While Brock University has made adjustments to classes and business operations in light of COVID-19, the Co-op, Career & Experiential Education team remains available to support your campus engagement and hiring needs.

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Practices at Brock University – Co-op, Career & Experiential Education

Co-op, Career & Experiential Education at Brock University is committed to delivering a comprehensive, inclusive and non-discriminatory suite of services in relation to student and new graduate employment, experiential learning opportunities including co-op hiring, and career preparation. We require our employer and community partners to employ ethical recruitment practices that adhere to the Employment Standards Act 2000, Ontario Human Rights Code and Brock University Respectful Work & Learning Environment policy. We hold ourselves accountable to these practices through the following actions:

  • Evaluating every employment opportunity on our job board against our ethical recruitment guidelines (as stated above)
  • Sharing job opportunities widely and without prejudice to Brock students and graduates
  • Offering career resources specific to diverse populations and providing one-on-one coaching to students based on individual needs
  • Providing resources and programs with inclusive examples and language
  • Utilizing career speakers from diverse backgrounds for career programming
  • Eliminating slang and idioms in our advising and programs
  • Partnering with employers and community partners that use diversity recruitment practices and employ a diverse workforce
  • Promoting on & off campus recruitment and job fair activities targeted to minority, disability and international populations
  • Creating an inviting, non-judgmental environment where students, employers, and Brock faculty/staff can engage with our team
  • Implementing specific outreach initiatives that target diverse student groups
  • Engaging with committees, councils and forums that have a focus on underrepresented groups in the workforce

For questions related to these practices or to notify our team of a concern regarding employer conduct on campus or when recruiting Brock students, please email careerzone@brocku.ca.

Co-op hiring

Ready to make an immediate contribution to your organization! Brock co-op students are a great solution to short/mid-term peaks (i.e. 4 to 16 months) in staffing needs, special projects and research. Government tax incentives are available to co-op employers!

Career hiring

Building your talent pipeline just got easier. Brock’s most recent graduates are equipped with the education and experience to support the needs of your organization… and they are ready for the challenge!

Diversity hiring

Because it makes good business sense. Tap into an under-utilized group of qualified employees and you’ll also tap into an often overlooked consumer market.

Work with students

Integrated within the classroom, experiential opportunities help community organizations and businesses satisfy an existing need or innovate in a new space by engaging students in labs, simulations, consulting projects, practicums and internships, which may be full time, part time, or done as off-site projects.

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