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For more information on recruiting Students with Disabilities visit our Bridge to Success – Linking Students with Disabilities and Employers website.

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We take a consultative and personalized approach to support your recruitment needs, increase your on-campus profile and connect you with qualified recent graduates.

Students within the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences pursue degrees in Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Nursing, Recreation and Leisure Studies and Sport Management departments. Graduate programs include: PhD; MA; MSc; MPK (Master of Professional Kinesiology); MPH (Master of Public Health).

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences is dedicated to promoting a broad understanding of health to help gain, maintain and restore it. Through progressive teaching and research our students examine topics that foster critical thinking and professional skills related to: the practical (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, therapy); the physical (recreation, movement, competitions, athlete management).

Each department prepares students to make meaningful contributions towards improving the quality of life of all individuals through simulations, practica, internships, field experience, and research.

The Faculty of Education believes learning is for life. Whether working with pre-school children, engaged in K-12 teaching, leading adult learners, conducting impactful research or working in the broader educational industry, its graduates make an impact in every sector of society.

The Faculty’s undergraduate and graduate programs are grounded in research and proven in practice. Students are equipped for success with specialized courses, experiential education opportunities and professional development activities.

Graduates acquire a sound understanding of how people learn. They are skilled in curriculum design, designing and implementing educational or training experiences, developing assessment tools, customizing educational programs for diverse learners, assessing practices, and using technology in educational environments to nurture 21st century competencies.

Goodman students and graduates specialize in one of 10 business disciplines both at the undergraduate level and in our MBA and Master of Accountancy programs. Adaptable, culturally diverse and excited to make a contribution to the business world Goodman students possess a wide spectrum of knowledge, experience and skills from a diverse portfolio of classroom learning, consulting projects, co-op employment, community volunteerism and student leadership roles.

Students across the Faculty of Humanities are excellent candidates for employment in a wide variety of areas. Throughout their undergraduate and graduate studies, they develop both the creative and critical thinking skills required for success in the workplace. They are curious, creative, and have excellent communication skills, which have been developed through their regular participation in projects such as stage productions, coordination of events and conferences, internship placements, and research projects.

Mathematics & science students represent the 6 unique departments and 2 interdisciplinary centers that make up the Faculty, covering the entire spectrum of the physical and natural sciences. Intuitive, curious and determined to make an impact, these students possess high level analytical, computational, research and problem-solving skills developed throughout their Brock experience. Through practical hands-on experiences such as co-op, internships, field trips and labs, our students don’t just learn about math and science here….they actually do it!

Students in the Faculty of Social Science represent the largest collection of academic departments and centers on campus. Successful graduates have experience studying in a variety of fields. With cutting edge and interdisciplinary programs such as Child and Youth studies, Labor Studies, Geography and many more, Social Science students gain the skills necessary to be strong critical thinkers, persuasive communicators and open collaborators. Through hands on learning opportunities, students in our programs get the chance to put their theoretical content into practice. We believe this out of the classroom approach to many of our degree programs not only produces students prepared for the world, but also creates citizens who are ready to make the world a better place.