Creative Exhibit or Performance

Produce, manage, curate or participate in a dramatic, artistic, dance or musical performance or exhibit for a live or virtual audience.

“Oddly, but wonderfully, enough, the divide which is often silently maintained between cast and crew was non-existent. Everything and everyone clicked together. All of the individuals who worked on the show were equally valued and warmly included in the opportunity to be part of the world of Gormenghast. This was, I think, the real power behind the show, and I know these experiences will be invaluable to my future ensemble work in theatre.”

Elizabeth Pereira, DART student

Creative Exhibit or Performance Projects at Brock

Consider these examples of creative exhibit and performance projects designed by faculty and instructors at Brock.

Instructor: Donna Szoke, Associate Professor

Course: VISA 3P10 – Advanced Video Art

Program: Visual Art, Interactive Arts & Science


According to Professor Szoke, “students often enter VISA 3P10 immersed in mainstream media and vernacular YouTube creative practices. This course exposes students to the depth and complexity in how video media is seen and appreciated in the context of contemporary video art.” Advanced Video Art provides a platform for students’ to express their unique cultural moment through research-creation. Through a number of experiential learning components embedded throughout the course, Professor Szoke supports students in expanding their understanding of how video-based art is contextualized in contemporary art discourses and in developing their creative, technical, and critical skills for video art production, post-production, and critical evaluation. Students demonstrate their grasp of these skills through a curated video art exhibition that culminates their learning.

In the first half of the course, students travel to VTape, Canada’s leading artist-run, not-for-profit distributor of video art in Toronto, where they watch a special screening of a video art show (curated by Masaki Kondo, PhD Candidate, Cinema and Media Studies, York University, in 2018) followed by a private curator’s talk and discussion. This field experience, funded through a Teaching & Learning Innovation Grant,  is supported by an assigned reading written by the curator. The experience is designed to scaffold students’ learning related to video-based contemporary art and inform their production of a video artwork and accompanying artist’s statement in the second half of the course. The focus of their video artwork is centred on the theme of “The In-between Image” which engages students in exploring the space between moving and still images. According to Professor Szoke, “while historically photographic and video practices were separate, we see many examples of how they merge in contemporary life – snapchat filters, gifs, live photographs, etc.”  This guides students’ reflection on their production – they are asked to address questions such as what way their video artwork ‘photographic’ and in what way is their still image artwork ‘filmic’? At the end of the term, the students host a reception and screening of their completed works for the public at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts. To create wider community dialogue, the screening also invited student of Advanced Digital Media (IASC 3P91) to screen their video work in the shared event.

Instructor: Gyllian Raby, Associate Professor

Course: DART 4F56 – Advanced Studies in Theatre

Program: Dramatic Arts


Learn more about the plays produced and performed by DART 4F56 students: