Experiential Research Project

Develop and complete a major research paper or thesis project through systematic investigation, discovery, synthesis, and/or application of information to solve a specific problem or question.

Experiential Research Projects at Brock

Consider these examples of experiential research projects designed by faculty and instructors at Brock.

Instructor: Dr. Uwe Brand, Professor

Course: ERSC 4P13

Program: Environmental Geoscience, Earth Science


Students in Dr. Brand’s course wanted to see how effective the University was at sorting its waste. As part of an experiential research project, students did a waste audit at three locations on the main Brock University campus, which involved sorting through 80 bags of waste collected from recycling, paper, waste, and organic bins. A report detailing the findings was prepared by the students and presented to Facilities Management, including recommendations for more organics bins across campus and better signage to help avoid confusion over how waste, particularly coffee cups should be disposed of.

“It’s really interesting to take all these things we learned in the first few years and actually go out and use them,” said Madeline Becker, a fifth-year Environmental Geoscience student.

“It’s not just a theory in front of you. You’re out there in the field doing research, being involved in every step of the process,” said fourth-year Environmental Geoscience student Hayden Polski.