Co-op Recognition and Awards

The “Outstanding Co-op Supervisor of the Term Recognition”, launched in Fall 2017, is a student driven recognition award to formally recognize and thank their work term supervisor for his/her effort and contribution towards creating a positive and valuable work term learning experience for our students.

Students will reflect on the following as part of the nomination process:

  • Why do you feel your supervisor is worthy of this award?
  • How did your supervisor add to your job satisfaction?
  • What did you appreciate the most about your supervisor?
  • Examples of your supervisor mentored you and enhanced your job satisfaction.
  • The impact this experience has had on you.

Have you had a rewarding co-op work term experience?  Did your supervisor play a major role in your job satisfaction?  Do you feel that your supervisor was a great mentor and went out of his/her way to provide you with an enriching co-op experience that enhanced your personal growth and development?  Would you like to formally thank and recognize your supervisor for his/her effort and contribution towards your professional development?

Here is your opportunity!  Submit the completed recognition form for the Brock Outstanding Co-op Supervisor Recognition Award for the  2020 winter work term.

Please note that students on an extended work term can only nominate their supervisor once.  

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW open!  deadline to submit nominations is may 15, 2020

Below are the employer recipients for FALL 2019 work term

  • Steve Cagampan, Environment and Climate Change Canada Recognized by Nicolas Sardella (BTEC)
  • Dave Martins, Toronto HydroRecognized by Victoria Medeiros (BBA)
  • Hanna Stetkiewicz, RBCRecognized by Karina Atha (BBA)

Below are the employer recipients for SPRING 2019 work term

  • Victoria Brzozowski, Hamilton Health SciencesRecognized by Julia McCord (HLSC)
  • Steve Cagampan, Environment and Climate Change CanadaRecognized by Nicolas Sardella (BTEC)
  • Sameer Chopra, Ministry of Government and Consumer ServicesRecognized by Terrance (Xu) Fang (MBA ISP)
  • Brad Elsinger, FundthroughRecognized by Sudev Shah (STATS)
  • Stephanie Hicks, Beamsville BIARecognized by Kian Goh (BBA)
  • Sean Kennedy, RBCRecognized by Joel Gritter (COSC)
  • Erin Levionnois, Marynissen Estates WineryRecognized by Bingyao Guo (OEVI)
  • Fareen Madhani, Ministry of Health – Capital Investment Branch – Recognized by Rashmi Rashmi (MBA DOM)
  • Kelsey McKitterick, Kraft Heinz CompanyRecognized by Baelie Campbell (BBA)
  • Dinesh Parakh, Government of Canada – NRCanRecognized by Ashley Tiberi (BBA)
  • Jarrod Shugg, KinectricsRecognized by Andrea Cossu (BBA – DUAL)
  • Edith Sirard, GlaxoSmithKlineRecognized by Surina Sangha (BBA – DUAL)
  • Laura Takata, Arterra Wines CanadaRecognized by Lauren Barber (OEVI)

Below are the employer recipients for WINTER 2018 work term

  • Debbie Hoang, Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional ServicesRecognized by Yanzhen Shi (MBA ISP)
  • Ryan Corrigan, Ontario Cabinet OfficeRecognized by Fei He (MBAI SP)
  • Rick Guenther, Brock UniversityRecognized by Chen Zhang (MBA ISP)
  • Kimberley Montague, Ministry of TransportationRecognized by Mariah Gaulton(BBE)
  • Amanda Heieck, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories –  Recognized by Matthew Polly (BBA)
  • Hasan Mohammad, ScotiabankRecognized by Yuanlu Chen (MBA ISP)
  • Deborah Simone, Municipal Property Assessment CorporationRecognized by Xiayu Zheng (MBA)
  • Andrew Wright, Nickel Brook BrewingRecognized by Scott Meech (BBA)
  • Ian Cobby, Stryker CanadaRecognized by Kian Goh (BBA)
  • Nick Borich, Treasury Board Secretariat Recognized by Joel Sauvé (COSC) and Zachary Goerz (COSC)
  • Charmaine Bamford, FedEx Express CanadaRecognized by Pradeep Kirani (MBAISP)
  • Michael Carroll, Michael J.Carroll, CPARecognized by Dayana Badminova (ACTG)

Below are the employer recipients for SPRING/SUMMER 2018 work term

  • Alessio Gasparotto, Operations Manager, Entomogen Inc.Recognized by Christian Krupa (GEOG), Julia Toner (HLSC) and Rebecca Thompson (HLSC)
  • Allan Grawey, Director, Marketing & Business Development, Tradewood IndustriesRecognized by Marcus Hoszko (History)
  • Amanda Etherington, Data Officer, DSBNRecognized by Azia To (BBA)
  • Catherine Gordon–Campbell, Supervisor, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks – Recognized by Ling Shao (MBA ISP)
  • Charmaine Bamford, Manager, Sales Operation, FedEx CanadaRecognized by Pradeep Kirani (MBA ISP)
  • Christopher Irwin, Manager, Strategy, Innovation and Improvement Branch, Ministry of TransportationRecognized by Shamanth Ramesh (MBA)
  • Cindy Chernish, Manager, Residence Facilities & Finance, Brock UniversityRecognized by Will Durward (HIST)
  • Claudia Perencevic, Senior Manager, Treasury Board Secretariat – Recognized by Xueli Qin (MBA ISP)
  • Dave Raymond, Manager, Strategic Marketing, Niagara Region – Recognized by Quratulain Shahzad (SSAS)
  • Frank Alcamo, Director, PMO and Portfolio Governance, RBC Recognized by Warren Iwasa (BBA)
  • Jodi Janzen, Manager, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Ministry of Transportation Recognized by Brad Klassen (STATS) & Mahesh Vaikuntam (MBA ISP)
  • Justin Detlor, Manager, Sports Analytics, Canadian Tire Financial Services Recognized by Mark Terpak (STATS)
  • Klari Kalkman, Innovation Coordinator-Facilitator, Ministry of Transportation Recognized by Shamanth Ramesh (MBA)
  • Kyle Chiki, Digital Professional, Duliban Insurance Brokers Recognized by Yang Chen (MBA ISP)
  • Lisa Cefaratti, Director of Finance, IMT Corporation Recognized by Nicholas Oliva (BBA)
  • Margaret Murphy, Associate Director, Budget Planning & Strategy, Niagara Region Recognized by Ahmed Jawa (BBA)
  • Meredith Eduovic, Transitional Housing & Support Worker, Gillian’s Place – West Niagara – Recognized by Tegan Vickers (PSYC)
  • Mike Zhang, Gary Booth CA Prof. Corp. – Recognized by Minxiang Zhang (MAB ISP)
  • Pauline Dawson, Career Education, CCEE, Brock University – Recognized by Sadia Hasan (COSC)
  • Sarah Dimick, Analytics, Inc. – Recognized by Zain Virani (MBE)
  • Shannon Johnston, RBC – Recognized by Ryan Lee (MBA ISP)

Below are the employer recipients for FALL 2018 work term

  • Marlene Van Rooyen, Arterra Wines Canada – Recognized by Sharddha Khirwadkar (Biotech)
  • Steve Webb, FedEx Express – Recognized by Pardeep Kirani (MBA)
  • Richie Roberts, Fielding Estate Winery – Recognized by Jeffrey Moote (OEVC)
  • Brayden Millet, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services – Recognized by Patrick Nunes (BBA)
  • Kimberly Trichilo, Peel Regional Police– Recognized by Anthony Pulicicchio (BBA)
  • Gautam Malkani, Procter and Gamble Inc. – Recognized by Ramkumar Swamynathan (MBA)
  • Chris Peters, Ministry of Transportation – Recognized by Deepthi Yerura (MBA)
  • Brock University Co-op Education

    Outstanding Co-op Supervisor Recognition Award
  • Student (nominator's) information

  • Student Name * Required
  • I understand that my supervisor and all others below will be notified of my supervisor's efforts on my behalf: * Required
  • Nominee's information (nominees will be contacted):

  • Name * Required
  • Please include Name Title Email
  • Nomination Details: Please respond to the questions below in 250 words or less.

  • key duties and accomplishments
  • Please provide examples of how your supervisor contributed to your job satisfaction and what you appreciated most about your supervisor.

Brock University’s “Co-op Students of the Year Award” is the recognition of excellence in job performance, academic achievements and extra-curriculum involvement, based on a student’s contributions to their co-op employers, co-op education at Brock and the community-at-large. The ideal candidate should have passion about what they do, have perseverance and strives to not only achieve but to surpass all expectations, to confront all challenges with a positive attitude. He/she should be an outstanding ambassador for all our Co-op programs and more importantly, for the University as a whole.

Our proud recipients for “Co-op Students of the Year Award 2018” are as below:

Nominees must be full-time students enrolled in the co-operative education program. They must have completed at least two work terms (Graduate students with one work term are encouraged to apply) within the calendar year. Students are encouraged to ask their employers to support their nomination.

Winners are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Outstanding work-term achievements;
  • Contribution to co-operative education, such as being a volunteer; ambassador for co-op, assisting at co-op events, etc.;
  • Student’s personal statement and resumé;
  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities at school and/or within the community;
  • Above average academic achievement (80 per cent average or higher);
  • Employer evaluation/recommendation by a co-op employer and Co-op Program Office staff.


Brock University Co-op Student of the Year – Undergraduate  2018

Education at Work Ontario (EWO) University Co-op Student of the Year – 2018

BSc Mathematics and Statistics

As a graduate of the BSc Mathematics and Statistics (Co-op) program, Rachel had the pleasure of completing four co-op work terms during her time at Brock. Her first co-op was at Meridian Credit Union, during which she developed a passion for data analytics, and enhanced efficiency by automating the audit of business processes. Her next co-op was an 8-month term at RBC, where she built the code to deploy numerous marketing campaigns and developed a new strategy for targeting clients that has since been tested for marketing other RBC products. Her last co-op term was at Canadian Tire Financial Services, where she produced analytical tools to help improve Canada’s performance in the Olympics, such as creating a player performance tool for Curling Canada. While working on these meaningful and exciting projects, Rachel gained 16 months of invaluable experience in the field she would like to pursue a career in.

Quote from Nomination Package

“During her time with Sports Analytics, Rachel was able to consistently outperform our expectations resulting in an exceptional co-op term. Her impact to the team has been outstanding and leaves world-class analytics in the hands of our Olympic Sports.”

Justin Detlor – Manager, Sports Analytics, Canadian Tire Bank

Co-op Student of the Year – Undergraduate  2018

BBA Business Administration

Specific areas Josiah has put considerable effort into during his time at Brock University are in academics, extra-curriculars, co-op terms, and community involvement. Academically, he has excelled as an Honour Roll student during each year of his degree and is currently part of the Golden Key Honour Society. He has also been incredibly successful across various student club executive positions and business case competitions. Much of these successes were a result of the co-op program. During his three successful co-op terms, he gained incredible experience, been offered extensions in all three positions, received incredibly positive performance reviews, and made substantial organizational contributions both at BlackBerry and the Bank of Development Canada. He has also been active in his community serving as a Board Member at a local youth center (Convos), running various fundraising campaigns for charitable organizations, and doing consulting work with small businesses across the Niagara region.

Quote from Nomination Package

“Josiah has truly embodied the core mission of Brock University which is Making a Difference as he truly has made a difference throughout his co-op experiences, his extra-curricular and community involvement, and during his academic journey.”

Barry Wright – Associate Professor, Goodman School of Business, Brock University

Co-op Student of the Year – Graduate  2018

MA Business Administration

During his tenure at FedEx as an Associate Sales Operations and Solutions Analyst, Pradeep climbed the career success ladder – starting as an Analyst to currently being in the role of Project Manager. In this one-year co-op, he was successful in generating more than $20-million in revenue for FedEx and gaining the approval and recognition from the customers and as well as the leadership team at FedEx. This co-op opportunity has helped Pradeep to develop a vision for his life and career.

Quote from Nomination Package

“From a comparison perspective, Pradeep is an exceptional co-op student. He has demonstrated success and has gone above and beyond on everything that he has been engaged in. In all the years that I have partnered with universities for MBA Co-op Programs, Pradeep is in the top 3 of all time.”

Charmaine Bamford – Manager, Sales Solutions & Operations, FedEx Express Canada Ltd.

Other awards:

All applications must meet the guidelines to be considered for this award. Applications are reviewed by a neutral committee that includes the Director of Co-op, Career and Experiential Education, a faculty member, a member of senior administration and a Co-op Education staff member serving as ex-officio. All decisions by the selection committee are final and may not be appealed.

Students are limited to one submission per year and must agree to allow the Co-op Programs Office to use their name, profile, and photograph for publication and promotional purposes.