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Gain a competitive edge. In today’s labour market, having graduated with experience and career knowledge will give you a critical advantage. At Brock, we pride ourselves on integrating experience into your studies by offering a rigorous co-op program and a variety of hands-on learning opportunities in your academic program. Work with our career team to successfully translate your experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, as you launch yourself into your career.


You’ll combine traditional undergraduate programming with relevant paid work experience in alternating terms.





Explore careers, build your network and learn how to best position your experiences and skills for career readiness and success.


employers on campus annually.


We’re here to help you put theory into practice through hands on, meaningful learning opportunities in your academic courses.


All Faculties offer experiential courses.

Co-op and Experiential Education Students of the Year

Experiential Education Student of the Year 2019 

EWO Experiential Education Student of the Year 2019 (Provincial Level)

Anh-Mai is a Master of Education ISP student with her roots and undergraduate studies in Vietnam and her academic pursuit of a Masters degree in Canada.  As part of her educational journey, she participated in a Work-Integrated Learning field placement focused on Marketing & Communications; her area of expertise.  Anh Mai completed a full audit of social media activity at Brock University within the Faculty of Education, as well as three additional University’s use of social media.  From here she gathered overall social media demographic information, created a content calendar and provided a full report including future recommendations.

Outside the experiential classroom, Anh-Mai has experience as a marketing specialist, holds the position of Marketing Officer for the Goodman School of Business’s Goodman Group, is a student Ambassador and also a Peer Mentor within a residence Living Learning Community and is a fully engaged graduate student.

Co-op Student of Year 2019 (Undergraduate Category)

EWO Co-op Student of the Year 2019 (Provincial Level)

BSc Honours in Mathematics and Statistics

Through his Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications classes, Brad gained experience in computer programming which helped him implement statistical models and was crucial to his success in the workplace. Brad’s programming and statistical knowledge allowed him to significantly improve existing models and practices, directly leading to a significant increase in profits and reduction of costs. His experience working at the Royal Bank of Canada, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, and Canadian Tire have led to positive performance reviews and multiple returning offers.

Quote from Nomination Package

“During his term, Brad demonstrated an impressive mix of technical and non-technical skills, the latter of which is often lacking with junior data analysts/ scientists. In addition to the hard skills he possess – data visualization, programming, statistics, writing and communication to name a few – what sets Brad apart from other students and makes him deserving of this award is his business savvy, keen sense of curiosity and most of all, the pride he took in his work.”

Ilda Viveiros, Director, Global Client & Payment Screening, Royal Bank of Canada

Co-op Student of Year 2019 (Undergraduate Category)

CEWIL Co-op Student of Year 2019 (National Level)

Bachelor Business Administration

Through his United Nations Co-op experience, Ahmed achieved a lot personally, academically, and in his career. Through the co-op he was able to develop a career plan and career goal. While working as a Junior Consultant, he was able to understand what his life as a consultant would be like which motivated him to find a related job upon graduating. Through this motivation, he was able to secure a well-respected role as an Associate Consultant/ ELC at IBM (Global Business Services).

Quote from Nomination Package

“Ahmed is a talented and competent young professional, with energy and enthusiasm, and strong personal skills and cultural awareness. He was well-liked, and his efforts are appreciated by many. He stood out as an intern, especially in terms of his drive, throwing himself into many activities, and as a team player, helping management to realize the unit’s aims and working collaboratively with others.”

Richard Marshall, Country Economist, UN Development Programme

Co-op Student of Year 2019 (Graduate Category)

 Master of Business Economics

During his co-op term at the Niagara Region, Zain became proficient in using various applications including Power BI, Visio, and Excel. He gained experience in research, summarizing documents, data analysts, client communication, business improvement tools and techniques, and visual reporting. Throughout his experience he was able to gain various soft skills including time management, professionalism and networking.

Quote from Nomination Package

“Zain was a prime example of what dedication and a commitment to learn can achieve. His performance was well above and beyond what a typical student is likely to achieve in a co-op placement, and our team was very thankful for the support and role that he provided while on our team. Zain’s personality was bright, and he was always willing to learn and to dive right in – this attitude and work ethic is what sets him apart from other students that we have had.”

Kristen Delong, Manager of Organizational Performance, Niagara Region

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