It taught me a lot about sensors, the wide array of tools with which robots can receive data, as well as how they can interpret that data to perform tasks.  Using our robot platforms, we were able to make wall-followers and line-followers, and I even adapted mine to work with an arcade joystick.  The final project was a great opportunity to take what I learned and apply it to make something I was really interested in: a mechanical arm.”

-Adam Tonnet, Computer Science student

Creative, Entrepreneurship & Design Projects at Brock

Consider these examples of creative, entrepreneurship and design projects designed by faculty and instructors at Brock.

Instructors: Dr. Alex Christie, Assistant Professor; Justin Howe, Instructor

Course: IASC 4L00 – Collaborative Practicum in Interactive Media Design & Production

Program: Interactive Arts & Science


In this year-long capstone course, fourth-year students in the Interactive Arts & Science program create their own digital media product for showcase in a public forum as a core requirement.  Students form their own digital media studio, divided into a series of teams (e.g. design, art, sound, programming), and course instructors serve as overseeing stakeholders for the student-run studio.  A core part of this process includes practitioner and professional input into their development process from community partners, including Falling Squirrel Studios, Generator@one, Morro Motion, Load Bearing Tech, Phantom Compass, Rocketship Park, as well as former IASC 4L00 students and industry consultants.

In years past, studios created video games and entered them into the LevelUp Student Games Showcase in Toronto, though studios are free to create any media product of their choosing. At the end of the course, students have experience running their own studio with professional grade tools and practices, coordinating with external consultation, launching their project, and demonstrating it to the public.

Former IASC 4L00 Students’ Projects


2013 Level Up Showcase Best Game Award Winner


2017 Level Up Showcase Players’ Choice Award Runner-Up