Work with students

If you would benefit from having a student, or group of students with relevant skills, work with your organization (typically 8-10 weeks within a semester: September-December, January-April and May-August*), we encourage you to reach out with needs you may have and we will do our best to find a fit for your ideas that align with our course offerings.  Students may be available full time, part time, or to complete projects and/or consulting off-site during these time frames.

*Pending available courses.

Some examples of opportunities in these areas include:

Do you need…

Full Time Student(s)

  • Paid Co-op students
  • Internships
    • Sport Management
    • Community Recreation
    • Outdoor Recreation
    • Therapeutic Recreation
    • Masters of Professional Kinesiology
    • Masters of Public Health

Part Time Student(s)

Sample projects

Examples of projects that have been completed recently include:

  • app design
  • business system creation
  • feasibility studies
  • event/fundraiser planning
  • community art gallery events and/or curation
  • historical research
  • statistical analysis
  • geography-related work (bike friendliness of communities, etc.)

Disclaimer: We often receive a high volume of opportunities and may have a limited number of students available. We also work to ensure the fit and skills required for you are an appropriate fit for the students involved. Students also often get to choose the project or experience they take on, which means some requests may be left for students to consider at a later time.

Get in touch

Please be in touch with ideas for partnerships, or to explore options, and we hope to be able to meet your needs.

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