While Brock University has made adjustments to classes and business operations in light of COVID-19, the Co-op, Career & Experiential Education team remains available to support your campus engagement and hiring needs.

Recruit with confidence! At Brock University we specialize in supporting businesses, community organizations and educational partners locally, nationally and abroad. Whether your need is immediate or long term, we look forward to hearing from you!

Co-op hiring

Ready to make an immediate contribution to your organization! Brock co-op students are a great solution to short/mid-term peaks (i.e. 4 to 16 months) in staffing needs, special projects and research. Government tax incentives are available to co-op employers!

Career hiring

Building your talent pipeline just got easier. Brock’s most recent graduates are equipped with the education and experience to support the needs of your organization… and they are ready for the challenge!

Diversity hiring

Because it makes good business sense. Tap into an under-utilized group of qualified employees and you’ll also tap into an often overlooked consumer market.

Work with students

Integrated within the classroom, experiential opportunities help community organizations and businesses satisfy an existing need or innovate in a new space by engaging students in labs, simulations, consulting projects, practicums and internships, which may be full time, part time, or done as off-site projects.

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