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Gain a competitive edge. In today’s labour market, having graduated with experience and career knowledge will give you a critical advantage. At Brock, we pride ourselves on integrating experience into your studies by offering a rigorous co-op program and a variety of hands-on learning opportunities in your academic program. Work with our career team to successfully translate your experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, as you launch yourself into your career.

The Brock Competencies and Skills Translation Project

The Brock Competencies and Skills Translation project started with the goal of developing and integrating campus-wide competencies by mapping the knowledge, skills, and attributes that students develop through curricular and co-curricular experience and reflection. Ten core competencies were identified through research, consultation with a campus-wide advisory committee, and student feedback in the form of focus groups. The Brock Core Competencies are integrated into CCEE programming as a tool for reflection, development of learning outcomes and supporting students with career readiness. Currently, discussions are underway regarding campus-wide integration and the development of Faculty-specific competencies.

Brock’s Commitment to Experiential Education

Brock University continues to stay committed to ensure students have the opportunity to engage with work experiences that are directly related to their degree programs.  Brock has been proud to offer experiential education in 100% of our programs.  As a result of the effects of COVID19, student work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences have been impacted.  While many programs were able to continue in co-operative education and internships, practicums in the health care and other industries were greatly affected.  Brock is continuing to support our faculty, students and community partners in their engagement in quality WIL programming and while various industries welcome student back to their organizations, as long as public health guidelines and protocols are being followed, we will continue to provide safe and supportive opportunities for our students to apply their learning to industry and community settings.

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You’ll combine traditional undergraduate programming with relevant paid work experience in alternating terms.





Explore careers, build your network and learn how to best position your experiences and skills for career readiness and success.


employers on campus annually.


We’re here to help you put theory into practice through hands on, meaningful learning opportunities in your academic courses.


All Faculties offer experiential courses.