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With experiential learning opportunities in 100% of our academic programs, Brock is recognized as a longstanding leader in experiential education across Canada. By bridging theory and practice, experiential learning allows you to develop skills, clarify your values, contribute to local and global communities, and make your learning come alive. Twenty different types of experiential opportunities are built into courses at Brock — from labs and simulations to practicums and internships. As an institution founded by the local community, you may also benefit from and give back to the many community partnerships that continue to a play a strong part in our future direction.

What is Experiential Learning?

This video was filmed as part of an experiential learning project and features hands-on learning across a variety of Faculties and courses at Brock. Over the course of the 2019-2020 academic year, an internship student from the Communication, Pop Culture and Film department gathered the footage and handed it off to be edited by a Goodman School of Business co-op student

A Guide to Experiential Courses

We have created a guide to the courses that may contain an experiential component based on courses that are currently being offered, as well as courses that included experiential components last year.

Share your Experience!

The Experiential Education teams invites you to share your testimonial around meaningful experiential learning opportunities that you have engaged in during your undergraduate and/or graduate degree.

Faculty Specific Links

Each Faculty at Brock has a dedicated Experiential Education Coordinator (EEC) to support experiential learning initiatives at the undergraduate and graduate level. Click on the titles below for EEC contact information and links to Faculty specific resources.

Student Testimonials

When I first started I was timid and unsure of how to interact with different age groups. The coordinators fixed my timidness by being available, motivated, and pushing me to try new activities. I reached my goal by motivating myself, not fearing of what others will think, and improving my judgement skills.

St Kateri Outdoor Education Program

Participating in SNAP was an amazing opportunity where I had the chance to form a meaningful connection with youth in the community. The facilitators helped me every step of the way as I developed program design skills, and behaviour management techniques that were person centred. The experience has truly been invaluable to my personal development and self- discovery

Samantha, MA Leisure Studies 

This directed reading course is my favourite course I’ve ever taken at Brock. The faculty of Applied Health Sciences working collaboratively with Aboriginal Student Services is an essential bridge to build. The course provided me with opportunities that I know are unique to Brock, including interviewing an Elder and learning about colonization and traditional knowledge from them and other Indigenous mentors. There was a lot of student autonomy over what we wanted to learn and how we wanted to collaborate, which is something I’ve never experienced before during my undergrad. Indigenous health and allyship is something I wanted to learn more about, and it was a topic that was not offered through the department. This course provided me with the opportunity to take charge of my own learning.

Kahlan Woodhouse, BSc Medical Science (Honours), HLSC 3Q92

I was happy to give someone a source of happiness and purpose, I know many older adults are isolated and may not be able to see their family members this year. I hope this gives them some connection and purpose during a more difficult holiday season. We hit it off with Mini right away. She seemed to love seeing younger people who wanted to engage with her. It made us happy to get to know each other and form a genuine connection. She mentioned she loved to travel, so we included kinetic sand to remind her of the beach and promote dexterity. She also talked about her love of cardinals, so we made a customized puzzle for her that had a cardinal on it to encourage cognitive stimulation and physical co-ordination.

Lindsey White, RECL 3P12

Click on the titles below for additional campus resources

Brock University has developed the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC) hosted on ExperienceBU to help students make the most of their experiences beyond the classroom. The co-curriculum presents opportunities for students to enhance their understanding of themselves and the world around them through a variety of meaningful and engaging experiences.

Each student’s career is shaped by their experiences and will evolve as they do, both during their time at Brock University and throughout their professional life after graduation. Campus Career and Goodman Career can support students in understanding their skills, connecting their experiences to jobs and professional opportunities, mapping their career goals and building their professional network.

The mission of International Services is to help all Brock students – international and Canadian – get the most out of their studies and experience.  The the International Mobility programs, students can gain international academic or volunteer/work experiences.

Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre is committed to the health and wellness of our community as a vital component of our mission to develop the whole person.

Brock’s graduate studies programs offer an immersive and engaging means for students to both investigate their chosen field and expand their academic knowledge. A graduate education from Brock will prepare students for successful careers and contribute to leading-edge research. The goal of Graduate Studies is to help each graduate student become a well-rounded, creative and ethical individual and researcher who will contribute to the betterment of society.

The Brock Makerspace is a collaborative learning environments where faculty, students, staff, and community members come together to share materials and learn new skills, and nurtured by a mindset of community partnership, collaboration, and creation. This space gives the Brock community hands-on access to emerging technologies and provides a space for all to play, learn and invent. The Makerspace also has a collection of digital technology equipment specifically to support experiential education opportunities. Contact the Makerspace or your EE Coordinator for more information.