Med Plus

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Interested in pursuing a career in healthcare? Med Plus is a four-year, co-curricular program which runs concurrently with your full-time academic program of choice. The Med Plus program prepares students for careers in healthcare by exploring the diverse range of occupations, competencies and knowledge communities required to be successful.

What’s involved?

The Med Plus team helps you secure your volunteer opportunity of choice through deeply ingrained partnerships with local non-profits, family health teams, regional healthcare agencies and private clinics. Students will be given the opportunity to choose from a variety of on and off-campus opportunities, as well as track summer hours in their own hometown.

The Med Plus speaker series engages Med Plus students by connecting them with current healthcare professionals from Niagara, Canada and worldwide. Speakers talk openly about their careers, schooling, the patients/clients with whom they work and provide insight into industry trends and current issues in their field.

Observational visits allow students to fully immerse themselves in various healthcare environments to learn more about their own future career preferences.

Qualified Med Plus students can experience “a day in the life” of a healthcare professional, which allows students to observe the skills and core competencies that are required for a variety of healthcare careers.

Med Plus workshops include opportunities for students to experience and put into practice key skills required in the healthcare industry, such as; empathy, patient interaction, DEI, self-care, career development and communication. Med Plus students also receive in-depth support for medical and allied school applications, CASPer testing and interview preparation.

Senior level Med Plus students passionately share their experiences and offer support and guidance to new incoming level one students through a formal mentorship pairing which lasts each September through April. Students are encouraged to explore shared interests, meet regularly and grow together.

Students participate in individual and group advising meetings with the Med Plus team to discuss their goals, career plans, volunteerism and their success in the Med Plus curriculum.

For more information, please contact:

Pam Isaak
Med Plus Advisor