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Brock University co-op students are among the best and brightest entering the workforce. The longstanding reputation of Brock’s co-op program attracts the most talented students from across Canada and is a calling card for the country’s top-tier businesses and most competitive industries.

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Experience Co-op  – Employer Brochure

Flip through our Experience Co-op Brochure to learn more about Brock’s 40+ Co-op programs.

The benefits of hiring a Brock co-op student include:

  • The continuous hiring model allows employers to post, interview and hire our students on an on-going basis.
  • Access to a workforce of qualified, motivated students with significant academic and employment-readiness training. Brock students are able to hit the ground running and make an immediate contribution to your organization.
  • Brock co-op students are realistic and bring a fresh perspective and leading-edge concepts to your team.
  • Relief for short-term peaks in workload, or help with special projects and research. Hiring co-op students may also reduce costs associated with recruiting through traditional media sources or third-party vendors.
  • A cost-effective and low-risk way to recruit and evaluate potential permanent hires.
  • Employer incentives and tax credits for hiring co-op students. Learn about them now

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Brock’s Co-op Programs Office offers personalized assistance so you can customize your recruiting efforts, ensuring you find the best candidates for your organization.

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