Service-Learning Brown Bag Lunch Resources

Service-Learning at Brock

Service-Learning Brown Bag Lunch Resources

The following are resources presented or shared as part of the Service-Learning Brown Bag Lunch Series.


March 5, 2014:

Service-Learning with International Graduate Business Students

Presented by: Victoria Steele, Graduate Recruitment Officer, and Gillian Kemp, Relationship Manager - Goodman School of Business

Presentation: Introduction to Non-Profits and Volunteerism for International Students


October 3, 2013:

Service-Learning in Community Learning

Presented by: Kate Cassidy, Director, Youth University and Continuing Education

Community Learning Presentation

Policy Brief - A Framework to Re-conceptualize Education


January 10, 2013:

Reflections on International Service-Learning Partnerships

Presented by: Erin Sharpe, Associate Professor, Recreation & Leisure Studies

Research Paper - Points of Discomfort, Sharpe and Dear

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning infographic

Credit for the above graphic: Giulia Forsythe, Centre for Pedigogical Innovation