Lab Links to Careers

Lab Links to Careers: Understand skills you are learning and demonstrating in labs.

In partnership with the department of Biological Sciences and Career Education, the Lab Links to Careers program helps you make connections between your experiences, skills, and what is required as you seek employment and/or advanced education opportunities.

Why is this important? Understanding how your skills intersect with industry and advanced education requirements will increase your competitive advantage. Your ability to effectively communicate how experiences link to skills will increase your confidence when preparing for interviews and developing career documents.

Programs Offered

Science Start is a 5-week preparation course offered by the Department of Biological Sciences that is designed for first-year students entering a degree program at Brock University with a biology component. Science Start will provide you with a combination of lessons, workshops, and lab tutorials. This program offers real-time instructor support and aims to ensure you have a strong understanding of biology fundamentals and the skills needed to be successful in future university courses.

  • The program is available in both an online and hybrid (in-person*/online) version. The online version takes approximately 25 hours to complete and the hybrid version requires 15 in-person hours and 15 online hours.
  • The hybrid version of the program provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice hands-on laboratory techniques in the teaching laboratories at Brock University. *As long as public health restrictions allow.

For more information on the Science Start course, please visit the main page here.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

For additional questions about Science Start, please contact Alysha Johnson

The Lab Links program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to identify, practice and document valuable laboratory skills gained while taking undergraduate science courses (NO extra training or course work required). Students sign up for testing sessions which, upon successful completion, are documented on the Experience Plus transcript.

The Basic Lab Skills testing is free of charge and open to all students. In general, all basic skills testing sessions consist of a quiz and a hands-on laboratory testing session. Tutorials are available as a refresher for all basic skills testing sessions.

Examples of Basic Lab Skills:

  • Laboratory safety
  • Laboratory calculations
  • Using hoods
  • Preparing media and pouring plates
  • Estimating the size of cells using a microscope
  • Using a spectrophotometer
  • Using a microcentrifuge
  • and more…


Advanced Lab Skills are organized into modules. Each module consists of several sessions that run over the course of 5-7 weeks and cover anywhere from 8-12 laboratory skills. Students must commit to attending all sessions and the cost of registration for each advanced lab skills module is $100.

Examples of Advanced Lab Skills modules:

  • Molecular
  • Microbiological
  • Plant

Career Education provides Lab Link students with support to explore options, career paths and opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to attend workshops; such as, effective interviewing strategies, resume / CV writing, cover letter writing, preparing for graduate applications. Additionally, students have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with a Talent Development Specialist to assist with their individual career needs.

Once students successfully complete testing sessions, each individual laboratory skill will be documented on the student’s Experience Plus transcript. This co-curricular transcript is a great addition to a portfolio and can be used to support students when preparing to search for jobs and when applying to graduate programs.

Alysha Johnson, B.Sc Medical Sciences, M.Sc Neurobiology and Physiology, Science Start Coordinator

I develop workshops and resources for Science Start to help students build on the skills they have entering university and prepare them to succeed within the academic environment. I also organize programming in the sciences through Brock University’s Lab Links to Careers to help students develop and gain confidence in their laboratory skills.

Soumya Moonjely, B.Sc, M.A Bioethics, M.Sc Biotechnology, Ph.D Biotechnology, Learning Skills Specialist 

I provide study skills support designed to enhance academic performance for students in all disciplines. My interests include research (microbiology) and helping students to improve their learning process. I also enjoy helping students in the Biological Sciences program to develop their technical and research skills.

Sarah Hall, B.Sc, M.Sc Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Lab Links Tester

I create educational videos for Science Start and instruct and test students in Lab Links to Careers. My research interests are in ecology and plant science. I enjoy working with students and encouraging them to accomplish their educational and career goals

Devin Ward, B.Sc., M.Sc. Biological Sciences, Lab Links Tester

I create educational videos for Science Start and instruct and test students in Lab Links to Careers. I am currently enrolled in B.Ed. to teach secondary school science, biology, and physics.

Get Started

The Lab Links program is open to all Brock students. A full skills list and available testing sessions are provided in the Lab Links Sakai site. Email Alysha Johnson at to get started and gain access to Sakai.