Student Experience Record

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Brock Student Experience Record

Your experience matters.

Experience is ingrained in our culture at Brock; within academic courses, out in the community and in the workplace. The Student Experience Record captures your unique experiences, documents your learnings and contributions, and positions you well for your first job and future career success.

The Student Experience Record is your platform for understanding, tracking and sharing your experiences in a comprehensive and dynamic way and is anchored in Brock’s 10 core competencies: 

  1. Apply knowledge 
  2. Think critically 
  3. Act innovatively 
  4. Communicate effectively 
  5. Know yourself 
  6. Collaborate effectively 
  7. Be curious 
  8. Engage with your community 
  9. Practice intercultural fluency 
  10. Surgite (resilience, push-on, grit) 

Your experiences are submitted and validated in the CareerZone system where you will reflect on the learning that occurred and the competencies you developed, enhanced or even mastered. Additionally, you will capture the hours you contributed to each experience, which will roll up to a total number of accumulated years of experience. Your competencies and contributed hours are then displayed on the record and can be shared with employers and other audiences.  

  1. You will understand and articulate your experiences from a skills and competencies perspective to make more informed and timely career decisions. 
  2. You will identify skill and experience gaps and leverage the CareerZone platform to seek out opportunities that help you fill those gaps before graduation. 
  3. You will be more prepared to engage in a competitive job market and equipped with a solid foundation for career success. 
  4. You will overcome the dilemma of “needing a job to get experience; needing experience to get a job”.  
  • Co-op experience 
  • Experiential learning (in the classroom) 
  • Co-curricular experience​ (on campus) 
  • Work experience (on and off campus) 
  • Volunteer experience (on and off campus)
  • Professional development (on and off campus) 

Some of your experiences will be automatically populated on your record, including co-op work terms and course-based experiential learning opportunities. All other experiences can be submitted via the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) and then tracked through the Student Experience Record. 

To add an experience: 

  1. Log in to your CareerZone account: 
  2. From the menu, select Co-Curricular Record (you will find some useful resources in the sub-menu to help you submit and reflect on your experiences). 
  3. Then select My Co-Curricular Record and follow the instructions. 

 Need help? Contact 

  1. Log in to your CareerZone account: 
  2. On your dashboard, select the tab for “Student Experience Record”