Co-op Recognition and Awards

The “Outstanding Co-op Supervisor of the Term Recognition”, launched in Fall 2017, is a student driven recognition award to formally recognize and thank their work term supervisor for his/her effort and contribution towards creating a positive and valuable work term learning experience for our students.

Students will reflect on the following as part of the nomination process:

  • Why do you feel your supervisor is worthy of this award?
  • How did your supervisor add to your job satisfaction?
  • What did you appreciate the most about your supervisor?
  • Examples of your supervisor mentored you and enhanced your job satisfaction.
  • The impact this experience has had on you.

Have you had a rewarding co-op work term experience?  Did your supervisor play a major role in your job satisfaction?  Do you feel that your supervisor was a great mentor and went out of his/her way to provide you with an enriching co-op experience that enhanced your personal growth and development?  Would you like to formally thank and recognize your supervisor for his/her effort and contribution towards your professional development?

Here is your opportunity!  Submit the completed recognition form for the Brock Outstanding Co-op Supervisor Recognition Award for the  2020 SPRING/SUMMER work term.

Please note that students on an extended work term can only nominate their supervisor once.  

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW open!  deadline to submit nominations

  • Spring/Summer nominations are due by September 15
  • Fall nominations are due by January 15
  • Winter nominations are due by May 15

2020 – Winter Recipients

  • BDO Canada LLP – Andrew Still, nominated by Khushboo Heera Nandani (MBA ISP)
  • Canada Revenue Agency – Lorraine Gillespie, nominated by Abdulla Al-Anqar (BBA)
  • CIBC Wood Gundy – Adrianna Misener, nominated by Fangyan (Grace) Zhao (MBA ISP)
  • CMC Microsystems – Jennifer Heaton, nominated by Jiahui Zhang (MBA ISP)
  • FedEx Express Canada – Shalini Talwar, nominated by Bhavani Narayanappa (MBA ISP)
  • Graham Scott Enns LLP – Bill Luyks, nominated by Jackson McCully (Bacc)
  • Hydro One – Brandon Walsh, nominated by Nishayan Ghosh (MBA ISP)
  • Hydro One – Jaimin Padia, nominated by Hanzala Khan (BBA)
  • Hydro One – Jeff Battaglia, nominated by Syed Sher (MBA ISP)
  • Luke Pignataro Tax Services – Luke Pignataro, nominated by Kushumesh Ramgulam (Bacc)
  • Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment – Joseph O’Reilly, nominated by Anthony Rotundo (BBA)
  • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Canada – Felita Pinto, nominated by Jonathan Wong (BBA)
  • Meridian Credit Union – Donnel Kelly, nominated by Saideepak Vuppu (BBA)
  • Meridian Credit Union – Michael Krohe, nominated by Sebastian (Yunzhuo) Wang (MBA ISP)
  • Michael J. Carroll – Michael Carrol, nominated by Siying (Amy) Wu (Macc)
  • Ministry of Government and Consumer Services – Nicole Morgan, nominated by Arun Dharmalingam (MBA ISP)
  • Ministry of Transportation – Jodi Janzen, nominated by Karanjt Pabla (MBA ISP), Andrew Kornelsen (CompSci), & Raymond Romaniuk (Stats)
  • Ministry of Transportation – Novica Kovacevic, nominated by Matthew Litt (CompSci)
  • NetDynamic Consulting – Jenny Bento, nominated by Qingya Li (MBA ISP)
  • NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Ltd. – Rita Payne, nominated by Alvina Khan (BBA)
  • Pilliterri – Alex Kolundzic, nominated by Marilyn Fernandes (OEVI)
  • Ridley College – Tracey Hope, nominated by Emily Day (BBA)
  • RSM Canada LLP – Michael Jacobson, nominated by Yarnie Shahparast (Bacc)
  • Spark Power Corporation – Adrea Di Nardo, nominated by Rashmi Shree (MBA ISP)
  • Toyota Canada Inc. – Tim Hoang, nominated by Charles Lai (Bacc)

2019 – Winter Recipients

  • Canada Revenue Agency – Renee De Ronde, nominated by Eric Chung (BACC)
  • DLL Financial Services Canada Inc. – Claire Van Boxmeer, nominated by Matthew Growden (BBA)
  • Farm Mutual – Tia Milnes, nominated by Sahith Tummala (MBAISP)
  • Grant Thornton LLP – Brandon Gizzo, nominated by Rachel Lie (BACC)
  • Michael J. Carroll – Michael Carroll, nominated by Stephanie Huynh (BACC), & Navreen Grewal (BACC)
  • Ministry of Transportation – James Blackburn, nominated by Qiuyan Tang (MBA ISP)
  • Ministry of Transportation – Jodi Janzen, nominated by Rohan Maini (BBA)
  • QRC Logisitcs – Sacha Mutiger, nominated by Sunny Surana (MBA ISP)
  • RBC – David Day, nominated by Manish Devnani (MBA ISP)
  • Taylor Leibow LLP – Samantha McLeod, nominated by Nelisha Sunderji (BACC)
  • United Nations – Richard Marshall, nominated by Ahmed Jawa (BBA)
  • United Nations – Yemesrach Workie, nominated by Qasim Khanani (BBA)
  • United Nations Development Program – Jenty Kirsch Wood, nominated by Anish Tiwary (MBA ISP)

2019 – Summer Recipients

  • Arterra Wines Canada – Laura Takata, nominated by Lauren Barber (OEVI)
  • Beamsville BIA – Stephanie Hicks, nominated by Kian Goh (BBA)
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada – Steve Cagampan, nominated by Nicolas Sardella (BIOTECH)
  • Fund Through – Brad Elsinger, nominated by Sudev Shah (STATS)
  • GlaxoSmithKline – Edith Sirard, nominated by Surina Sangha (BBA Dual Degree)
  • Government of Canada – Dinesh Parakh, nominated by Ashley Tiberi (BBA)
  • Hamilton Health Sciences – Victoria Brzozowski, nominated by Julia McCord (PubHealth)
  • Kinectrics – Jarrod Shugg, nominated by Andrea Cossu (BBA Dual Degree)
  • Kraft Heinz Company – Kelsey McKitterick, nominated by Baelie Campbell (BBA)
  • Marynissen Estates Winery – Erin Levionnois, nominated by Bingyao Guo (OEVI)
  • Ministry of Government and Consumer Services – Sameer Chopra, nominated by Terrance (Xu) Fang (MBA)
  • Ministry of Health, Capital Investment Branch – Fareen Madhani, nominated by Rashmi Rashmi (MBA)
  • RBC – Sean Kennedy, nominated by Joel Gritter (COSC)

2019 – Fall Recipients

  • Environment and Climate Change Canada – Steve Cagampan, nominated by Nicolas Sardella (BioTech)
  • RBC – Hanna Stetkiewicz, nominated by Victoria Medeiros (BBA)
  • Toronto Hydro – Dave Martins, nominated by Karina Atha (BBA)

2018 – Winter Recipients

  • Brock University – Rick Guenther
  • Canadian Nuclear Laboratories – Amanda Heieck
  • Fedex – Charmaine Bamford
  • Michael Carroll CPA – Michael Carroll
  • MPAC – Deborah Simone
  • MTO – Kimberley Montague
  • Nickel Brook Brewing – Andrew Wright
  • OPS, Community Safety and Correctional Services – Debbie Hoang
  • OPS, Ontario Cabinet Office – Ryan Corrigan
  • OPS, Treasury Board – Nick Borich
  • Scotiabank – Hasan Mohammed
  • Stryker – Ian Cobby

2018 – Summer Recipients

  • Brock University Residences – Cindy Chernish
  • Brock University, Career Education – Pauline Dawson
  • Canadian Tire Financial Services – Justin Detlor
  • District School Board of Niagara/Lifetime Learning Centre – Amanda Etherington
  • Duliban Insurance Brokers – Kyle Chiki
  • Entomogen Inc. – Alessio Gasparotto
  • FedEx Canada – Charmaine Bamford
  • Gary Booth CA Prof. Corp. – Mike Zhang
  • Gillian’s Place – West Niagara – Meredith Eudovic
  • IMT Corporation – Lisa Cefaratti
  • Michael Carroll CPA – Michael Carroll
  • Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks – Catherine Gordon-Campbell
  • Ministry of Transportation – Jodi Janzen
  • Ministry of Transportation – Klari Kalkman
  • Niagara Region – Margaret Murphy
  • Niagara Region – Dave Raymond
  • RBC – Frank Alcamo
  • RBC – Shannon Johnston
  • to Analytics, Inc. – Sarah Dimick
  • Strategy, Innovation and Improvement Branch, Ministry of Transportation – Christopher Irwin
  • Tradewood Industries – Allan Grawey
  • Treasury Board Secretariat – Claudia Perencevic

2018 – Fall Recipients

  • Arterra Wines Canada – Marlene Van Rooyen, nominated by Shraddha Khirwadkar (BioChem)
  • FedEx Express – Steve Webb, nominated by Pardeep Kirani (MBA ISP)
  • Fielding Estate Winery – Richie Roberts, nominated by Jeffrey Moote (OEVI)
  • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services – Brayden Millet, nominated by Patrick Nunes (BBA)
  • Ministry of Transportation – Chris Peters, nominated by -Deepthi Yerura (MBA ISP)
  • Peel Regional Police – Kimberly Trichilo, nominated by Anthony Pulicicchio (BBA)
  • Procter and Gamble Inc. – Gautam Malkani, nominated by Ramkumar Swamynathan (MBA ISP)

2017 – Spring/Summer Recipients

  • Canada Summer Games Niagara Region – Doug Hamilton, nominated by Rachelle Roy (HLSC)
  • FedEx Canada – Lynn Wilson, nominated by Arpita Gannavarapu (MBA ISP)
  • Johnson & Johnson – Stacey Hachigian nominated by Shanen D’Souza (BBA)
  • Michael Carroll CPA – Michael Carrol, nominated by Yee Lie (BAcc)
  • RBC – Daniel Caplan, nominated by Jacob Berec (BBA)
  • Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours – Jessica DiCarlantonio, nominated by Mary Lefebvre (BBA Dual Degree)

2017 – Fall Recipients

  • Akelius Canada Ltd. – Andrew Lum, nominated by Zhen (Jane) Wang (MAcc)
  • Canadian Tire Financial Services – Jason Etherington, nominated by Scott Schram (BBE)
  • Dynacare Inc. – Trudy Burnside, nominated by Asad Jalib (BBA)
  • Exp Services – Marmelyn Wong, nominated by Dania Farrokh (BAcc)
  • General Motors – Jeff Pettit, nominated by Ahmed Jawa (BBA)
  • General Motors – Erik Rogerson, nominated by Christine Sirignano (BBA)
  • RBC nominated – Ron Chow, nominated by Rachel Van Herk (MATH)
  • Regional Municipality of Niagara – Margaret Murphy, nominated by Alex Rotundo (BAcc)
  • ShadeFX Canopies Inc. – Susan Course, nominated by Steven Simons (BBA)
  • Town of Lincoln – Carrie Beatty nominated by Meghan Birbeck (SSAS)
  • Turner Moore LLP – Jeffrey Chi, nominated by Xiaozhou (Stefan) Chen (MAcc)
  • VistaPrint – Kayla Bachynski, nominated by Sathyajit Prakash (MBA ISP)
  • Brock University Co-op Education

    Outstanding Co-op Supervisor Recognition Award
  • Student (nominator's) information

  • Student Name * Required
  • Which Term?
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  • I understand that my supervisor and all others below will be notified of my supervisor's efforts on my behalf: * Required
  • Nominee's information (nominees will be contacted):

  • Name * Required
  • Please include Name Title Email
  • Nomination Details: Please respond to the questions below in 250 words or less.

  • key duties and accomplishments
  • Please provide examples of how your supervisor contributed to your job satisfaction and what you appreciated most about your supervisor.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Brock University’s “Co-op Students of the Year Award” is the recognition of excellence in job performance, academic achievements and extra-curriculum involvement, based on a student’s contributions to their co-op employers, co-op education at Brock and the community-at-large. The ideal candidate should have passion about what they do, have perseverance and strives to not only achieve but to surpass all expectations, to confront all challenges with a positive attitude. He/she should be an outstanding ambassador for all our Co-op programs and more importantly, for the University as a whole.

Our proud recipients for “Co-op Students of the Year Award 2019” are as below:

Nominees must be full-time students enrolled in the co-operative education program. They must have completed at least two work terms (Graduate students with one work term are encouraged to apply) within the calendar year. Students are encouraged to ask their employers to support their nomination.

Winners are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Outstanding work-term achievements;
  • Contribution to co-operative education, such as being a volunteer; ambassador for co-op, assisting at co-op events, etc.;
  • Student’s personal statement and resumé;
  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities at school and/or within the community;
  • Above average academic achievement (80 per cent average or higher);
  • Employer evaluation/recommendation by a co-op employer and Co-op Program Office staff.


Brock University Co-op Student of the Year – Undergraduate  2019

Education at Work Ontario (EWO) University Co-op Student of the Year – 2019

BSc Mathematics and Statistics

Through his Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications classes, Brad gained experience in computer programming which helped him implement statistical models and was crucial to his success in the workplace. Brad’s programming and statistical knowledge allowed him to significantly improve existing models and practices, directly leading to a significant increase in profits and reduction of costs. His experience working at the Royal Bank of Canada, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, and Canadian Tire have led to positive performance reviews and multiple returning offers.

Quote from Nomination Package

“During his term, Brad demonstrated an impressive mix of technical and non-technical skills, the latter of which is often lacking with junior data analysts/ scientists. In addition to the hard skills he possess – data visualization, programming, statistics, writing and communication to name a few – what sets Brad apart from other students and makes him deserving of this award is his business savvy, keen sense of curiosity and most of all, the pride he took in his work.”

Ilda Viveiros, Director, Global Client & Payment Screening, Royal Bank of Canada

Co-op Student of Year 2019 (Undergraduate Category)

CEWIL Co-op Student of Year 2019 (National Level)

Bachelor Business Administration

Through his United Nations Co-op experience, Ahmed achieved a lot personally, academically, and in his career. Through the co-op he was able to develop a career plan and career goal. While working as a Junior Consultant, he was able to understand what his life as a consultant would be like which motivated him to find a related job upon graduating. Through this motivation, he was able to secure a well-respected role as an Associate Consultant/ ELC at IBM (Global Business Services).

Quote from Nomination Package

“Ahmed is a talented and competent young professional, with energy and enthusiasm, and strong personal skills and cultural awareness. He was well-liked, and his efforts are appreciated by many. He stood out as an intern, especially in terms of his drive, throwing himself into many activities, and as a team player, helping management to realize the unit’s aims and working collaboratively with others.”

Richard Marshall, Country Economist, UN Development Programme

Co-op Student of Year 2019 (Graduate Category)

 Master of Business Economics

During his co-op term at the Niagara Region, Zain became proficient in using various applications including Power BI, Visio, and Excel. He gained experience in research, summarizing documents, data analysts, client communication, business improvement tools and techniques, and visual reporting. Throughout his experience he was able to gain various soft skills including time management, professionalism and networking.

Quote from Nomination Package

“Zain was a prime example of what dedication and a commitment to learn can achieve. His performance was well above and beyond what a typical student is likely to achieve in a co-op placement, and our team was very thankful for the support and role that he provided while on our team. Zain’s personality was bright, and he was always willing to learn and to dive right in – this attitude and work ethic is what sets him apart from other students that we have had. “

Kristen Delong, Manager of Organizational Performance, Niagara Region

This award was created to help recognize extraordinary Brock graduates that have contributed to the success of Brock Co-op by supporting the program within their organization, serving as a mentor to students, and going above and beyond to help promote the University’s Co-op program. The award is presented jointly by Brock Co-op and the Brock Alumni office and will be awarded during the National Co-op Week annual celebration in March. The award is given to a Brock Alumnus/a who has consistently promoted and been an advocate for Brock students in co-op and contributed to the personal and professional development of Brock’s students while on work term.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Alumnus/a of Brock University
  • Graduates of diploma and certificate programs are eligible

Application Procedures:

A complete nomination package for the Award must include the following at minimum:

  • Completed nomination form
  • Covering letter from the nominator
  • Minimum of one (1) letter of support

In their covering letter, nominators must address in what way the nominee’s achievements are extraordinary, as they pertain to the award.  The letter should also detail how the individual has contributed in an outstanding and meaningful way to the co-op culture at his or her place of employment.


Nomination deadline: March 1, Every Year

2019 Recipient: Peter Misek, BAcc Co-op ‘96

Brock Alumnus, and founding partner of Framework, Peter Misek, is our 2019 Alumni Co-op Employer award recipient. Peter comes from an entrepreneurial background and has over 15 years of venture capital experience.

Peter has taken the time out of his busy schedule to virtually meet with co-op students and talk to them about the importance of finding and harnessing your passion, and using that drive to forward your career. Peter told students that they need to find a way to set themselves apart from others, and offered everyone advice on how to do just that. Peter is not only an employer to Brock co-op students, but he is also a great mentor and teacher.

Peter was unfortunately out of the country on business when the awards reception was held, but he sent his team member Jake Berec BBA Co-op ’19 to accept the award on his behalf.

2018 Recipient: Rhonda Klosler BBA ’93

Rhonda Kloser is the National COO and Toronto Office Market Leader for RSM Canada. Since graduating from Brock, she has earned her CPA, and CA designation, and has also completed the Harvard Business School Professional Services program.

Being a co-op graduate Rhonda knows first-hand the impact a co-op experience can have on someone’s life. She now aspires to create opportunities for the next generation of leaders. Throughout her career she has been a strong champion of co-op education, playing an instrumental role in the hiring of more than 30 Brock Accounting Co-op students.

Rhonda is seen here accepting her award with Goodman School of Business Dean Andrew Gaudes

Quote From Rhonda’s Acceptance:

“Without Brock and the Co-op program, I don’t know where I would be today,” she said. “My experience with the program influenced my career and impacted my life in every way. To be acknowledged with this award is a lovely honour.”

2017 Recipient: Fred Borzyk BAdmin ’88, BA ’89

Fred Borzyk is the inaugural recipient of the Alumni Co-op Employer Award. As a double Brock graduate (BAdmin & BA), he has directly seen the impact co-op programming has on students. He has earned a reputation as a champion of co-op programming within Statistics Canada, and he has always encouraged his colleagues to hire Brock students.

Over the past six years, his efforts have resulted in 56 co-op work term opportunities. He has consistently gone out of his way to provide mentorship and guidance to co-op students who have secured a work term with Stats Canada.

Fred enthusiastically advocates on behalf of Brock Co-op every chance he gets. He has participated in numerous co-op workshops and student events, offering personal and professional guidance on career and workplace success.

Fred is the embodiment of an outstanding co-op employer, and we could not be happier that he was selected as the inaugural recipient of this award.

Established in 2019, this award was designed to showcase organizations that have made outstanding contributions to Brock’s Co-op program. This includes the consistent employment of Brock co-op students, providing quality co-op work term experiences, and supporting and participating in various initiatives organized by the co-op office. Due to the large number of outstanding employers that Brock partners with, this award will be presented in three variations. Recognizing one Small & Medium Enterprise (SME), one Non-profit, and one Large (>200 employees) organization. Selected organizations will have contributed to training and mentorship opportunities for our students, as well as being actively engaged with on-campus initiatives such as networking simulation events, employer panels and recruitment fairs.

Organizations are recognized for being a true partner in co-op education by consistently hiring Brock Co-op students year-round (if applicable), receiving consistently high work term satisfaction evaluations from Brock’s students regarding their co-op experience, and participating in other initiatives such as N90 or recruitment fairs.  The recipient will be selected by the Director of CCEE and the Associate Director of Co-operative Education.

There are 3 categories: Small to Medium (0 to 200 employees), Large Organization (201+ employees), and Non-profit organization.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Hires Brock Co-op Students year-round (if applicable) and goes above and beyond to provide quality co-op learning experiences. The organization must have been involved in hiring co-op students for a minimum of two years.
  • Organizations must be nominated by a member of the Co-op Team

Application Procedures

A completed nomination package for the Award must include the nomination form (submitted by a member of the co-op team), and a minimum of one letter of support from a co-op student.

 Deadline for submission is February 15th every year

2019 Recipient: Durward Jones Barkwell & Company LLP (DJB)

Fran Bonomi, HR Coordinator and Kayla Schipper, Staff accountant accepting the award.

In 2019 DJB hired an outstanding 28 Brock co-op students!

2019 Recipient: Bethesda

In 2019 Bethesda hired 4 Brock co-op students, and they were able to attend two co-op events where they networked with students and offered advice.

2019 Recipient: Ontario Public Service (OPS)

Unfortunately, due to internal travel restrictions, OPS was unable to attend our event. They are excited and proud to be selected for the Co-op Employer of the Year award and hope to join our event in the coming year.

101 co-op students were hired for a variety of different positions within OPS in 2019.As well, they had 9 different supervisors that were nominated for our ‘Outstanding Supervisor of the Term’ award.

Other awards:

All applications must meet the guidelines to be considered for this award. Applications are reviewed by a neutral committee that includes the Director of Co-op, Career and Experiential Education, a faculty member, a member of senior administration and a Co-op Education staff member serving as ex-officio. All decisions by the selection committee are final and may not be appealed.

Students are limited to one submission per year and must agree to allow the Co-op Programs Office to use their name, profile, and photograph for publication and promotional purposes.